Crest for .49c at Superstore


You can find $1.00 coupons on the coupon board at Superstore for any Crest toothpaste.

Selected Crest paste is $1.49, limit of 4 per transaction.  

I also had 800 points (worth .80 cents) on my PC Plus card for each Crest paste that I bought. So I bought 4 toothpastes for .49c each & received 3200 points. 

I liked that these were the big tubes of toothpaste & they were the Crest Complete that we really like. 

Happy Shopping! 

.5 and .10 cent Deals at Staples


I am not doing any major back to school shopping yet, but prices like this got me into Staples today for a few basics- and a break from the stifling heat!

Here are a couple highlights: 

80 page Hilroy Coil notebook .5c



Aaaaaand, it has 2 coupons inside! One for Papermate pens and one for Fivestar notebooks.



The 10 pack of pencils are .10c 



150 sheets of lined refill paper is .10 cents

24 packs of Crayola pencil crayons are .94 cents

1" binder is $1.00

White glue .69 cents

I also found a cool lunch container. I used something like this last year for my daughter. It was $10



This is one of the easiest ways to save on school supplies, stock up  when prices are rock bottom & save yourself some time in September.

Happy Shopping! 

The Perfect Lunch Box

I am picky about lunch boxes for the kids. That's probably why I have been looking for the perfect one, for 2 years! I had 3 items on my criteria list before I was going to buy any more lunch boxes:

1) Small enough to fit in a backpack- I don't want my girls to have to carry their lunch bag and a backpack, when they have 2 things to carry, 1 item will get left somewhere. They also need room in their backpack for things other then a massive lunch bag.

2) Includes a freezer pack- I won't send tuna or egg sandwhiches without it. I don't like  to squeeze an ice pack on top of the sandwhich and squish it. And who wants to eat warm cheese or ranch dressing with their veggies?! 

3) Microwave and dishwasher safe. The LAST thing I want to do is hand wash 40 pieces of plastic every night before I can repack the lunches. If I can add it in the dishwasher, with the dinner dishes- perfect! My daughter also has access to a microwave and I would like to send leftovers without packing another dish to heat it in. 

Bento box

Bento box


So I finally found the perfect lunch box today for $10- that just makes my frugal heart go pitter patter. I have looked in every local store plus online and have seen lunch boxes close to what I like, for almost $50, not including shipping!

These lunch boxes are made by Cool Gear and I found them at Walmart. There are 2 two types, I got one of each. The green one is called a salad kit and the blue is a bento box. 

Salad kit

Salad kit


The bottom portion collapses and expands to hold 6.5 cups. In the top picture you can see the salad kit is collapsed down and the bento box is expanded to it's full size. The middle portion that holds the mini containers or the salad dressing container- is a freezer tray! You can just pop the whole thing in the freezer and then into the lunchbox in the morning.

The whole thing - minus the freezer tray, is dishwasher & microwave safe. Did I mention it was $10?! 

I can already imagine all the fun, creative lunches we are going to pack in these cute boxes.

You can find them in the lunchbox/backpack section of Walmart. 



Twitter Safeway Deals & Why I Don't Buy Them


Every Monday, Safeway has a special meal deal on Twitter. You just need to buy the appropriate items & show the deal on your phone & you pay the reduced price.

While these deals are probably great for small families, they rarely work out for a family of 6, especially when the deal is limited to 1 per customer. 

Let's look at today's deal, my 2 teenage boys could eat this between the 2 of them... And still be hungry an hour later due to the low protein content of this meal. 

Secondly, I buy pasta sauce when it's on sale for $1.00 & we use real grated Parmesan, no one in the house is a big fan of the powdered variety. 

While I've only eaten Gnocchi at a restaurant, I generally don't pay more then .25c for a box of dry pasta. 

So let me show you what I buy instead at Safeway, when I want a quick, non- greasy dinner. 



