Costco - Jan. 26


This week at Costco, more spring arrivals with Orchids wrapped in Easter colours, spring clothes and sandbox toys.

Two new products that I noticed this week: The Good Bean chickpeas snack 510g ($6.49) and Wild Roots Gluten Free Ancient Grain and Rice Pancake & Waffle Mix 1.5 kg ($10.49).


A tip about refunds at Costco: last week I bought Mini-Wheats, and this week they were $2 off. I simply took my card to customer service and they gave me the refund. They will do this within 2 weeks of a purchase, so keep an eye on sales every week.


Phalaenopsis Orchid $13.99*

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System $124.99 (save $35)*

FoodSaver Rolls & Pre-Cut Bags $30.99 (save $9)*

Conair Haircut Kit - 36 pieces $29.99*


 Cat Tough Tracks Vehicles $21.99 

Smoby Toys Double Digger Tractor $129.99

Dalia Tunic Ladies size S-XL $16.99


 Kirkland Signature Tencel Baby Wipes pk of 900 $17.84 (save $4.15)*

Bayer Aleve 220mg, 250 caplets $16.49 (save $4)*

Disney Frozen Multivitamin 220 Gummies $8.49 (save $2.50)*

Coated Low Dose ASA 81mg, 365 tablets $17.99 ($5)*


All Occasion Greeting Cards box of 30 $12.99 (save $3)*

Segments Active Full Zip Jacket Ladies S-XL $12.97*

Pekkle Cotton Sleeper Infants Size 3-24M $7.49*

Calvin Klein 2pc Pyjama Kids Sizes 7/8-14/16 $13.79*


Kirkland Signature T-Shirt 4 pk Mens M-XL $16.79*

Contigo Glass Water Bottles pk of 2 $12.97

Calvin Klein Unlined Bra 2 pk Size 34B-38D $14.97

Head Snow Glove Size XS-XXL $14.97 (Save $5)*


Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless $5 off per pack*

Pork Shoulder Butt Portion $2.50 off

3 Rivers Pork Sausage $2 off

44th Street Beef Meatball Trio 1.8kg $13.89 (save $4)


 Fontaine Sante Roasted Garlic Hummus 2 x 454g $3.99 (save $2)*

Wholly Guacamole 4 x 227g $5.99 (save $2.70)*

Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon 1.36kg $24.99 (save $4)

La Restaurante Salsa 1.89L $3.99 (save $2.50)*


Scotties Supreme 3 Ply Facial Tissue 18 boxes $13.69 ($4.20)

Cascade Advanced Dishwasher Powder 3.54kg $7.99 (save $2)

Windex Advanced Glass Cleaner 5L & 950ml $11.99 (save $3)

Swiffer Wet Jet Refill 2 x 1.25L & 24 Pads $15.99 (save $4)*


 Kelloggs Mini-Wheats 1.6kg $6.49 (save $2)*

Kelloggs Vector Mega 1.13kg $6.99 (save $2.50)

Leclerc Praeventia Cookies 40 ct $8.79 (save $2.20)

SunRype Fruit Fave 40 count $9.89 (save $2)


Poppers Stuffed Jalapenos 1.37kg $13.99 (save $4)

Chicken Taquitos Chicken 40 x 43g $9.49 (save $3.50)

TGI Friday's Potato Skins 992 g $10.49 (save $3.50)

Barber Foods Cordon Swiss Chicken 8 x 142g $9.99 (save $3)


 Skotidakis 2% Organic Yogurt 3 x 500g $7.99 (save $3)*

Heluva Good classic Onion Dip 907g $3.99 (save $2)*

Suzie's Rice Thin Cake 520g $7.49 (save $2)

Catelli Spaghetti 4.2 kg $7.49 (save $2.50)


 Java Club 100% Colombian Coffee 1.36kg $16.99 

Annie's Homegrown Macaroni & Cheese 12 pk $11.99 (save $3)

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup 22 count $7.99 (save $2)*

Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar Variety 36 count $8.99 (save $3)*


Dove Nourishing Body Wash 2 x 710 ml & 354 ml $11.79 (save $3.20)

Oberto Original Flavour 300g $9.49 (save $2.50)

Kirkland Signature Protective Underwear Women $24.99 (save $10)

Kirkland Signature Protective Undewear Mens $24.99 (save $10)


 Cuisinart Drying Mat 18" x 24" - 2 Pk $8.97*


Cafe Kid Rack & stack Set $149.99 (save $50)*


Current Gas Prices:


All sale prices are valid at Costco until closing on Feb 1, 2015. 


All starred items are what I consider a good deal and would fit my stock up price.






Pringles for $.80 at Walmart & Superstore


This week Walmart has Pringles chips on sale for $1.47, Superstore has also price matched at $1.47 (limit of 4).


Checkout 51 has a $2 rebate when you buy 3 Pringles chips. 


With the rebate, your Pringles will cost $.80 cents each! 

Double check your PC Plus offers as well. I had an offer for 400 points on each Pringles I bought. Since Superstore already changed their price to match Walmart, I bought it there. Basically I paid $.40 cents for each Pringles chips!


For more information on how to save money using Checkout 51, see this post:  What Are Coupon Apps & How to Use Them

Superstore Deals - K Cups, Clothes & Cheese


Lately I've been doing more Superstore shopping as I am loving the PC Points program. There were so many deals that I found this morning, I thought I better share!


