$1.50 off Gluten Free Bread


Use this $1.50 coupon at Save On Foods or PriceSmart to save on Western Family Gluten Free Bread.

Show the coupon on your phone or use the link to print. 

Coupon is valid until October 2, 2014. 


I love that Save On Foods has come up with their own brand of gluten free bread - store brands are a cheaper alternative and quite often taste just as good, if not better. 

Has anyone tried this Western Family bread yet?

Stock Up Time for Laundry Soap


Stocking up on cleaning supplies and paper products when prices are low, is one of the ways we keep our weekly shops simple and often under $100.

For a family of 6, that's not common, but it's definitely doable. 

I have a stock up price for pretty much everything I buy. If you don't know what a good price is, it's hard to know when to buy just one or if you should stock up. 

Laundry soap is something we go through a lot of! My stock up price for laundry soap is 10 cents a load. 

Today and tomorrow, you can purchase Purex laundry soap for $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. These are 32 load bottles.  That's .9 cents a load, plus if you have a Shoppers Optimum Card, you will get points for buying it. 

Shoppers Sunday/Monday deals are an excellent time to stock up on items like laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries and other shelf stable products. 

I have used Purex with my HE machine and find it cleans just as well as any other soap. I also like that it's not strongly scented. 

Another tip when your stocking up on these items is to do a quick check on smartsource.ca or any of the phone apps like Checkout 51 or CartSmart and see if you can combine deals. 

It's not hard to get bottles of laundry soap for $1-2 by using this method. 

The Purex laundry tabs are also on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99 for 25 tabs - or 12 cents a load.

Laundry tabs are perfect for teenage kids doing their own laundry. They're not going to use too much soap because it's pre- measured and also less messy! 

For more info on how to get the best deals on laundry soap, see this post

H & W Produce Specials for Sept. 25 - October 1st


Here are this week's produce deals at H&W.

A couple highlights: 

This is a great price for onions. I know 25lbs is a lot for one family!  

Did you know you can freeze onions? For speedier dinner prep- chop, slice and dice several bags of onions and freeze them. When your ready to make a soup, stew or even fajitas, you have saved yourself some time, and in my case, some tears! 

For easier kiwi eating in the kids lunches, I cut the kiwis in half and then send a spoon. They scoop out the fruit to eat it. 



If you've never shopped at this Edmonton area store, see this post on why I love this store and their deals.

H & W Produce Specials, Sept 17-23


Here are this week's specials at H&W Produce. 

As the root vegetables are being harvested locally, look for great deals on potatoes, carrots, onions, squash and turnips.

Using the coupon you can get a free 10 lb bag of potatoes. 



Here is the link to H&W Produce coupon for the week.

Gum for $.49 cents a Pack at Walmart


Excel and Juicy Fruit 4 pks are on sale for $1.94 this week at Walmart, this is part of the 20th Anniversary Sale.

That works out to $.49 cents a pack, definite stock up price and not too early to start on your stocking stuffer gift list! 



Christie Cookies for $1.16 at Save On Foods


Use this $1 coupon at Save On Foods or PriceSmart on Christie mini cookies. 

I went into Save On Foods and checked out the prices on a few different kinds. 



Using the coupon, you can get a bag of cookies for $2 - $2.16 each. 

If you buy the snack paks, you can use the coupon as well as submit your receipt to Checkout 51 for $1 off - making the snack paks $1.16 each. 



Simply show the coupon on your phone to the cashier or use the link to print.



50% off Pampers at Safeway


Diapers are something you want to stock up on when you see a good deal. 

A good stock up price is 10 cents a diaper.  

I'm not in this stage of parenting anymore so I have no idea what Safeway usually charges for diapers.  

Do your homework and check the flyers for local deals, and don't forget that food banks are always looking for donations as well. 

You can simply show this coupon on your phone to the cashier to use. 

