Superstore Click & Collect


Last week we took a family ski day and I had a mishap on the hill. It meant 3 days of elevating & icing my knee and grocery shopping was out of the question. 

I noticed Superstore had a $4 off 2 laundry products rebate using Click & Collect.  It was all the incentive I needed to try this new service.

I went online, set up an account, chose my pick up time and ordered my groceries. I also connected my PC Plus account to my Click & Collect account so my PC Plus offers would automatically be added. 

When I got to Superstore, I parked in the stalls specific to C&C and called the number on the sign. I told them I also had coupons and a price match, so they said they would come out to my car and get those first, before totaling my order.

A lady came out and got my coupons, and  I showed her the price match for Tide & Downy from Shoppers Drug Mart, on my phone. 

She went inside and bagged my order, printed my receipt and brought the debit machine out to my van. 

She put the groceries in my trunk, I paid and left. Total time at the store was about 30 minutes.

I didn't have to get out of my van and my knee was very happy about that! 

My thoughts on Click & Collect? You do pay a fee for this service, $5 on weekends & $3 during the week.

It was worth it for me right now, as walking needs to be limited. When my kids were younger, I could see using this service, especially if your spouse works long hours or your kid falls asleep the minute you get in the car. 

Still being able to price match, use coupons and my PC plus card, plus the $4 off laundry offer, I paid less than $2 for each bottle of Tide & Downy. I like that Superstore makes it easy to save even if you don't go in the store. 


I know how people say this is a huge timesaver, but I still found the ordering process online took me 20 minutes.

Maybe that would speed up if I was using the service more often. I probably could've done my shop in 20 minutes in the store, if my knee wasn't injured. 

Click & Collect also will curb your unplanned purchases since your not physically in the store. Personally, I find a lot of great clearance and sales when I'm in the store and I actually enjoy the grocery shopping process.

I could see myself using this service again, more for convenience than time savings. It still takes time to order online, and wait at the store for your order.

For more information on click & collect, here is a link,  Click & Collect. 


3 Ways We Keep Produce Costs Down




I'm sure you've noticed in the last few months that produce costs have increased in Canada.

Many people have asked how I go about buying produce without taking out a loan.

My main method to buying anything is to constantly adapt to what is going on with prices, stores and our lifestyle.

Produce shopping is no different. I have changed a few places I shop and what I buy, to stay within a budget and make sure we are well stocked with fruits & vegetables.

I'm not going to tell you to eat what's in season or buy more frozen fruit and veggies in the winter, because I feel like we already know that. Most of us are probably doing that already if we're watching the bottom line.

Here is what I'm doing right now to handle the increased produce costs.

  1. I'm not buying "convenience" produce, unless I find a deal and it's cheaper. That means we don't buy baby carrots, pomegranate seeds and bagged salads. I'm also not spending hours in the kitchen. My kids know how to peel a carrot, use a salad spinner (which they love!) and my son can de-seed a pomegranate faster than I can.
  2. I take advantage of PC points at Superstore and No Frills. 100 points is worth $.10 cents and every week I get offers on items like bananas, cucumbers and peppers. In our area, I have been finding fantastic deals at No Frills. I also use to get more produce offers and quite often gain an extra 5000-6000 points when I spend $20 on produce. For more info on how to use this easy points program, see this post.
  3. I'm buying more produce at Costco and H&W. I'm at Costco every week anyway, so I usually get lettuce, spinach, & mushrooms there. It's rare that I buy bananas at Costco (although they're cheap) because they're usually very green. In the summer, Costco carries a huge bag of triple washed romaine for $5. H&W is a store I go to if I need to do a big stock up or my usual stores aren't having great sales. I realize not every city has a store like H&W, but it's a good idea to search your city to find a similar discount produce outlet. Sometimes the Asian markets in a big city have fantastic produce prices.

It's worth your time to keep a list of what your paying for produce every week and start to get creative to pay less.

Can you pick up more produce on 10/15% day? Can you gain Airmiles by buying it at Safeway or Sobey's? Could you use your Air Miles cash to offset the cost?

Can you save by buying in larger quantities  and splitting a case with another family?

For us, this extra effort to save on produce is worth it.

It's not an option in our family to eat less produce. We've fostered great habits in our kids and they stay healthy and happy when they're eating well, and so do we!


How I Get Free Wine, or Beer or Vodka..


Although we don't drink often, the cost of alcohol can certainly add up, especially if you want a nice wine for a party. 

Since using my Air Miles card for free groceries, I also learned I can use it the same way for alcohol. 

At the Sobey's liquor store, you can redeem 95 Air Miles to take $10 off your bill. Or 190 AM to take $20 off. Exactly the same concept as using your AM cash in Sobey's, Safeway or Rexall.

This is a great way to bring down the cost of a more expensive bottle of wine or spirits without breaking your budget. 

You can also earn miles at the Liquorstore, even if you redeem miles at the same time.

Do I have you convinced yet that Air Miles cash is the greatest thing since sliced bread?!

How Air Miles Are Paying For Groceries



I'm always looking for new ways to save money at the grocery store and Air Miles cash is the latest game for me. 

I've never been much at collecting Air Miles because by the time I would have enough for a flight, the restrictions and extra taxes don't seem like much of a savings.

With AirMiles cash, I can now take the miles I collect and use them at the till to take money off my grocery bill.

For example, if my total was $20, I could tell the cashier to use 95 Air Miles to take $10 off the total.

There are numerous places to collect Air miles (AM) such as Safeway, Sobey's, Rexall, Staples, Old Navy and Boston Pizza. Only Sobey's, Safeway and Rexall, will allow you to use your AM to pay at the till.