Clearance deals in clothing are abundant- and of course Joe clothing is one of my favorites! I found a 6 pk of girls socks for $4.94, 50% of pajamas & clearance on women's underwear.

Armstrong cheese is a great price for 700g - I look for $1 per 100 grams, so this is close.


Lots of the clearance Christmas plates & napkins can be used for Valentines day or birthday parties. $.94 cents a pack for plates or napkins.


Not sure why these are so cheap but it feels like summer around here lately so the kids got a treat!


My stock up price for K Cups is $.50 cents each. With the in store coupons that makes Maxwell House right on target.


Looks like Lipton K cups are getting cleared out, (black tea only) at $.35 cents a K cup, stock up time! I also happened to have 1600 points for each box on my PC points app! 


Another great deal on Nabob K cups or coffee beans - coupon is on the shelf.


Mini wheats are a great price and I noticed Costco even lowered the price on their Mini-Wheats to match Superstore. 


Huge bin of Scotch tape on clearance for $.94 cents each. 

Remember you can use coupons on PC points offers.  

Happy Shopping! 

Target Clearance Jan 21, 2014

Closing out sales have not started at target yet, but there are a lot of post holiday deals still going on.

If you are needing to make any returns, that must be done by Feb 1 st. 

Target is no longer selling gift cards of any kind such as online gaming, restaurant or pre-paid visa cards. 


Look for at least 50% clearance on holiday clothing and up to 70% on winter jackets. 


Lots of clearance in scarves, purses and hats. In mens underwear, look in the back corner for boxer briefs now $3.90 down from $15.


Still a lot of toy clearance. I found a Barbie down to $8.99 from $30.


Ladies slippers are 50% off and a great selection still available.


More toiletries are marked down from last week. Most are lower than the sticker price, so make sure to scan it.


Miscellaneous items like protein bars, glad garbage bags & men's razors are 50%.

To help you find clearance at Target, check out,  HOW TO FIND TARGET CLEARANCE. 

Costco - Jan 19th


In true Costco fashion, Easter has arrived 3 months early!

You can find Easter chocolates and girls dresses near the front entrance. There are 3 styles of dresses, all selling for $19.99.*


 Also new this week is Calvin Klein Ladies Trench Coats for $54.99 in 3 colours, and Tommy Hilfiger Men's Yacht Jackets for $39.99, also in 3 colours.


Leather purses are new this week, available in violet, rose and black for $59.99.


Fantastic sales are going on in the clothing department. Most of the winter clothes are now on sale or clearance. If your heading out on a warm holiday, you can find women's swimsuits and Bermuda shorts in stock.


 Puma Pullover Hoodie Ladies XS-XL $12.97

Kersh Sweater Ladies S-XL $6.97*

Danskin Active Jacket Ladies S-XL $12.97*

Alfred Sung Cable Knit Sweater S-XXL $9.97*


DKNY Jean Bermuda Shorts Ladies Size 4-16 $19.99

Reebok Hoodie Mens S-XXL $7.97*

Calvin Klein Girls Underwear XS-XL $4.97*

Speedo Swimsuit Size 8 - 18 $21.99


Zaza Lunch Tote $14.49

Terra Industrial Socks Mens size 10-13 4pk $6.97

Tommy Hilfiger Straight Jeans Mens size 30-40 $17.97*


 Newmans Own Pasta Sauce 4 x 645ml $5.99 (save $2)*

Quaker Chewy Chocolate Bars 48 pk $8.89 (save $3)*

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts 800g $11.89 (save $3)*

Munchies Snack Mix 1.1kg $4.99 (save $2)*


 Finish Quantum Dish Tabs 96 Tabs $13.99 (save $7)

Mr.Clean All Purpose 5.2L $10.29 (save $2.50)

Arm & Hammer Oxiclean Max 7.39L 160 loads $10.99 (save $4)*

Vitalife Chicken Fingers Dog treats $11.89 (save $3)


 Kirkland Signature Sausage $2 off per package

Saputo Parmesan Petals 600g $10.49 (save $3)*

Pinty's Salt & Pepper Wings 2 kg $18.69 (save $5)*

Gluten Free Cheese Pizza 2 x 496g $10.99 (save $3)


 Red Rave $12.59 (save $4)

Pepsi 32 Cans $8.89 (save $3)*

Crush, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, & Brisk $8.89 (save $3)*


 Febreeze Air Effects Variety 4 pk $6.99 (save $2)

Swiffer Wet Refills 60 count $16.49 (save $3.50)

Swiffer Dusters pk of 24 $15.29 (save $3.50)

Kirkland Laundry HE 126 loads $13.99 (save $4)*


 Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chip 680g $4.99 (save $2)*

Black Diamond Marble Cheese strings 40 pk $10.49 (save $1.50)*

Nature's Path Pumpkin Raisin Crunch 1 kg $6.99 (save $2)

Hellmann's Regular Mayonnaise 1.8L $5.49 (save $2)*


Stagg Silverado Chili 6 x 425g $8.49 (save $2.50)

Healthy Choice Chicken Soup Variety pk 10 x 398ml $8.89 (save $3)

Heinz Alpha-Ghetti 9 x 398 ml $6.99 (save $2)*

Ocean's Pole & Line Light Tuna 6 x 184g $7.49 (save $2)


Kraft Parmesan Cheese 680g $10.99 (save $3)*

Bark Thins Dark Chocolate Pumpkin 483g $7.99 (save $2)

Handi-Snacks Cheese n' Breadsticks 24 pk $6.89 (save $2)

Smart for Life Protein Bars Variety 18 pk $15.99 (save $4)


Ester C Vitamin C 1000 MG 180 Tabs $12.99 (save $5)

Tylenol Complete Extra Strength 60 caplets $13.99 (save $4)

Robax Platinum 82 Caplets $23.99 (save $6)

All Greens Powder Berry Flavour 450g $19.99 (save $5)


Lanza Jewellery Armoire $199.99 (save $70)

Life Comfort Fleece Sheet Set Double 4 pc $9.97*

Serenity Quilted Throw 50 x 70 $8.97* 

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco 1L & 400 ml & 50 ml $13.99 (save $4)

All starred items are what I would consider a good deal, and would fit my stock up price.