Sobey's Stock Up Deals This Week


During Sobey's dollar sales, I will stock up on items that will stay in the pantry for a while. Doing this really brings our weekly spending down and saves me time looking for deals each week on items we use.

Here are some deals that I stocked up on: 


For the sandwhich meat, I transfer to freezer bags and then just pull out what I will use in 3 days time.

These sales are good until September 17, 2014. 

Also don't forget to check out the Air Miles deals posted yesterday so you can stock up on those as well!


Cheap Granola Bars & How I Use Air Miles

I'm really working at getting my Air Miles higher so I can start using them for Christmas shopping or movie passes for my kids stockings. 

Now that Sobey's has switched over to Air Miles, this will get even easier. I love Sobey's for the $1, $2 and $3 sales. I usually get some great deals on produce, dairy and other groceries with this sale.

This week is even better, as they are running a bonus Air Miles event with their dollar sale. 

First a little education on how Air Miles works: 

1) You can trade in 95 Air Miles at the till at Sobey's, and get $10 off your bill.

2) You can trade in Air Miles online for vouchers to use at Sobey's, Safeway, Cineplex and some restaurants.

3) You can buy things like kitchen appliances, toys and electronics.

4) You can use them for travel

So online and instore - 95 Air Miles = $10

First deal: 



This is my "buy" price for granola bars, $2. Stock up is anything lower then this, usually if I can find them for around $1.60, I'm stocking up.

Looking at the Air Miles deal with these though, I'm paying around $1.16 a box. 

Each box is $2. I bought 12, which cost me $24. I received 50 Air Miles for each 6 boxes, so I got 100 Air Miles just for buying granola bars. Now I could use 95 of those Air Miles to take $10 off, which means the bars now cost $14 or $1.16 each. 

This is a good deal for me because: 

1) The granola bars are on sale at my "buy" price, so I'm not paying for Air Miles. I would buy granola bars anyway.

2) We go through at least 4 granola bars a day, so 12 boxes will maybe last a month. 

3) I made this deal part of a bigger shopping trip at Sobey's of other sale items I needed and because I spent $100, I got an extra 100 Air Miles.


Other deals I bought: 

Astro yoghurt tubs, sale $2.49 plus 15 Air Miles for buying 2

Betty Crocker Cake mix 4/$5 and 2 Air Miles for buying 4

Tropicana Orange Juice $3.99, 10 Air Miles for every 3 I bought

With the changes made to Air Miles in the last year or so, it seems our miles are not worth as much and the choices of gift cards online is now limited.

But..looking at the Air Miles deals at Sobey's and Safeway in the last few months, I think it's easier to collect more miles.  

My rule of thumb, which I apply to all points cards at stores, is I won't buy something just for points or pay more because I can get bonus points or Air Miles. 

Bonus rewards should just be icing on the cake for finding good deals. 

And if nothing else, I will trade in my Air Miles for a nice dinner at the Keg with my husband! 


Laundry Detergent for .99 cents - Today and Monday

If you're not receiving weekly email coupons from Shoppers Drug Mart yet- YOUR MISSING OUT! 


I save a lot of money every week plus I receive Shoppers Optimum Points (I generally save these for a Christmas shopping spree) 


Although everyone gets different offers, some of them are common. A lot of customers got the $2 off any laundry soap coupon this weekend.

The Sunday/Monday deals this week, has Purex on sale for $2.99.  Use your emailed coupon to get laundry soap for .99 cents!

That's $.03 cents a load in case you needed to know! 


For more details on how to get the emailed coupons sent to you, see this post. 

Rememeber you can only use the coupon on 1 bottle per transaction, but you can do several transactions. This deal ends at closing Monday night. 


Soup Coupon and Quick Dinner Ideas

This week at Save On Foods you will find the Campbell's soup on sale 10/$10.


We generally make our own soups for dinners but canned soups are great for quick school lunches.

I also love to have the different cooking soups on hand saving me time making dinner.

