H&W Produce Specials Oct 30th -Nov 5th


H&W Produce is a chain of quality discount produce stores in Edmonton, Alberta.

Here are this week's produce specials: 


Great price on apples and squash this week, 50% less then most area grocery stores.

List of stores: 


Happy Shopping!

Target Clearance for Week of Oct. 30th - Baby, Men's & Bathroom Accessories

I have so much to show you for clearance this week at Target - a huge variety from linens to frozen fruit!



Lots of beautiful bathroom accessories in brushed nickel and glass. Most are less then $5.



Towels, bathroom curtains, rugs and beach towels are 75 % off, most items are less then $10



Room Essentials brand of furniture like ottomans and chairs, faux wood blinds, area rugs and a few Circo items are left on in clearance. 



Fantastic prices in the men's department on socks, ($2.39 for 4 pk), underwear, Hanes t-shirts and also clearance on boys t-shirts.



A full end cap in the baby department has food, car seats, bottles & soothers. The pablum is good until July 2015.



Lunch bags are $2.99, Energizer LED flashlight is 50% off, digital timers and Master Locks are 75% off.


Nicole Miller phone cases are $5.99, and dog jackets & collars are on clearance, as well as various gift bags and tissue.



Frozen strawberries are $1.79, blueberries are $2.99 and frozen marinated shrimp are half price.



Value packs of glade fall candles and wax melts are 30% off and Viva paper towels (6 pack) are $4.99.

You may have a $2 Target receipt coupon from a few weeks back for the paper towels. You can also use the $1 coupon from vivatowels.ca 



Halloween costumes are now 40% off and items like make-up, wigs etc. are 30% off.

Remember you can always use your Target Red Card to save an additional 5% on sale and clearance items, as well as a coupon. Check Target.ca for coupons to print. 

To find out how to spot clearance deals at Target, see this post

Happy Shopping! 

Costco- Oct 27th


There is a lot of clearance in Costco this week, most of it in clothing.  If you hurry in, you can take advantage of it. These deals were found in the Costco store in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Clearance Items:

Kids Halloween Costumes (size 4-8) $14.97


30x45 Area Rugs $9.97

Comfort Curve Pillow $19.97

Memory Foam Bath Mat $6.97


Kirkland Holiday Wreath 32 inches $29.97


Duck Tape Craft Kit $9.97


Top Flight Wired 3 Subject Notebook pk of 3 $3.97

Mechanical Pencils Pk of 72  $6.97

Roscher Bowl & Utensil Set (plastic) 3 pieces $6.97


Weatherproof Men's Slippers size XL $2.97


Kirkland Signature 2pk Girls Leggings size 6-10  $2.98 

XMTN Girls/Boys Mixed Media Jackets size M-XL $14.97

Levi's RedTab 505 Jeans Men's size 30-40 $7.97

Calvin Klein Straight Leg Jeans Men's Sizes 30-38 $7.97

Kirkland Signature Soft Shell Men's Jacket size S-L $7.98

Dockers Khaki Pants Men's size 32-38 $6.97

Weatherproof Full Zip Men's Jacket size small $5.97

Avia Active T-Shirt Men's size S-L $3.97

Pekkle Girls PJ's 2 pk size 2/3-7/8  $12.97

Liberty Art Tunic Ladies size S-L $8.97

Calvin Klein Ponte Pant Ladies size 4-16 $5.97

Jones New York Turtleneck Top Ladies size S-XXL $6.97

Kersh Long Sleeve T-Shirt Ladies size S-XXL $6.97

Tuff Athletics Yoga Jacket Ladies Size S-M $5.97


Alfred Sung T-Shirts Ladies size S-XL $8.97

Adidas & Champion Long Sleeve T-Shirt Size S-L $4.97

Lady Hathaway Berber Lined Hoody Ladies Size S-XL $5.97


Sale Items:

Campbell's Tomato and Mushroom Soup case of 12 $6.39 (save$2)