To see what I buy regularly and what I don't, check out this 2 part series: Is Costco a Frugal Choice?

Gas prices as of January 19, 2015:


All sale prices are valid at Western Canadian Costco stores until closing on Sunday January 25, 2015. These sales and clearance prices were found in Edmonton, Alberta.



Target Deals - January 14th, 2015


There really wasn't a lot for clearance before Christmas, but wow! Target is making up for it now! I could have been in Target all day! There is clearance/sales in EVERY department!


In personal care, there is clearance starting at 30% off in deodorants, body wash, body sprays and disposable razors.


There are also a few electric shavers marked down 30%. You will still find some clearance items here and there in the make up department as well as nail polish.


Leftover treats from the holidays are marked down 50%, items like chocolates, Christmas cookies and packs of gum.


In luggage, there are markdowns on Beaver Canoe and Swiss Gear suitcases and bags. These are at 50% already.


In the far corner of our Target, in the seasonal section, there is a whole wall of clearance products.  Sheets, kettles, curtain panels, binders, potpourri, and shower curtains. In electronics, look for clearance on phone cases and fitness bands such as the Jawbone (50%).


Lots of camping gear on clearance (70%), such as sleeping bags, air mattresses, coolers and tents.


Lunch bags, thermos', water bottles and travel items like passport holders and plug in converters are 50-70% off.


Now would be a great time to stock up on birthday gifts for your kids. There are so many toys and games on clearance (50-70%). Everything from Lego to play dough sets.


In housewares, there is 50 to 70% off on canisters, pillows, blankets, candles, rugs and towels.


In outerwear, the Beaver Canoe jackets are 50% off, most other winter gear such as coats, hats, mittens and toques are up to 70% off.


In the baby/kids department, there is 30-50% off kids clothes and jackets, as well as newborn clothing and blankets.


Miscellaneous items also on clearance are adult pajama's, kids underwear, scarves and party items.

These deals were found at the Sherwood Park, Alberta Target.  Clearance will be similar at all Target locations across Canada. 

Happy Shopping!

Costco - Jan 11


I'm adding another feature to the Costco post this week. Costco will carry certain items like swim suits and designer jeans at different times of the year.

I know a lot of you would like to know as when these products arrive, so that you can choose from the best selection.

I will let you know as soon as these items hit Costco. The price may not be a "sale" price but often, items like these don't go on sale as they are in and out of the store in a short period of time. 99 % of the time, even at regular price they are cheaper than other stores.

New products to hit Costco this week are: Hurley board shorts for boys, kids rain suits, Ladies Silk stockings and tights, Ladies Yoga Tops and the Vitamix blender. The girls and ladies swimsuits have been in stores for a few weeks already.

Starred (*) items are products that I think are a great stock up price.

Remember if a price ends in anything other then .99, it is a sale or clearance item.


Danskin Sport Bra S-XL pk of 2, $15.79 

Tuff Athletics Yoga Tank Top Ladies S-XL $9.99 (save $5)*

Adidas Running Shoes Ladies Size 6-10 $36.99

Hurley Board Short Boys Size 4-14 $14.99*


 Lee Jeans Girls size 4-14 $10.99*

XMTN Kids 2pc Rain Suit XXS (2/3) - XL(14/16) $24.99*

Kirkland Signature 5 Pocket Pant Men's L-XL only $14.97*


 NHL Pullover Hoodie Men's S-XXL $17.97

Calvin Klein Girls/Boys Underwear 6 pk XS(4-5) only $6.97*

Kenneth Cole Ladies Blazer Size S-XL $19.97


 Silks Pantyhose Ladies 6 pk Size A-D $18.99*

Silks Tights Ladies 3 pk Sizes B-D $12.79*

Contigo Shake & Go Fit 3 Pieces $17.49

Takeya pk of 2 Pitchers & 1 Infuser $12.97


Starbucks Caffee Verona K-Cups 54 count $30.99 (save $7)*

Georgia Pacific 92B-20LB Printer Paper 5000 sheets/letter $27.99 (save $4)

Wildroots Natural Sprouted Brown Rice 1.81 kg $7.99 (save $2)

Catelli Whole Wheat Spaghetti 1.81 kg $4.99 (save $2)


Chosen Foods Avocado Oil 1 L $9.99 (save $2.50)

Sun Rype Fruit to Go 72 pk $15.99 (save $4)

Taste of Nature Organic Food Bar 18 pk $13.99 (save $4)

Metamucil Sugar Free 228 Doses $22.99 (save $6)


 Brita Replacement Filters pk of 8 $27.99 (save $7)

