Quaker Deal at Superstore - Stock Up Price


This week Quaker Granola Bars are $1.34 a box and Quaker Oatmeal is $1.60 with this coupon.

Granola bars are on sale for $1.67 a box, great price to begin with. Use the "buy 4 get 1 free" coupon which brings the price down to $1.34 a box. 



The Quaker Instant Oatmeal and Quaker hot cereal are on sale for $2 a box. Use the same coupon and get one box free. This brings the price to $1.60 each. Definitely a stock up price!



This lightly sweetened box only has 4g of sugar per serving.

Remember you need 1 coupon for each deal. You can find them in front of the granola bars and on the coupon board. 

School Supply Deals List - 4 days and Counting!

Just a few days left, and I've checked all the flyers, been in the stores and have all the deals in one spot, in case you still have more shopping to do.

I am listing the deals according to store. Keep in mind that every store I'm listing will do local price matching as well.

 So if your doing all your shopping at Staples or Walmart and see a better deal on something at London Drugs or Target- just price match it. 

You can price match from your phone using apps like Reebee or you may find the store has already done the price matching for you.

I also starred what I thought were the best deals this week. 


 10 pk pencils .25 cents

Portfolio with pocket .25 cents*

Tab dividers pk 8 .75 cents*

BIC pens 8/10 pk .95 cents 

Pencil sharpener $1.00

Mechanical pencil 6 pk $1.00*

1" 3 ring binder $1 

Elmer's glue 3x20g $2


Elmer's glue white $1 

Duo-tangs/Report Covers .5 cents*



Math set $4 staples*

Crayola markers $3 

2 pk sharpeners .95 cents*

Sharpie highlighter 4 pk $2

150 sheets of lined paper $.10 cents



200 sheets lined paper .49c*

Crayola pencil crayons 24 pk .99c

Fiskars 7" scissors 3.99*

Zipper binders 4.99

Canadiana pencils 24 .99 cents*


Avery 2" Durable Binders 50% off*

Select school supplies also 50% off

In the last week, I have seen the best lined paper deal at Target. 200 sheets for 10 cents. This was on an endcap.

Worth checking out as I noticed paper has gone up in price at Staples. 

One item that my kids always need that can be fairly pricey, is a USB.

The best deal I found was at Staples. 8GB stick was $4.98 and I could only find them at the till.



Have you found anymore last minute deals?

$10 Off Joe Fresh Clothes


I like to do my kids back to school clothing shopping one at a time. 

As a mom of 4, I value one on one time more then anything else.  

Spending a couple hours shopping with them and watching what they chose is so fun for me. I love getting to know my kids better. 

I spent 2 evenings with my daughters at Superstore helping them chose a few things that they really liked.  

While we normally only buy clothes when they're on sale, I like to let them chose a couple things that they just love!  

I was thrilled when I found this coupon that gives you a $10 gift card for each $50 that you spend on Joe Fresh clothes.  

I chose the self check-out line and divided our purchases into $50 increments so we could save even more.

 Once the till asked for coupons I scanned it and it just took $10 off our bill - I thought that was even better- no messing around with gift cards! 

You can find the coupons on the board when you come in to the store or attached to the clothing racks. 

The coupons are good until September 5th and they are valid on sale clothing as well. 

Staples Rebate


Most parents of school age kids will be visting Staples at least once in the next week- might as well save a little extra.

Cartsmart is a coupon phone app. This week when you spend $15 at Staples, you get $1 rebate through the app.

This deal does end tonight, but chances are good it will be back up tomorrow since it's been there for a couple weeks. 



Target Deals - Week of August 26th - BBQ's, Shoes and Paper Towels

There is some major clearance going on at Target this week, there is something there for everyone in the family, so let's get this party started...



All of the summer stock such as hoses, plant pots, garden tools, outdoor furniture and BBQ's are 50% off. 

In the Sherwood Park location there were a lot of outdoor lights as well, some only $2.50 each.



There are candles, duvets and blankets also at 30-50% off. A lot of beautiful things for shower and wedding gifts.