Dole Tropical Fruit Salad 2.84L $4.49 (save $2)

Mr.Noodles 30 pack $6.99 (save $3)

Hellman's Regular Mayonnaise $5.49 (save $2)

Honest Earth's Mashed Potatoes 18 pack $9.49 (save $2.50)

TruRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa 1.36kg $8.99 (save $2.80)


SunMaid Organic Raisins 2x907g $7.99 (save $2)

Level Ground Tanzanian Coffee 908g $12.49 (save $3.50)

Nestle Coffee Mate 1.9 kg $6.99 (save $2)


Carnation Hot Chocolate 1.9kg $8.99 (save $4)

Cordon Swiss Chicken 8 pk $9.49 (save $3)

Mamma Mia Cabbage Rolls 2x1.13kg $9.99 (save $3)

Cavendish Crispy Coated Fries 4.25kg $7.99 (save $2)

Kellogg's Vanilla Almond Cereal 890g $5.49 (save $2.50)

Honey Nut Cheerios 1.45kg $6.99 (save $2)

Sensible Portions Veggie Snacks 24 pk $9.39 (save $2.50)

Nature's Path Sunrise Granola $6.99 (save $2)

Thin Addictives Cranberry Almond Thins 680g $7.99 (save $2)


Check Ups Dog Treats 24 pk $10.79 (save $3)

Lysol Lavender Cleaner 4.26L $6.99 (save $2)

Sunlight Ultra Dish Detergent 5L $7.49 (save $2)

Dawn Advanced Power Dish Detergent 3x709ml $5.99 (save $2)

Ultra Tide Powder HE 150 loads $21.49 (save $4.50)

Oxiclean Stain Remover 5 kg $13.99 (save $4.90)

Tide Advanced Power Liquid 81 loads $19.99 (save $4)

Resinite Food Wrap $9.99 (save $5)


Alcan Aluminum Foil pk of 3 $7.99 (save $3)

Duracell Batteries AAA pk of 28 $20.89 (save $4.10)

Duracell Quantum Batteries AAA pk of 22 $21.89 (save $3.10)

Duracell Quantum Batteries AA pk of 36 $21.49 (save $3.50)

3M Magic Tape Holder and 8 pk refill $11.99 (save $4)

Calvin Klein 2pk PJ Pant kids sizes S-XL $9.79 (save $5)


Haggar Non-Iron Pant Men's size 32-42 $17.99 (save $7)

Tuff Athletics Fleece Pant Ladies $9.99 (save $3)


For more information on how I shop at Costco and figure out the best deals, see this post.

Happy Shopping!

2 Promo's for Free Milk at Safeway This Week

This week at Safeway, there is two opportunities to get a free 4L of milk.

First is a coupon for "spend $30 on groceries and get a free 4L of milk.". You just need to show the coupon on your phone, to the cashier or use the link to print. 



I wouldn't buy $30 worth of groceries just to get a free milk, but I will look for good sales to justify using the coupon.

Here are a couple deals I found: 



For the 96 load bottle of Sunlight, this works out to .08 cents a load, my stock up price is .10 cents - great deal! This is a weekend only price for the Sunlight, plus if you buy 2 bottles you get 25 airmiles.



This works out to $.80 cents a pound for mandarin oranges.



Another weekend only deal, but a good price for bananas.

If you need to stock up for kids lunches, Bear Paws and Dare Ultimate cookies are on sale for 2/$5. When you buy 4 boxes you also get a free 4L of milk- no coupon needed.  I will buy these cookies at around $2 a box, so still not a bad deal at $2.50. The Bear Paw Minis would also be great Halloween treats!



Happy Shopping!

Halloween Candy - Where are the Sweet Deals?

So chocolate season is upon us, and were all trying to avoid buying Halloween candy to early, so we don't eat it- or maybe that's just me...