Pedigree Vitality Plus Dog Food 20.7 kg $27.29 (save $7.20)

IAMS Chunks Dog Food 22.7 kg $38.49 (save $8.50)

Whiskas Meaty Selections Cat Food 10.5 kg $18.99 (save $6)


Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $2 off per pk

Don Miguel Chicken Burrito pk of 4 $7.99 (save $3)*

Kirkland Broccoli Cheddar Soup 2 x 830 ml $9.39 (save $2.50)


 Olivieri 7 Cheese Tortellini 3 x 750 g $11.79 (save $4)*

Glaceau Vitamin Water 15 x 591 ml $15.99 (save $3)

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bars 9 x 88 ml $11.39 (save $3.50)

Level Ground Tanzanian Coffee 908 g $12.49 (save $3.50)


3M Scotchbrite Sponge pk of 21 $11.99 (save $4)*

Febreeze Fabric Refresher 2 x 800 ml $7.89 (save $2)

Tetley Tea Bags 300 Count $7.79 (save $3)

Pure Protein Variety Pk 18 x 50 g $14.99 (save $4)


 Hampton House Chicken Nuggets 3 kg $13.49 (save $5)*

Alexia Foods Waffle Fries 1.81 kg $5.69 (save $2)

Zinetti Meat Lasagna 6 x 330 g $10.49 (save $3)*

Becel Margarine 1.81 kg $7.69 (save $2)*


 Angie's Boomchickapop 340 g $5.99 (save $2)

Danone Oikos Greek Yogurt 12 x 100g $6.99 (save $2)

Christie Ritz Bits with Cheese 24 x 50 g $12.49 (save $3)

Dole Fruit Bowl Variety Pack 20 x 107 ml $7.29 (save $2.50)


Charmin Ultra Soft 36 rolls x 299 sheets $17.79 (save $4)

Sponge towels Premium 12 x 152 sheets $13.49 (save $4.50)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 1.3 kg $6.49 (save $2)

Leclerc Praeventia Cookies 40 ct $8.79 (save $2.20)


 Black Diamond Marble Cheese Strings 40 count $8.99 (save $3)*

Miko Brand Vegetarian Miso Soup 20 x 7.5 g $7.99 (save $2)

Prego Original Pasta Sauce 2 x 1.75 L $5.49 (save $2.20)*

Brookside Acai Dark Chocolate 850 g $7.99 (save $2.50)



Regular Gas $66.9

Premium $77.9


All sale prices are valid at Western Canadian Costco stores until closing January 18, 2015. These sales and clearance prices were found at Costco in Edmonton, Alberta.






Costco - Jan 5th


This week at Costco, the vitamins and lunch items are still on sale. Also healthy eating is the focus, with sales on low sodium broth, salsa, gluten free crackers and skinny cow ice cream.

You will also notice many clothing items on clearance from the holidays, such as pajamas and sweaters. 

I am adding a new feature to the weekly Costco post this week. I have starred the items that I think are a really good deal. I base this on the price being at or less then my stock up price. "Stock Up" price means I cannot find this deal lower anywhere else and I stock up!

If the items are starred, it doesn't necessarily mean I bought it. The stars show you at a quick glance, what the great sales are.


Hudson ladies jeans size 24-32 $89.99

Jones New York Ladies Sweater S-XXL $12.97

Roxy Hoodie Ladies S-XL $14.97

Kirkland V-Neck Ladies Sweater XL only $5.97


 Alfred Sung Cable Knit Sweater Ladies S-XXL $12.97

Tuff Athletics Fleece Pant Ladies S,L or XL $9.97

Calvin Klein 2PC Kids Pajamas 7/8-14/16 $13.79

Mondetta Full Zip Fleece Men's Jacket S-XXL $17.97


 Nuknuk Sheepskin Ladies Slippers size 6-7 only $19.97

Eiffel Stackable Glasses pk of 12 $9.97

Bormioli Rocco Inca Serving Plates pk of 4 $9.97

Ziploc Space Bags pk of 15 $18.69 (save $5)


 Tops 1" View Binder pk of 4 $8.59

Ultra Brite LED Book lights pk of 2 $12.79

Friskies Canned Cat Food 48 pk $16.89 (save $4)*

Milkbone Flavored Dog Biscuits 6.5 kg $9.39 (save $4)


 Freybe Gourmet Sliced Back Bacon 2 x 375g $10.99 (save $3)

Carnation Coffee Mate Shakers 12 x 311g $15.99 (save $5)

Nestle Skinny Cow Assorted 15 pk $10.49 (save $3.50)

Ravioli Gourmet Spinach & Mozzarella 1.6 kg $8.99 (save $3)


 ECOS Liquid Laundry 105 loads $10.99 (save $4)*

Finish Dishwasher Detergent 147 tabs $15.79 (save $8)*

Tide Advanced Liquid 81 loads $19.99 (save $4)

Nizoral Shampoo 2 x 120 ml $15.99 (save $4)


 Premier Whey Protein 18 pk $20.99 (save $6)

Kelloggs Vanilla Almond Cereal 890g $5.49 (save $2.50)*

Multi Grain Cheerios 1.18kg $6.69 (save $2)

Cheerios 1 kg $4.99 (save $2)


 Liberte Greek Yogurt 24 pk $12.49 (save $3.50)

Mott's Fruitsations Variety pk 36 count $7.99 (save $2)*

Oceans Gluten Free Albacore Snackit 6 x 86g $7.49 (save $2.50)*

Goldfish Crackers $7.49 (save $2.50)


 Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter 2 kg $5.69 (save $2)

Pace Thick & Chunky Salsa 2 x 1L $5.49 (save $2)

Sun Rype Apple Juice 12 x 1L $11.99 (save $5)*

Quaker Harvest Crunch 1.8 kg $5.99 (save $2)


 Campbell's No Salt Added Chicken/Beef Broth 6 x 900 ml $8.29 (save $2.50)*

Suzie's Rice Thin Cake Crackers  520g $5.49 (save $2)

Mediterranean Snack Foods Hummuz Crackers $4.99 (save $2)

All sales are valid until closing on January 11, 2015. These sales and clearance items were found at Costco West on 91 st in Edmonton, AB.