I can always find Olivieri fresh pasta & sauces at 25-50% off at Safeway. They're reduced because they're close to expiry- no worries, were eating it right away. If I can find a pesto sauce also reduced, I buy that as well. Sometimes they have Alfredo or Rose sauce 50% off. If not, I just heat up a jar of tomatoe sauce from home.

I prefer the stuffed ravioli because they contain a protein like chicken, beef or cheese. Served with a green salad, this meal will keep my boys full for at least 2 hrs! 

You can find the fresh pasta & sauces in the sausage, bacon, deli meat section.  

I paid about $15 for this dinner, since I will get lettuce from my garden for the salad. Well below the $50 I could spend on a fast food meal... and this meal I feel good about serving to my kids.

So, do you buy the twitter deals from Safeway? How do you keep your teenage boys full without resorting to greasy burgers?!

London Drugs Deals - Nesfruta, K-cups and Live Clean

I went into London Drugs to stock up on K-cups today and found some great deals while in the store.

Nesfruta is on sale 2 for $5 and there are $2 coupons that the cashiers have at the till. Fifty cents each!

Live Clean products are $3.99 and the Cart Smart Coupon App has $1.00 offers. Regular price of these are $6-7 each. I am in love with the Apple Cider Shampoo!

The Martinson 24 pack of K-cups are $8.48, which works out to .35c a cup. I like to stock up at anything less then .50c each.


San Pellegrino are 3/$9.99. I saw this earlier this week at $5.99 at another store, this is a fantastic stock up price. I was actually quite shocked to see how many different flavours there are. The lemon kind is also really good mixed with Pepsi or Coke... or Vodka!

So get in and check out the deals this week at London Drugs and Happy Shopping!


Save $2 on Sunbutter at Save On Foods


 I'm going to try this with my kids this summer & then in the fall I have a good alternative to the peanut free lunches that their school requires.

If they don't like it, then at least I paid $2 less for it! 

You can show the coupon on your phone to the cashier & they will scan it. Or you can print using the link. 

Coupon is valid at Save On Foods & PriceSmart until July 17, 2014.

$1.50 off Milk at Safeway


This week at Safeway get $1.50 off 4L of Lucerne milk. This coupon is also valid on Soy, Almond or Coconut milk (1.89L).

Show coupon on your phone to the cashier so they can see the PLU # or use the link to print.

Coupon valid July 11-17, 2014. 


Nestle Water 24 pk for $1.88 at Walmart


In the summer, between working outside in the heat & going out to spray parks, bike rides & other activities- I love having water bottles ready to go. 

With 6 people in the family, I've given up on the reusable water bottle. And I'm not spending every evening washing them either. 

We always recycle the Nestle water bottles or take them in to the bottle depot. 

The other upside - my kids are drinking a lot more water- that's a win/win. 

This week you can price match Nestle 24 pack of water for $1.88 at Walmart, if your local Walmart does Canada Wide Price matching. The store I used to price match from is Food Basics. The regular price is $4.97.

You only need to show the flyer on your phone to the cashier. Make sure she can see the item, price, store & flyer date. 

I did a screen shot for you, which is how I do all my price matching to get through the till quickly.

Happy Shopping!


Oreos for .11 cents at Save On Foods


Milk is generally the same price from store to store. In our house, we go through about 12L a week, so I try to find a "deal" of some sort since I'm buying a lot of milk anyway.  If I can't find a great sale like Safeway occasional has, then I want to at least get points. This is why I usually buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart or Save On Foods. 

This week when you buy a 4L of white milk & a package of Oreo cookies you pay $5 for both.  

Since a 4L of milk is about $4.89 your getting a package of Oreos for .11 cents and who doesn't love Oreos?!  You can get any type of Oreos, as long as they are the 300g package.

You don't need any coupons, there are no limits on this deal & it's valid until July 4, 2014. 


Tostitos for $1.47 at Superstore


I ran into Superstore quickly today to get some milk and saw this deal. Tostitos are on sale for $2.47 and there is a $2 off 2 bags coupon in the Summer Savings Pepsi coupon book to make them $1.47. I mentioned this book last week when I showed you the new coupons in Superstore.