Anyway, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out whether the 50 chocolate bar box at Walmart or the 120 chocolate bar box at Costco is the best deal.

I approach this the same way as all my other shopping. 

1) What's the individual price per bar or bag of chips? How much do you want to spend on each trick or treater?

2) Are there any coupons on the boxes of treats that I might use? 

3) If the prices are the same at every store that I shop, can I get points or gift cards, if I buy it at a certain store? 

If your buying chocolate, prices range from 10-13 cents per bar. Chips are higher at 15-16 cents a bag. If you like to give 2-3 items to each child coming to your house, this might cost you about $.50 cents each.  

No problem, if you only get 20 or so munchkins at your front door. But if your getting 50 or more, this could add up. 

Different companies, like Nestle offer coupons on their Halloween treat boxes.

These are usually for items like frozen pizza, Christmas chocolate and Nestea. If you will use these products, then subtract them from the price of the box. 

For example, if a 90 count box costs $12.93, and there are $10 in coupons inside, that you will use - then I think of the box costing me $2.93. 

If the prices of what you buy for treats are very close from store to store, - then consider the extra incentives being offered.


Let's look at Mars 50 count. It's $8.48 at Superstore and $8.99 at Target. First off, if your using your Red Card you save 5% at Target. That makes it about the same price.


But... Target also has a promotion for a $5 gift card for buying 2 boxes of Mars candy this week. I would subtract $2.50 from each box of candy to get the "real price". So about $6 a box or $.12 cents a bar.


Rexall had a promotion last weekend, that awarded a $10 gift card for every $50 spent in the store. If you need to buy that much candy, basically take 20% off the price to find out how much your really paying once you get the $10 gift card back.

Also some of those boxes have coupons worth $10 inside. This would bring your per bar cost even lower.


Lastly, don't forget stores like Canadian Tire. They have one of the best deals this week on candy bars, working out to $.10 cents a bar and you can use some of your Canadian Tire money that you have floating around if you want to pay even less.

I know it can sound like a lot of number crunching, but once you know your per item cost, it's fairly easy to figure out the best deal.

Happy Shopping!



Target Deals for Week of Oct 21, 2014 - Glassware, Tools and Kid's Bedding

It has been a couple weeks since the last Target post, and I've got a great selection of goods for some amazing prices.

Although the weather is still gorgeous outside, these types of sales should have you thinking about Christmas.

I am walking through Target with my list in mind and have a good bag of stocking stuffers already started. 

My girls love this duct tape for crafts and at 70% off, these are perfect stocking stuffers!



In the small tools department, you will find Black and Decker for 50% off, as well as flashlights and power bars.



In housewares, there is a full shelf of lamps and shades at 70% off, and Circo kids sheets and duvets at 70-90% off.



In the kitchen department, I scanned a 12 piece glasses set that came in at $2.99! I thought I was seeing things! Also the wine glass 4 piece sets were under $4.00. On various shelves, also on clearance, there is cutlery sets, canisters and cast iron skillets.


In other areas of the store, there is clearance on make up bags, boys pajama's and 1L Pepsi bottles.

Happy Shopping! 

Costco Sales


I'm not a diehard Costco shopper. I don't shop there every week. There are a few staples we always buy at Costco, but the bulk of my shopping is done at smaller grocery stores.

Today I went in for a few of the things we needed: ketchup, seaweed snacks & bacon.

I noticed some sales that I thought were a good deal. 

Hummus 907g is on sale for $3.99, $2 off. I will put this in smaller containers for lunches.  


Grana Padano Cheese blocks are $18.69, $5 off. This is the cheapest price you will find on  quality cheese. We usually buy 1 to 2 blocks a year.



In the housewares section toward the back, I found Roots backpacks and lunch bags on clearance. The back packs are $9.97 and the lunch bags are $6.97.



Also on sale: Halloween candy, Quantum dishtabs, TruRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa.

Happy Shopping!