Costco Dec 30


If a healthier lifestyle is one of your 2015 goals, then you need to stop in at Costco this week. Most of the basic vitamins and supplements are on sale.

Also on sale this week: lunch items like crackers and apple sauce, as the kids head back to school in a few days:)

If you need to return items, I went into Costco around 3 PM and while the line was long, it moved quickly and I was done in 10 minutes. When I left around 5 PM, the returns line went out to the parking lot.

I asked the lady working at the returns desk, when the best time to return an item was, she said, "March"!

I'm sure if you hit the the store at the right time, it shouldn't be too painful, the staff were working as quickly as they could.


Webber Naturals Extra Strength Glucosamine/Chondroitin $19.99 (save $7)

Kirkland Signature Omega 3 Softgels 300 $19.99 (save $5)

Webber Naturals PGX Daily 750mg 200 softgels (save $9)

Healthy Balance Complete Probiotic 60 Capsules $15.99 (save $4)


 Centrum Women/Men 50+ 180 tabs $14.99 (save $4)

Cold FX Extra Strength Daily Defense 150+18 Capsules $46.99 (save $12)

Iron Kids Omega 3, 200 Gummies $13.99 (save $4)

Jamieson Vitamin D 1000IU, 700 Tabs $9.89 (save $4)


L'IL Critter Gummy Vites 275 pk $8.99 (save $3)

VitaFusion Adult Multivitamin 250 Gummy Chews $8.99 (save $3)

Jamieson Vitamin B12 1200mcg, 180 Tabs $12.99 (save $5)

Kirkland Signature CoEnzyme Q10 $30.99 (save $9)


 Kirkland Wild Fish Oil w/salmon 360 softgels $11.89 (save $4)

Garcinia Cambogia 1234 Vegetarian Capsules 180s $18.99 (save $5)

Toms Classic Shoe Ladies size 6-10 $43.99

Kenneth Cole Select Blazer Ladies size S-XL $19.97


 Fila L/S T-shirt Ladies Size S-XL $9.97

Kenneth Cole 4PC Outfit Boys Size 2T-7 $17.97

Carole Hochman Soft Wrap Robe Ladies Size S-XL $12.97

Men's Slippers Size 8-11 $12.97


Cuisnart Tablecloth & 8 Napkins 60" x 102" $9.97

Hangers Non-Slip pk of 50 $15.79

Essenza Hand soap, Lotion & Diffuser $14.97

Essenza Hand Soap 3 x 500 ml $6.97


 Old Fashioned Pork Sausage $4 off

Kirkland Chicken Tortilla Soup 2 x 830 ml $9.39 (save $2.50)

Jet Dry Ultra Rinse Agent 946ml $7.59 (save $3)

Spudlers Breakfast Hash 1.2kg $9.89 (save $3)


Cavendish Hash Brown Patties 2 x 20 count $5.89 (save $2)

Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Fries 1.81 kg $5.99 (save $2)

Danactive $7.89 (save $2)

Mott's Fruitsations Variety Pack 36 cnt $7.99 (save $2)


 Quaker Instant Oatmeal pk of 60 $8.79 (save $3)

Sun Rype Apple Juice 12 x 1L $11.99 (save $5)

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers 1.64 kg $7.49 (save $2.50)

Christie Ritz Bits with Cheese 24 x 50g $9.49 (save $3)


 Ecos Liquid Laundry 105 loads $10.99 (save $4)

Scotties 2 ply Tissues 10 boxes x 210 sheets $11.99 (save $30

Starbucks French Roast 1.13kg $17.99 (save $5)

Ocean's Gluten Free Snackit $7.49 (save $2.50)


 MJB Classic Roast 1.36 kg $8.49 (save $2.50)

Noodle Time No MSG Ckn/Beef/Spicy Thai Less Sodium 12 x 100g $8.49 (save $4.40)

5 Alive Variety Pack 40 Juice boxes $7.79 (save $4.20)

Regular Gas 72.9

All sales are valid until closing on January 4, 2015. My shopping this week was at Costco West (91 st) in Edmonton, Alberta.



Costco Dec 22


I have some last minute dessert options if you haven't had a chance to bake for Christmas.


Holiday Tuxedo Log $18.99

Chocolate Yule Log $18.99

Strawberry Shortcake $15.99

Tiramisu Cake $15.99


 Nanaimo Bars $9.99

Cream Puff Brownies $15.99

Variety Dessert Bars $17.99

Grandmother's Mini Tarts 36 Pack $11.99


 1.6 kg Fruitcake

New York Style Cherry Cheesecake $17.99

12" Pumpkin Pie $5.99

12" Apple Pie $9.99

If you looking to buy gift cards, it pays to pick them up at Costco. Most gift cards have values of 20% or more of what you pay. For example the Sorrentino's Restaurant 2 x $50 gift cards sells for $79.99. You will also find gift cards for spa experiences, skiing, movies, and iTunes.