Ladies shoes are 70% off and kids shoes are all Buy One Get One 50% off this week.



I've also been waiting for months for a sock sale in the ladies department, because heaven forbid, I pay full price for socks! Found a 6 pack of black socks on clearance for $5 down from $10 and also clearance on leggings and women's pajamas.



Some socks were marked down to 60 cents- yes I finally bought some.



There is also a 50-70% off in the kids department. Everything from Beaver Canoe hoodies for $12.99 to party dresses and lots of gym clothes. I picked up cotton shorts for $2 for my daughter- perfect for gymnastics. There are also a great selection of girls jeans for less than $5.



If your looking for household items, which I always keep a stock of when I find it at these prices, there are 6 packs of Scott Towels for $3.74 (some stickers say $5.24 - but they scan lower).



Also there are boxes of Advil for $6.50, although not super cheap, but you can print off a $3 coupon from Advil.ca to make that a great deal for 60 gel caps!



Last but not least, some great clearance deals on Burt's Bees products- some on an end cap and some in the aisle. 

Although I won't say the "C"  word, the Burt's Bees body butter (whoa, say that 10x fast!) would be an awesome stocking stuffer.



So that's it, your going to be in Target anyway, taking advantage of the fantastic school supply deals- so go check out these other deals!

The Target receipt coupon this week is $2 off any DVD or Blu-Ray movie.

For more information on getting great deals at Target- see this blog post

Happy Shopping! 

Tools for Schools - How Much Could You Donate With $1.00?



I was out shopping for supplies at Staples today with my 16 year old son.

He only needed a few binders and we also got 10 Duotangs for my daughters list to complete it. 

We thought the Duotangs were 28 cents but when she rang them in, they came up at 5 cents each. 

As we left, I stopped to look at the Tools for Schools list to see what the most needed items were.  

My son asked what the promo was about and I said people donate school supplies for those kids who don't have the means to buy their own.  

He said, " Well at 5 cents for a Duotang, a $1 can go a long way for these kids." 

That really got me thinking.

What could I buy for only a $1? 

Here's what I came up with: 

24 pack of Crayola crayons .20 cents (Target) 

10 pack of pencils .15 cents (Target)

Elmers 2 pack glue sticks .20 cents (Target) 

200 sheets of lined paper .10 cents (Target & Staples) 

 Hilroy excerise book .10 cents (Target & Staples)

5 Duotangs at .5 cents each (Walmart, Staples & Target) 

Total spent $1.00


You can find a donation box for Tools for Schools at every Staples location and you can also donate at the till or online at toolsforschools.ca

The website has a list of the supplies needed according to age. Donations can be brought in until August 31.  

I challenge you this year, as your buying your own kids supplies or watching your grandkids or nieces & nephews head back to school- to take a few minutes and donate to Tools for Schools.

As you can see- every $1 counts! 






$3 Monday Meal from Sobeys

I like to stock up on a few items such as produce, when Sobey's has their dollar days.

Right now my garden is providing for all our produce needs, but I did still stock up on the $1 perogies and sour cream. 

I thought I would also put together a $3 Monday meal deal for you that I found in the flyer. 

You could pick this up on your way home from work- and dinner is done in 10 minutes! 




1 bag of Compliments perogies $1

1 container of sour cream $1

1 bag of salad or baby carrots $1



If you want to add a little more flavor to your meal, you can pick a 2 lb bag of onions for $1 or green onion bunches,  2/$1.


I like that you can chose perogies that already have bacon in them.

We had the potato/bacon perogies this weekend along with some homemade cottage cheese perogies and we thought the Compliments ones tasted better!

Happy Shopping! 



Maybelline Mascara for $1 at Target


I can't remember the last time I actually paid more then $1 for mascara.

I look for deals like this and stock up. It's always fun to have different kinds of mascara and have extras around when they dry up and start to clump. 

This week at Target when you buy 2 Maybelline mascaras, on sale for $3.50, you get a $5 Target gift card.  The regular price of these is around $9.

Paying $7 for 2 mascaras and getting $5 back in a form of a gift card means your only paying about $1 each. 