Checkout 51 Match Ups- Cookies, Magazine & Popcorn Chips

The best time to use a coupon, whether it's a paper one or phone app rebate - is with a sale.

I noticed a few sales this week to use with the Checkout 51 rebates.

If your new the "phone app coupon" world, see this post.

I have received several cheques from Checkout 51 - and I'll cash out again before Christmas.

First up, Halloween Chips Ahoy are $1.88 at Target this week. There is a $1 rebate to use with it. 







Next is Canadian Living Magazine, which is $2.99 and there is a $1 rebate.



Lastly, Kellogg's Popcorn Chips are $1.97 at Superstore and there is a $1 rebate.



These kinds of rebates, are one of the ways I keep our pantry stocked for the kids lunches or snacks, without ever paying full price.

Remember these rebates are available on Checkout 51 until midnight on October 22, 2014. 

50-75% off Tools at Canadian Tire

We popped into Canadian Tire last night (isn't that an exciting Friday date!), there are some major sales on Mastercraft Maximum tools & accesserios.

This would be a great time to start some Christmas shopping for the handy guys in your life.

Prices range from $6.50-$175, so there is something for everyone.


Socket and Tool set, reg. price $699.00, on sale for $174.99!



Cordless Drill reg $199, on sale for $79.93.


3 Piece Leverage Pliers reg. $39.99, on sale for $24.99.


Utility gloves, reg $20, sale $6.73 (great stocking stuffer!)


Drill Bit Set reg. $129.99, sale $64.99.

Happy Shopping! 


Weekend Butter Deal at Safeway


Safeway runs this butter promotion several times a year.

When they do - I stock up!

With the upcoming holiday season and lots of baking and entertaining, you can stock up and freeze it - and save yourself $1.50 a pound.

This is a weekend only sale and there is a limit of four per customer.  No coupon required.

H&W Produce Deals for October 16-22


H & W Produce is an Edmonton area discount produce store. They have several locations around the city and offer great prices on quality produce.

This week there is a great deal on Red Delicious apples. Other grocery stores in the Edmonton area are selling apples anywhere from $1.50-$2.00 lb.

If your looking for a no-sugar homemade applesauce, see my Crock Pot Apple Sauce recipe- it's perfect served with pork loin.


Don't forget, there is always a weekly free item coupon when you spend $30. This week, it's a free pumpkin.

For more information and store locations, go to handwproduce.com


Yoghurt Tubs for $.98 cents & Fruit Cups for $1.25 at Superstore


This week at Superstore, you can get 650g tubs of Astro Yoghurt for $.98 cents. There are $1.00 coupons in front of the yoghurt as well as on the coupon board at the front of the store.


Also, in the canned fruit, look for Del Monte fruit cups on sale for $2.49 when you buy 2. You will find "Buy One Get One Free" coupons in front of the fruit. This makes each fruit cup $1.25.

These sale prices are effective until closing October 16, 2014. 

Shoppers Drug Mart -Clearance on Pasta, & Sauce, Plus a Cookie Deal

Today in Shoppers Drug Mart I noticed clearance on Catelli and Simply Food pasta, as well as Simply Food tomato and alfredo sauce.


The sauces are $1.14 a jar, the pasta is .$84 cents a box- basically dinner for around $2!

While your checking out this deal, you will also find Peak Freans Lifestyle cookies are on sale this week for $1.99, and there is a $.50 cent rebate through Zweet.



I found this deal at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Wye Road in Sherwood Park, but in my experience, most stores clear out the same product at the same time.

Happy Shopping! 

Tostitos/Cheetos Sale at Superstore


If you missed the Tostitos deal last week at Superstore - your in luck, the promotion is still on!

 There are three products you can buy with this high value coupon (buy 2 save $3):

Cheetos/Tostitos - $2.67 each when you buy 3 bags. Purchase 6 bags & use 3 coupons worth $9, pay $1.17 a bag. 