The cheese soup we use for sauce for baked potatoes. The cream of chicken, cream of broccoli,  and tomato and basil are used for pasta dishes, slow cooker meals and even stew.

Although I prefer to make my own from scratch meals, if a couple cans of soup means I can get a crockpot meal going in 10 minutes or pick up take out?

Well, my frugal choice is the crockpot meal with soup helpers!

$1 is a great price for these cooking soups, they tend to be around $2 a can, not on sale. I usually need at least 2 cans to cook a meal or casserole for our family and I don't like spending $4 just on one ingredient.  

This is where stocking up when there is a sale, really saves you time and money. 

Today a coupon was released for .30 cents off the Campbell's Vegetable or Chicken soup.  You can use this coupon at Save On Foods or PriceSmart. Here is the link: 




Simply show the coupon on your phone or use the link to print.

You don't have to buy 10 in order to pay the sale price of $1. You can just buy 2 and pay $2. 

For more cooking ideas using Campbell's soup, check out cookwithcampbells.ca

They also have a phone/tablet app.

H & W Produce Weekly Specials


If you haven't had a chance to buy some BC fruit or get some preserving done - this is the week. 

Peaches, plums and pears are a great price and nothing beats the flavor of fresh Canadian fruit! 


This week's coupon also gives you a free cantaloupe when you spend $30.00.

 To find out more about H&W Produce see this post. 


The Nitty Gritty on Laundry Soap

Laundry is a necessary evil. You know it's going to be done every week, and your going to buy laundry soap. It pays to take a little time to figure out the best deal for laundry soap and when to stock up.

I must admit, I get a little nervous when I'm down to 6 bottles of laundry soap. It's not because I am a hoarder - it's because once you have paid 10 cents or less per load for laundry soap - I don't want to pay more when I run out. It sounds crazy - I get it. But there are many other things that I would rather spend my money on then over priced laundry detergent.

So let's get to the nitty gritty.

How much do I pay for laundry soap? My stock up price is 10 cents or less per load. My first recommendation is to always  check the load sizes on the bottle and use the measuring cup.

Most washing machine repair men will tell you that people use far too much laundry soap and that if you have a problem with your HE machine having a smell - it's from soap accumulation. 


With the advent of laundry pods it is even easier to not overuse soap in your machine.

Having a standard like 10 cents a load, makes it so much easier to interpret all the different bottles sizes and types of soap - whether your buying liquid, powder or pods. I also don't have a favourite store to buy laundry soap. I buy it wherever the deal may be.

Now brand loyalty is something that can cost you money. I have tried every brand and I don't think there is much of a difference for cleanliness. I prefer some brands because they don't smell as strong - but again, if it's 10 cents a load, it's coming home with me!

Coupons for laundry soap are easy to find, especially when a new brand comes out. You can find coupons online at pgeveryday.ca, phone apps like Checkout51 or in newspaper inserts. You can also find coupons in grocery and drugstores. I always collect a few coupons and hang on to them, in case I find a sale or clearance.

Most of the time I am paying $1-2 for a bottle of laundry soap. That includes name brand soap like Tide, Sunlight and Arm and Hammer. 

So of course, I couldn't talk about laundry soap without finding some current deals for you.

Tide has a cheaper brand called Tide Simply Clean and it's always 2/$8 at Walmart. This is for a 38 load bottle. Without a coupon that works out to 10.5 cents a load.


Another option is to print off the $2 coupon from smartsource.ca and use it on the Tide liquid 24 load bottle or the powder 31 load, that is on rollback for $4.94 at Walmart. You can print 2 of these coupons per computer. This brings your price per load to 12 cents for the liquid and 9 cents for the powder.



One last tip, if you find a great deal on laundry soap, stock up! For our family of 6, I like to keep a supply of at least 10 bottles or bags of laundry pods so that I'm never paying more then 10 cents a load. It's also nice to have one less thing that I need to pick up on my weekly grocery trip.

Happy Shopping!