I dropped by on Friday evening and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a great selection and all the Maybelline mascaras are part of the deal.


Lays Chips for $1.50 at Save On Foods and PriceSmart


Lay's Chips are on sale this week for $2.50 each at Save On Foods.

The best part is there is a $4 coupon for 4 bags of Lays and the coupon is valid until Sept. 12, 2014. 

So at $1.50 a bag, it's a good time to stock up for the long weekend!

You can show the coupon on your phone for the cashier to scan or use the link to print. 





New Target Coupons for School Supplies


You can find a new Target coupon book by the tills in Target stores.

These books have coupons in the back for school supplies, food items and clothing. 

Here are the coupons: 

$2 off Up & Up Notebook

20% off Target Headphones

$1 off Kleenex

$1 off 2 Pro-Health toothpaste

15% off Kid Made Modern Art Item

$2 off Clean and Clear

10% off Kids L'Oreal Hair Item

$1.50 off Lunchblox

$1 off 5 pk Post It Notes

20% off FiveStar locker accessory

20% off Crayola Item

$1 off 2 Papermate Pens

50 cents off Scotch Tape

$1 off Archer Farm Cereal

25% off  8-16 pk Crayola Crayons

$1 off 12 ct. Sharpie

50c off Fruit Krisps cookies

$1 off Quaker item

$1 off 500g Kraft Peanut Butter

20% off kids C9 by Champion Item

$1 off Villagio Bread

$1 off 6 pk Tropicana Orange Juice

50c off 310 ml Nestle Milk shake

$1 off Black Diamond Cheese Item

Remember you can use these coupons with a manufacturer coupon, and you can also price match and use a coupon.

You can also print these coupons from the Target.ca website. 

It's nice to get a little extra help with school expenses using coupons! 

Staples School Deals August 13 - 19

Hilroy Exercise books are .20 cents each, limit of 10.

Duotangs, lot of colour choice are .5 cents each.

3 pack of white erasers are $2.

White glue is .69 cents.

A few deals from a couple weeks ago that are still going, are 10 packs of pencils for 20 cents, and packs of 150 sheets of lined paper for 10 cents. Crayola 24 pack of pencil crayons are also .94 cents.

For more tips on saving on school supplies, see this post.

Happy Shopping!

Save $1.50 on Ice Cream at Save On Foods


This week at Save On Foods and PriceSmart you can save $1.50 on Chapman's Ice Cream using this coupon.

Show it to the cashier from your phone or use the link to print. 

Coupon is valid until Aug 14, 2014. 


Crest for .49c at Superstore


You can find $1.00 coupons on the coupon board at Superstore for any Crest toothpaste.

Selected Crest paste is $1.49, limit of 4 per transaction.  

I also had 800 points (worth .80 cents) on my PC Plus card for each Crest paste that I bought. So I bought 4 toothpastes for .49c each & received 3200 points. 

I liked that these were the big tubes of toothpaste & they were the Crest Complete that we really like. 

Happy Shopping! 

.5 and .10 cent Deals at Staples


I am not doing any major back to school shopping yet, but prices like this got me into Staples today for a few basics- and a break from the stifling heat!

Here are a couple highlights: 

80 page Hilroy Coil notebook .5c



Aaaaaand, it has 2 coupons inside! One for Papermate pens and one for Fivestar notebooks.



The 10 pack of pencils are .10c 



150 sheets of lined refill paper is .10 cents

24 packs of Crayola pencil crayons are .94 cents

1" binder is $1.00

White glue .69 cents

I also found a cool lunch container. I used something like this last year for my daughter. It was $10



This is one of the easiest ways to save on school supplies, stock up  when prices are rock bottom & save yourself some time in September.

Happy Shopping! 

The Perfect Lunch Box

I am picky about lunch boxes for the kids. That's probably why I have been looking for the perfect one, for 2 years! I had 3 items on my criteria list before I was going to buy any more lunch boxes:

1) Small enough to fit in a backpack- I don't want my girls to have to carry their lunch bag and a backpack, when they have 2 things to carry, 1 item will get left somewhere. They also need room in their backpack for things other then a massive lunch bag.