Tostitos Artisan - $3.33 each, limit of 6. Purchase 6 bags, use 3 coupons and pay $1.83 a bag.


If you've never tried the artisan Tostitos, they are a nice alternative to plain tortilla chips. 

We love them with homemade guacamole. 

Look for the coupon at the chips or on the coupon board in the entrance of Superstore. 

H&W Produce Specials for Oct 9-15


H&W Produce is an Edmonton area chain of discount produce stores.

I have been shopping there for years and also get our weekly co-op produce from their warehouse. 

Last week we purchased a flat of strawberries from them, hoping to freeze some- we ate them all before they hit the freezer! 

Looks like this week you can get a flat for $9.99, (works out to $1.25 lb) which is a great deal for this time of year!

When we don't eat them all - I freeze flats of strawberries for smoothies or jam.

I also noticed the free item this week is a bag of 10 lb potatoes- that's worth about $5-6, if you purchased them in a grocery store.


Check out their website for locations.

Free October Walmart Magazine with Baking Coupons


Walmart publishes their own magazine which is free for their customers.

This month you will find a Robin Hood baking booklet inside with coupons: 

- $1 off any Robin Hood flour

- $.50 cents off Robin Hood Quick Bread

- $1 off any Robin Hood oats product

- $1 off 2 Carnation Evaporated milk

- $.50 cents off Crisco Shortening

- $1 off Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

These coupons are valid until August 2015. For bakers, these are fantastic coupons!

Using Robin Hood coupons last winter, I rarely paid more then $1 for oats. We also use evaporated milk quite often for cream sauces, so I go through a lot of these.

Inside the magazine, you can find: 

-$.75 cents off McCain Deep & Delicious Cakes or Pies

- $.50 cents off D'Italiano Bagelli bagels

- $1 off Police Security Flashlight

- $3 off Bionaire Furnace Filter

- $1.50 off Keri Lotion

- $1 off Listerine mouthwash

- $2 off Webber Naturals Omega 3 Supplements

- $3 off 2 Buckley's, Neocitran or Otrivin products

- $1 off Phillips Colon Health probiotic

- $1 off Alka-Seltzer

- $4 off Mega Red product

- $10 off First Response Ovulation Test

- $2 off Jergens Moisturizer

All of these are manufacturer coupons and can be used at any Canadian store that accepts coupons. 

I usually find some decent recipes in the magazine and like learning about all the new products in store. 

Look for the magazine at each till in Walmart. 


Target Deals for Week of Oct 4th - Major Kitchen & Cheese Clearance

If you are looking for amazing deals on anything kitchen related, you need to get into Target!

The deals I found were so good, even my cashier's jaw was dropping! 



Pots and pans set regular $299, on sale for $89!



$60 crockpot on sale for $18, this is the large oval that holds a 7 lb chicken.


Non-Stick wok pan, regular price $59.99 on sale for $17.99.

I also found Keurig machines for half price, tea kettles, coffee makers, and waffles makers, all for 50-70% off. 

There is some major clearance just starting in the cheese department. 

I found deals on Armstrong blocks, goat cheese, sliced and shredded Kraft cheese. 



You will find a few remnants of back to school items, now 70% off such as stationary, lunch bags and back packs.



Exercise accessories are still on clearance. I got myself a watch/heart rate/steps counter regular price $80, I paid $23 - perfect if you like a visual reminder to move more!



Hair accessories are 70% off.



There are also clearance deals in car care, electronics, lightbulbs, baby clothes and housewares.


For more guidance on how to spot clearance deals at Target, see this post.

Happy Shopping! 

Save $2.50 on Cheese at Save On Foods and PriceSmart


I love deals like this because I can shake up the kids usual lunch fare.

This is a great way to keep lunches and snacks lower in cost and full of variety - plan them around sales and deals. 

This isn't the first time that Save On Foods has offered this coupon,  and when they do, I stock up.

Show the coupon on your phone to the cashier who will scan it or use the link to print.