In the Superstore that I was in, the booklet was in the front entrance attached to a stand full of Tostitos, as well as on the coupon board, and in the aisle at the chips.

The coupon says $2 off any Tostitos when you buy 2 bags. This sale price is good until June 26, 2014.

I like to be well stocked on these chips for a quick meal like nachos, we love the Multigrain variety. My stock up price is $2 a bag, and the cheapest I have ever paid is $1.77.

Happy Shopping!

Cheese Blocks for $2.13 at Target


My stock up price for cheese is $1 per 100g. It's been a few weeks since I have found a good deal. But this week is not only stock up price but " start the car" price on Black Diamond cheese. I bought a 500g block for $2.13! Here's how:

1) Black Diamond cheese is on sale at Safeway for $4.49 when you buy 2. I used the Safeway flyer and price matched this at Target.

2)The printable receipt that comes with every purchase at Target this week is $1.50 off Black Diamond cheese.

3) I have .75c manufacturer coupons for Black Diamond cheese that I found in various grocery stores in the last couple months.

4) I used both coupons on each block of cheese- one Target receipt coupon & one manufacturer coupon. 

5) I used my Target Red card to pay & saved another 5%. 


Advil at Save On Foods- save $10

One of the ways to save big on over the counter medications is to be prepared. 

Most of us aren't thinking about buying cold medication until we can barely sleep because were so congested. At that point, you don't even care about the cost, you just need relief. 

The average adult gets 6 colds a year- so you know it's going to happen - get your medicine cabinet stocked. 

This week Advil Cold & Sinus is on sale for $9.99, regular $14.99.

There is a $2 Save On Foods store coupon to bring it down to $7.99 plus you can print a $3 coupon from the Advil website. 

Now your paying $4.99, instead of $14.99. 

You can show the Save On Foods coupon on your phone or click on it to print. Get the Advil coupon here. 

This deals expires on June 19, 2014. 


Our Winner for our First Giveaway!

Our winner for the $25 gift card is Vicky Ma! I loved her comment about having an iTunes card to buy Salsa music for herself!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Watch for more giveaways in the future.

Vicky, could you email me at so I can mail the gift card to you and you get dancing!

New Coupons in Stores June 12th

Here are the new coupons that are now in Superstore, Extra Foods and No Frills. Some of these will also be going into Safeway, Save On Foods, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart, in the next 2 weeks. Make sure to check the back of the coupons to see if they are store specific - meaning you may only be able to use them in Loblaws stores. (Superstore, Extra Foods, No Frills)

Most of these are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them in combination with a Target coupon or a coupon app.

For more tips on maximizing your coupons please see this blog post.

Diana Marinade .75c*

Nutrisse Hair Colour $2

OneTouch Meter- Free with test strips purchase

Cesar Wet Multipack $2

Duracell $10 gift card when you buy 2*

Whiskas Dry 1.4kg - 9.1kg $3

Milk 2 Go, Heluva Dip, Sunny Delight, Amstrong Cheese & Neilson Shakes - Buy 3 Save $2

Rug Doctor Machine Rental $5*

Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body $4

CanesOral Combi-Pak $4

Centrum Product $3 (2 different SKU's)

Centrum Prenatal Product $3

Gillette ProGlide Styler $4

Miracle Whip or Kraft Salad Dressings $1 on 2*

Maxwell House Keurig Pods $2

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush $1

Frito-Lay 18 count multipack with bread purchase $2

Wasa Crispbread $1*

Bic Soleil razor $2

Ziploc Space Bag $5

SteamBoost Starter Kit - free refills

Nicorette $4

Royale Tiger Towel $1

Frank's Red Hot .50c*

Bertolli Olive Oil Spray $1

Summer Savings Booklet - various coupons for Pepsi, Lays, Tostitos, Ruffles, Doritos, Tropicana, Gatorade, Crispy Mini's, Twistos, Quaker bars, Quaker oatmeal, and cereal*

* indicates coupons can only be used at Superstore, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Maxi, No Frills, Valu-Mart and Zehrs.