2) Includes a freezer pack- I won't send tuna or egg sandwhiches without it. I don't like  to squeeze an ice pack on top of the sandwhich and squish it. And who wants to eat warm cheese or ranch dressing with their veggies?! 

3) Microwave and dishwasher safe. The LAST thing I want to do is hand wash 40 pieces of plastic every night before I can repack the lunches. If I can add it in the dishwasher, with the dinner dishes- perfect! My daughter also has access to a microwave and I would like to send leftovers without packing another dish to heat it in. 

Bento box

Bento box


So I finally found the perfect lunch box today for $10- that just makes my frugal heart go pitter patter. I have looked in every local store plus online and have seen lunch boxes close to what I like, for almost $50, not including shipping!

These lunch boxes are made by Cool Gear and I found them at Walmart. There are 2 two types, I got one of each. The green one is called a salad kit and the blue is a bento box. 

Salad kit

Salad kit


The bottom portion collapses and expands to hold 6.5 cups. In the top picture you can see the salad kit is collapsed down and the bento box is expanded to it's full size. The middle portion that holds the mini containers or the salad dressing container- is a freezer tray! You can just pop the whole thing in the freezer and then into the lunchbox in the morning.

The whole thing - minus the freezer tray, is dishwasher & microwave safe. Did I mention it was $10?! 

I can already imagine all the fun, creative lunches we are going to pack in these cute boxes.

You can find them in the lunchbox/backpack section of Walmart. 



Twitter Safeway Deals & Why I Don't Buy Them


Every Monday, Safeway has a special meal deal on Twitter. You just need to buy the appropriate items & show the deal on your phone & you pay the reduced price.

While these deals are probably great for small families, they rarely work out for a family of 6, especially when the deal is limited to 1 per customer. 

Let's look at today's deal, my 2 teenage boys could eat this between the 2 of them... And still be hungry an hour later due to the low protein content of this meal. 

Secondly, I buy pasta sauce when it's on sale for $1.00 & we use real grated Parmesan, no one in the house is a big fan of the powdered variety. 

While I've only eaten Gnocchi at a restaurant, I generally don't pay more then .25c for a box of dry pasta. 

So let me show you what I buy instead at Safeway, when I want a quick, non- greasy dinner. 



I can always find Olivieri fresh pasta & sauces at 25-50% off at Safeway. They're reduced because they're close to expiry- no worries, were eating it right away. If I can find a pesto sauce also reduced, I buy that as well. Sometimes they have Alfredo or Rose sauce 50% off. If not, I just heat up a jar of tomatoe sauce from home.

I prefer the stuffed ravioli because they contain a protein like chicken, beef or cheese. Served with a green salad, this meal will keep my boys full for at least 2 hrs! 

You can find the fresh pasta & sauces in the sausage, bacon, deli meat section.  

I paid about $15 for this dinner, since I will get lettuce from my garden for the salad. Well below the $50 I could spend on a fast food meal... and this meal I feel good about serving to my kids.

So, do you buy the twitter deals from Safeway? How do you keep your teenage boys full without resorting to greasy burgers?!

London Drugs Deals - Nesfruta, K-cups and Live Clean

I went into London Drugs to stock up on K-cups today and found some great deals while in the store.

Nesfruta is on sale 2 for $5 and there are $2 coupons that the cashiers have at the till. Fifty cents each!

Live Clean products are $3.99 and the Cart Smart Coupon App has $1.00 offers. Regular price of these are $6-7 each. I am in love with the Apple Cider Shampoo!

The Martinson 24 pack of K-cups are $8.48, which works out to .35c a cup. I like to stock up at anything less then .50c each.


San Pellegrino are 3/$9.99. I saw this earlier this week at $5.99 at another store, this is a fantastic stock up price. I was actually quite shocked to see how many different flavours there are. The lemon kind is also really good mixed with Pepsi or Coke... or Vodka!

So get in and check out the deals this week at London Drugs and Happy Shopping!