I know we will be picking up some movie gift cards so we can take in a few holiday flicks over the Christmas break with the kids.




Stride Rite Slippers Kids size S-XL $6.97

Pekkle Hooded Bathrobe Kids Size 2/3 - 7/8 $3.97

Calvin Klein Boys Underwear 6 pairs Size XS-XL $6.97

Tommy Hilfiger 2PC Pajama Ladies S-XL $12.97


 Braun Series 5 5040 Wet/Dry Shaver $119.99 (save $50)

Bear Grylls 2 Piece Survival Knives $29.99 (save $8)

BEM Bluetooth Speaker Mojo $35.99 (save $9)

Isotoner Smart Touch Leather Gloves Ladies S-XL $12.97


 Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles 3 pk x 18 $13.99 (save $3)

Kleenex Ultra Soft 3 ply 8 boxes x 170 Sheets $13.49 (save $3.50)

Cashmere 2 ply Bathroom Tissue 40 x 234 Sheets $13.99 ($5)

3M Lint Roller 5 rolls x 80 sheets $7.89 (save $4)


 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 6 x 80 wipes $12.79 (save $3.20)

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4 x 946ml $7.49 (save $3.20)

Tide Advanced Power 81 loads $19.99 (save $4)

Woolite Dark Wash 4.4L 75 loads $10.99 (save $6)


Alcan Aluminum Foil pk of 3, 100" $7.99 (save $3)

Haagen-Dazs Gelato 3 pack $9.49 (save $3)

Chicken Breast save $5 per pack

Miso Soup Mix  20 x 7.5g $7.99 (save $2)


 Mr. Noodles Flats less Sodium 48 x 85g $6.99 (save $3)

Olay Body Wash 3 x 700ml $11.29 (save $3.50)

Olay Soap Ultra Moisture 16 bars $11.49 (save $3.50)

Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer 100ml $27.99 (save $7)


 Crest Complete Toothpaste 4 x 170 ml $7.99 (save $2)

Scope Outlast Mouthwash 3 x 1L $7.99 (save $3)

Glide Clean Mint Floss 6 x 40m $11.49 (save $3.50)

Gillette Disposable Razors pk of 52 $22.99 (save $6.75)


Here are the Costco hours over the next week:



The price of gas at Costco:


All sales are valid until closing on December 28, 2014 at all Costco stores in Western Canada.

Save 55% at Lindor Stores


Did you know there are 20 Lindor Chocolate flavours?! Here I thought the red ones were my favorite, I haven't even scratched the surface of chocolate bliss!

Lindt has a deal for the chocolaholic in your life- 150 truffles for $45. This is not available online, only in store. 

The advantage of buying the truffles this way is you can load up on your favorites or be adventurous and try some new ones. 


Here are the other flavours you probably weren't aware of...


To find the closest Lindt store, visit their Facebook page or 

Make Money on Chocolate with Checkout 51


Checkout 51, a coupon app available on your phone, iPod or tablet, is offering a $5 rebate when you buy 5 chocolate bars.


You can choose from Snickers, M&M's, Twix, or Mars.  

I bought the chocolate bars at Dollarama for .77c each. After I submitted my receipt, I made $.23 cents on each bar.  


It's also Double Up December so I got 2 rebates worth $5 each. When you read the details on the rebate you will see a blue box on the bottom, just touch it to activate and you will see another rebate appear in your list. 


These will be great last minute stocking stuffers! 

Rebates are valid until December 24th. 

Costco Dec 15th


This is the week of the fantastic cheese deals! The Black Diamond is still on sale and the Balderson Double Smoked Cheddar is half price!

 I also found a few last minute gift ideas & items for entertaining, that are really well priced.


First off , it's EOS. I don't know any female over 10 who wouldn't love this in their stocking. At $8.99 for 4, this is an excellent price.


 The Speedo swimsuits arrived in Costco this week, the ladies are $21.99, and girls suits are $12.99.

Segments Active Full Zip Jacket Ladies size S-XL $11.99 (save $8)

Segments Active Pant Ladies Size S-XL $9.99 (save $7)

Kirkland Signature Mens T-Shirt 4pk  M-XL $16.79


LG Microwave $89.99 (save $10)

Panasonic White Microwave $99.99 (save $30)

Panasonic 6.0 Telephone 5 Cordless Handsets $134.99 (save $35)

Bormioli Fido Glass Containers 6 Pieces $12.97


 Porcelain 3 Tier Platter Service Set $12.99 (save $6)

KitchenAid 3pk Baking Sheets $19.49

Interdesign Drawer Organizer $9.97

Zebra Z Grip Pens pk of 25 $9.79


Elite Black & Grey Fabric Folding Chair $14.99

NeatFreak Shoe Organizer 4 Tier $19.97

Snap On Finish & Brad Nailer $69.97


 Whole Turkey Lilydale Air Chilled 7-9kg $5.59 kg ($2.54 lb)

Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless Lilydale save $5 per pack


 Balderson Double Smoked Cheddar 500g $4.99 (save $5)

Apetina Feta 1kg $9.89 (save $3)

Fontaine Sante Spinach Dip 2 x 420g $5.99 (save $2)