Target Deals for Week of September 8th- Cheese, Laundry Hampers & Office Supplies

This week at Target, the 700g Black Diamond cheese blocks are on sale for $4.99. My stock up price for cheese is $1 per 100g, so this is a great deal!

If you have the $.75c manufacturer coupon, this brings the cost to $.61 cents per 100g. At this price, I buy mozzarella as well as our usual old cheddar and grate a few bags for freezing.

See this post on how to keep grated cheese from sticking when you freeze your own.



More discounts in the housewares and small appliance section. Oster blender marked down to $41.99 from $99.99, Sunbeam Cake Pop maker is 50% off at $15 and WestBend Air Popcorn maker is $15.39. 



On the endcap you will find Corelle dish sets marked down 70% off, some of them for $7.50 down from $24.99!

In foods you can find store brand Alphabet Pasta for $.43 cents and Pepsi products 1L are $.66 cents.



In seasonal, the summer products continue to be reduced and school supplies are 30-50% off. This is a good time to grab a few extra supplies that your kids might need during the year and stock your home office for very cheap. You will find everything from zippered binders to pens for 50% off.

I also found these locker baskets for 50% off, making them $.99 cents. These would be handy for some fall organizing around the house.


Speaking of the house, all the dorm products like laundry baskets, hampers, and mesh laundry bags have been marked down. The mesh laundry bags are $.75 cents, laundry hampers are $4.50 and laundry baskets are $2.00



With the mesh bags you could give everyone in the house their own mesh bags for socks so they don't get lost to the secret sock eater!

I also like to keep a small laundry basket in the back of my van to corral groceries and prevent squished bread and eggs.


I love when the dollar spot products go on sale at the front of the store. Right now, a lot of these little toys and games are $.30 cents each. Excellent time to stock up for parties, road trips or a rainy day!  In this section you can find playdough, mini coloring books, markers, fairy wings, pirate masks, stickers, skipping ropes, bubbles, and kid's water bottles.

This week's receipt coupon is 20% off Up and Up wipes. It's good until the end of October so I will save it and use it with a sale.

Happy Shopping! 

Save $2 on Milk at Safeway


Save $2 on a 4L of milk at Safeway. Also valid on Silk Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk. 

Click on the link to print or show the coupon on your phone to the cashier.

Coupon expires on September 11, 2014.

Target Clearance Sept 3rd - Exercise Tools, Laundry Products & Housewares


Another week of great clearance in Target. I think every department has red tags!

Housewares had a lot of great deals with tea kettles, Brita water pitchers and food processors at 50 % off. This $300 Kitchenaid processor is now $150.00



Also more clearance in duvets, sheets and blankets - also 50% off.



Exercise equipment is 30-70% off with everything from yoga mats, weights and DVD's to jump ropes, pedometers and gloves.



In laundry you will find Method laundry soap at 50% off, Tide laundry bars and Target fabric softener at 50%. The softener is available in 3 scents and at $2.27 a bottle or 4 cents a load - this is a stock up price!



You can also find Scrubbing Bubbles, Febreeze candles and various air fresheners on clearance.

I came across this cute lunch container for $3.00 in the party section. I used something similar to this, last year for my daughter and we really liked it. It has 3 compartments and takes up very little room in the backpack. 



For tips on how to find clearance in Target see my blog post from last week.

Happy Shopping! 

Quaker Deal at Superstore - Stock Up Price


This week Quaker Granola Bars are $1.34 a box and Quaker Oatmeal is $1.60 with this coupon.

Granola bars are on sale for $1.67 a box, great price to begin with. Use the "buy 4 get 1 free" coupon which brings the price down to $1.34 a box. 



The Quaker Instant Oatmeal and Quaker hot cereal are on sale for $2 a box. Use the same coupon and get one box free. This brings the price to $1.60 each. Definitely a stock up price!



This lightly sweetened box only has 4g of sugar per serving.

Remember you need 1 coupon for each deal. You can find them in front of the granola bars and on the coupon board.