Keurig - 40% off and $15 Money Card at Home Outfitter's


We bought a Keurig 6 months ago and we love it! We went from the Costco Espresso machine to the Keurig and it has saved us a lot of money. Here's how - While we loved our espresso machine and our homemade lattes - its not a quick process. Which is fine if it's a leisurely weekend morning, but not fine if your trying to get ready for work and get kids out the door to school.

So we would end up buying a coffee and that was adding up. I did my research and realized that Keurig has the cheapest coffee pods and it's very easy to find coupons for them.

It also meant we could put away the kettle, since the Keurig also brews hot water for tea and other hot drinks.

We also recently bought some reusable K Cups that we can put loose tea or fresh ground coffee in.

We love the Keurig so much that we bought one for each of our parents for Christmas. They love the versatility of serving their guests whatever hot drink they want without having to brew a whole pot of coffee.

So, it might sound like I'm getting paid by Keurig - I assure you, they have no clue who I am. I just love our machine and when I saw this deal - I wanted to share it.

Today only at Home Outfitter's, get the Keurig Machine for $71.99 instead of $119.99. Plus you also get a $15 money card!

This would be a perfect Father's Day gift or if you have any weddings coming up this summer - get the shopping done now! Plus you get HBC rewards points.

This is a one day deal, so if you can't get to a Home Outfitter's then you can always price match at London Drugs or Walmart. Make sure it's the exact same model if you price match.

Happy Shopping!


Moores Dad's Day Deals

Moores has some excellent deals going on this week. A few deals that caught my eye are the Non-Iron Dress Shirts on sale for $39.99 and the 40% off designer shoe sale on Friday.

Remember most everything in the store is also Buy One Get one Free.

Sale ends Sunday June 15th, 2014.

Happy Father's Day!


Our First Giveaway - $25 iTunes Card

Who doesn't love getting iTunes cards? This week at Sobey's, you can get 15% off their $25, $30, $50 and $100 iTunes cards until June 12, 2014

Not sure what to use it for? I have a list ready for ya!

- Teenage birthday gifts

- Year end gifts for teacher's - don't forget your wonderful support staff like the teacher assistants, speech pathologists, janitors, lunch room supervisors and office staff.

- Start your Christmas Stocking stuffer stash

- Tuck inside an Easter basket for any kid who has an electronic device - and which kid doesn't nowadays?

- Thank-you gifts for your babysitter, tutor, lawnmower, swim instructor, or newspaper boy.

- Rewards for extra chores your kids do, or an awesome report card - one can always dream?! 

I am giving away a $25 iTunes card for those who comment on this post. I am looking for your favourite use for the iTunes card. Contest ends on Wednesday June 11 at 6 PM MST.

Comments must be made on the website in order to be valid for the giveaway. One entry per person.

Frugal Tip - The Best $3 Pizza

A few months ago, my daughter's and I were going out for the evening, so I picked up some frozen Donatello's pizza's for the guys at home.

When I got home later that evening they went on and on about how that was the best frozen pizza they had ever had. I laughed because I had just picked up the cheapest one that Walmart sold.

Last week, when our oven died, I picked up the same pizza's to cook in our toaster oven (perfect size for the toaster oven too!).

I bought the deluxe and cheese versions. My daughter's said the cheese one tasted like Little Caesar's crazy bread - and who doesn't love crazy bread?!

I had to agree with the family - this is one of the best frozen pizza's I've ever had. I think it's the crust that makes the pizza - it puffs up without getting too hard. I also liked that there is a good amount of toppings and cheese. If I have some peppers on their last leg in the fridge, I also chop those up and throw them on the pizza before baking.

The reason I think this is such a great deal is two-fold. 1) If I don't have time to make a crust and I need dinner fast- hard to beat $9 for 6 people. 2) If I am going to make my own pizza - which we still do on occasion- It would be tough to do for less then $3.

I've only seen Donatello's at Walmart and they are always $3.00. They have pepperoni, deluxe and cheese.