Fonatine Sante Traditional Hummus 2 X 565g $4.99 (save $2)


 Pepsi Products 32 cans $8.89 (save $3)

Coke Products 32 cans $8.89 (save $3)

San Pellegrino 12 bottles $11.99 (save $3)

Nestle Pure Life 12 cans $7.99 (save $2)


Bounty Paper Towels 12 rolls x 140 sheets $18.39 (save $4.60)

Finish Quantum Dishwasher Tabs 96 pk $13.99 (save $7)

Mary's Organic Crackers $6.99 (save $2)

Java Club 100% Colombian Coffee 1.36kg $12.99 (save $3)


 Black Diamond Medium Cheddar 2.27kg $19.99 (save $6.70)

L'oreal Revitalift Day/Night Cream 100ml $23.99 (save $6)

Pre-Built Gingerbread House 1.44kg $9.99

Corina Tote Leather Handbag $49.99


 Now for some baby wipes math! The Huggies Natural Care Wipes pk of 1160 are on sale for $20.49 (save $6). This comes with a clutch for the diaper bag as well.

The Kirkland Signature wipes are $20.99 for 900.

This is when watching your prices is important. Store brand is not cheaper in this case.


These prices are valid at Costco West until closing on Sunday December 21, 2014.



Free milk at Safeway


This week at Safeway, you can get a free 4L of milk with $30 purchase.

My policy is not to buy overpriced items just to cash in deals like this.  

But I will check the flyer to see if there are sales that could get me to $30 and then I could get the free milk as well.  

I look for items that are on my weekly grocery list like produce, dairy and bread. I also look for good sales to do a little stocking up.

Here are some sales worth checking out to get you to your $30. 

These are weekend only deals which end tonight: 


 These deals below are valid all week:


To redem your free milk coupon, simply show it on your phone or use this link to print.


Target Clearance


Major make up clearance in Target right now. I had a lot of fun stuffing my own stocking with clearance lipstick & mascara!

With so many deals, you could finish up your Christmas shopping in no time. 

Here are more pictures of all the clearance I found: 


Revlon book of files, Revlon Callus shaver, Revlon tweezer with light, (these are awesome!) Revlon precision tweezers.


Covergirl lipstick, Revlon eyeshadow quads, Revlon photo ready make up, Maybelline foundation.


Volume express mascara ($2.09!), Covergirl eyeshadow, Covergirl Shine Shadow, Bombshell Covergirl Mascara


Vera Wang perfume, Revlon Precision tweezers, Essie Nail products, OPI nail polish


Decorative household items like bowls, pillows & blankets. Gain laundry pods (50% off), picture frames, Latex gloves.


Milk bone treats tin, household baskets & flowers, men's slippers, & apple potpourri 


Pearl swirl crayons, color cube($6), Velv-its Art Poster, Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations


Christmas Party Ware, Holly wreath 50% off, party plates & napkins 


Women's socks $1, Olaf back pack $7.49 from $24.99.

Remember most clearance items are on end caps in Target.

For more tips on how to spot clearance in Target, see this post. 

50% Savings at H&W Produce


This is an amazing deal and if you live in Edmonton, it's probably the lowest price you'll pay for produce all year!

I am all about stacking deals to get the best price and I love when I can do that with fresh produce. 

H&W is a discount produce store in Edmonton. Your already saving big just by shopping there. With this coupon, you get $16 worth of produce for $8! You can buy 2 per customer.

This is valid at the new Capilano location only. 


I was in there last week and took a few pics- it's like a beautiful candy store but stocked with fruits and vegetables instead!

Its clean and spacious and my new favorite location to visit. 

From Sherwood Park, it's about a 10 minute drive. 

The coupons are good until June 2015. 

Here is the link for the dealathon:

Happy Shopping!

4 Great Costco Deals This Week

I found a few deals that I thought were worth highlighting.


My stock up price for cheese is $1 for 100g. This sale works out to .88 cents for 100g.

This is a lot of cheese, but you can grate 1/2 of it and freeze it for later. 



A small box of 6 granola bars will cost you around $2.50 or more. A good sale is less then $2. This sale works out to $1.17 for 6 granola bars. Definite stock up price!


If you have a Swiffer Wetjet, the liquid cleaner or pads can be anywhere from $5-7 each. At that price, this case would cost $20-$24, for $15.99 your paying $4 for each item.


Stock up price for laundry detergent is $.10 cents a load. Liquid Cheer works out to $.08 cents a load this week at Costco.

For more sales & deals at Costco this week, see this post.

Costco - Dec 9


This week would be a great time to finish Christmas Shopping for the kids if your not done. Quite a few of the toys are on sale already at Costco.


Sound and Play Busy Table $19.97

Disney Fairies Flying Tinkerbell $19.97

Disney My First Princess Assortment Dolls $12.97

Nixies Swimming Mermaids pack of 3 $14.97


 Thomas & Friends Avalanche Escape set $39.97

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Doll with Pony $14.97

Magical Princess Dress Up Chest $29.97 (save $$8.02)

Lalaloopsy Doll Assortment $12.97


 Pumpkin Carriage with Doll & Horse $14.97 (save $8.02)

29" Animated Rocking Horse $29.97


 KitchenAid Stand Mixer $299.99 (save $50)

Casio Digital Keyboard WK-245 $199.99 (save $50)


 Kirkland Signature Organic Cotton Pyjamas Kids 2T-10 $12.79

Pekkle 2PC Pyjama Set Kids 8-16 $13.99

Pekkle(Boys & Girls) Cotton Sleeper Infants size 3-24M $7.49


 Kersh Ladies T-Shirt Size S-XXL $4.97

Catherine Malandrino Tunic Ladies S-XXL $6.97

Weatherproof Vest Ladies size S-XL $9.97

Calvin Klein Jegging Ladies Size 4-6 $17.97

Magic Bag Neck to Back with Cover $14.99 (save $5)

Strivectin-SD Advanced 2x60ml $84.99 (save $25)


 Australian Lamb Racks Save $4 per pack

Australian Lamb Legs Save $4 per pack


 Marie Morin Hot Chocolate Souffle 6x90g $7.99 (save $2)

Freybe Gourmet Foods Assorted Salami 3x 375g (save $4)

Fontaine Sante Traditional Hummus 2x565g $4.99 (save $2)

Tropicana Homestyle OJ 4 pk $10.99 (save $3)


Royal Chinet 8 3/4" Plate pk of 150 $11.59 (save $3.40)

Liquid Cheer HE 5.02L 110 loads $8.79 (save $2.20)

Stoned Wheat Thins 1.8kg $5.79 (save $2)

Dare Variety Crackers 1.17kg $6.99 (save $2)


Swiffer Refill Sheets 80 count $16.49 (save $3.50)

Swiffer Wet Refills 60 count $16.49 (save $3.50)

Swiffer Wet Jet Refill 2 x 1.25L Liquid and 24  Pads $15.99 (save $4)

Swiffer Dusters pk of 24 $15.29 (save $3.50)


Gizella Cheescake Selection 1.4kg $12.49 (save $3.50)

Loc Maria Crepes Holiday Gift Box 455g $7.99 (save $2)

Swiss Delice Biscuits 500g $7.99 (save $2)

Lady Walton Butter Wafers 680g $8.49 (save $2.50)


 Kirkland Signature Chicken Wings 2kg $9.99 (save $5)

Tiger Thai Shrimp & Vegetable Nests 36 count 1.13kg $13.99 (save $4)

Handy Seafood Appetizers 22 count 461g $10.99 (save $3)

Black Diamond Medium Cheddar 2.27kg $19.99 (save $6.70)


 Sweet Traditions Peppermint Candy Canes 12x56g $7.39 (save $2.50)

Ferrero Rocher 48 count  600g $11.29 (save $2.60)

Larabar Variety Pack of 18 $11.99 (save $5)

Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip 48 count $9.39 (save $2.50)


 Nature's Bounty Melatonin 180 tablets $8.99 (save $4)

Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg 500 tablets $11.99 (save $4)


For those who fill up their gas tanks at Costco, I thought this price might be of interest to you!


 All prices are in Western Canada Costco stores, and are valid unti closing December 14, 2014.






Why Everyone Should be Buying Diapers This Christmas


As were rushing around buying gifts for friends and family, I wanted to give you a reminder about your local charities.

While I am in support of charities in far away countries that need fresh water and food for children, I believe my first responsibility is to my own local community.

There are kids in your own city that are going to bed hungry tonight. There are mamas & papas who don't have diapers for their babies or proper winter clothing. 

It's in my power to do something about that in a few hours.

Don't forget your local soup kitchens, shelters and community support centers that work very hard on limited resources. 

In Edmonton, Alberta there is a 50 day diaper drive running until December 31. Using the link, you can get more information & see where in your own community you can drop off diapers. These diapers will then be taken to the Bissell Centre downtown.

I found a $10 coupon that you can use on Huggies at Save On Foods. I know bigger sized diapers like 4,5 or 6s are usually the most needed.

If your on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media, please share this link, cause bare bottoms should be a choice! 

Simply show this coupon on your phone at the till or use this link to print the coupon.

You can use this coupon on up to 3 boxes per transaction.



How I Bought the Barbie Glam Camper ($120) for $10 at Target


My daughter reeeeeally wanted the Barbie Glam Camper for Christmas. At $120 I wasn't so sure but I like to make Christmas special, even if they only get that one gift that they really want.

I could've just used cash from our Christmas fund but that's no fun! I wanted to see how cheap I could get this toy.

I've been saving Target gift cards from different promotions for the last 2 months. 

The Glade promo has been a great one. When you buy 3 Glade products you get a $5 gift card. I've been using coupons that state " buy 2 glade candles and get one free".

The candles have been on sale for $4. So for $8 I get 3 candles and a $5 gift card. 

On Black Friday, Target had a receipt coupon worth 10% off your entire purchase. It's good until the 13th of December. 

You can use a Target receipt coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same purchase. I found a "$5 off any Mattel toy over $20" coupon at Superstore. 

The camper wasn't on sale but no worries- Target will price match from your phone. Amazon had the camper on sale for $79.97.

This is how the transaction broke down: 


Camper $120

Price match to Amazon for $79.97

Apply 10% off Target receipt coupon- $8 saved, $71.97

Apply $5 off Mattel coupon, $66.97

Used collection of gift cards worth $60, now $6.97

Used my Target Red Card to pay - save another $.53 cents, now $6.44

Pay tax of $3.57

Paid $10.01

I would have to say, the cashier was just as excited as I was! 

Now I will have a very happy little girl on Christmas morning, and I'm happy cause there won't be a crazy credit card bill in January!