The number one reason I love this concept, is that I get to choose how to use my miles. 

For more expensive items like meat or produce that may not have coupons or big discounts, I can use my AM to pay for them.

Safeway and Sobey's also participate in 10/15% Tuesday. I collect as many AM as I can throughout the month, look over the flyers and find the best sales on that Tuesday and then use my miles to bring my total even lower. 

Basically I'm stacking 3 deals: a sale, 15% off and then AM. 

Last 15% day, I paid $130 for $265 in groceries by using this method.

So how to collect AM without over paying for groceries?!

I figured out that one AM is worth $.11c. If I see a deal like buy 2 packs of yogurt and get 30 AM, I look at the price which in this case was $3.49. A little high in my opinion but I had $1 coupons that bring it down to $2.49 each.

I then take into account how many miles I will get back & subtract that from the cost. 

 I subtracted $3.30 (30 AM x .11c) from the price. 

 That means technically, each pack of yogurt is $.84c. That's a stock up price that I won't find anywhere else. 

I always look for AM events like one day sales where I can really stock up on AM and groceries.

The last event at Sobey's, I spent 475 AM to pay for my groceries and earned 407 AM.

So how to start? Go to your Airmiles account online and switch your account from dream miles to air miles cash.

This will take effect in a couple hours and your good to go. 

I recommend getting 1000 AM as fast as you can. Then you have a good base to play with. When an AM event or 15% day comes around, with 1000 AM you have over a $100 you can use on top of your discount. My last 15% shop, I got 4 large packs of steaks and 2 ham roasts for free! 

Plus I also got a $.9c/Litre discount for Shell. Shell has a promo running until November that gives me 10x the AM when I fill up. So I used my $.9c discount and also got 40 AM (worth $4.40)! 

With 4 kids to feed right now, that's more important than a flight I might take 15 years from now with my AM. 

Cause once those kids are gone, I'll have lots of grocery money to buy my own flights!

Building your Money Muscle

Under budget at Costco? Stranger things have happened! 

Under budget at Costco? Stranger things have happened! 

Last week I was watching a show about debunking health myths. One of the myths they tested was whether or not self discipline is like a muscle that you can build. 

After doing some tests & exercises to build self discipline, the host proved this myth to be true.

I thought this was interesting not just for heathy eating or exercise habits but also for building solid spending/savings habits. 

For myself, I've been really trying to tame the sugar beast since I love all things sweet!

I find the more I say, "no thanks" or chose a healthier alternative, the easier it gets. 

I believe budgeting, saving and spending within your means is the same way.  

Here are a few tips to help you build that muscle: 

1) Find your trigger store & make a plan.

For a lot of people that's Costco!

It's easy to walk in for 3 things and walk out with 25. Set a budget, make a list, even take the cash out of the bank & leave your debit/credit card at home.  

2) Make a monthly & yearly spending plan just like any successful business.

One of my very smart friends has a budget meeting with her husband at the beginning of the year & they plan together what big purchases they want to make, trips or needed items like braces for the kids.

They make a savings plan & know what they're working towards. 

3) Don't keep leftover money just sitting in the chequing account.

Dave Ramsey says every dollar should have a name at the first of the month. Put any extra into savings, it will make it a little harder to pull out and spend on frivolous purchases. You will be surprised how fast that savings account can grow. 

Now go build that money muscle! 


Imperfect Fruit for 50% Less


Finally the ugly fruit has arrived in Albera Superstores!  

A few months ago, Loblaws announced an initiative to reduce food waste by selling apples & potatoes that are less than perfect for 30% less. 

Today while shopping in Superstore, I noticed the "Naturally Imperfect" apples in 8 lb bags for $5.98.

That's $.75 cents a pound or about half of the "perfect apple" prices right now. 


Once I got home & opened the bag, all the apples looked quite good & definitely something our family would eat. 

I am so pleased to see Loblaws offering this option to their customers. 

We plant a garden every year and are used to harvesting & eating less than perfect produce. 

This will be another way for us to keep our food budget in check. 

In Alberta, look for the Naturally Imperfect apples in your local Superstore. 



Shoppers Drug Mart Clearance Tip


Every time I go into my local Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM), I take a look at the clearance section. 

Today I went in for eggs & found granola bars with $3 peelies on them. Regular price of the granola bars was $4.29, but I noticed that brand was on sale in the granola bar aisle.

Since the computer rings them through at the sale price of $2.49, instead of $4.29, and the cashier adds up all the peelies and subtracts that full amount from the total bill, I made $1.02 by buying 2 boxes of granola bars.

I also found squeezable apple sauce with $1 peelie and noticed those were on sale for $2.99, so I paid $1.99. 

The 3 packs of gum were $4.29 with $3 peelies on them, so $1.29 for 3 packs- better than the dollar store!

I saved $13 using peelies and paid less than $8 for everything in the picture. 

Tip: When you look on the clearance shelf at SDM and see a regular price with the item above it and peelies attached- always go double check the regular price. If that particular brand is on sale, then you pay the sale price minus the peelies.  

So initially it may not look like a good deal with regular price minus peelies, but on sale, you may score free stuff! 

For more tips on how to shop clearance at SDM, see this post:  FINDING GREAT DEALS ON THE CLEARANCE SHELF

Costco - March 16


This is a great week to get into Costco if your needing a shot of summer. There are lots of new items for the golfer to camper.

Here are the new items this week:   


J.A Henckels 8 piece steak knives $39.99*

Creative Ware Beverage Dispenser 11 litre $23.99*

Coleman RV Mat 9' x 12' $54.99

Igloo Electric Cooler 26L/28QT $119.99*


Seville Tower Fan 40" $49.99*

Little Miracles Snuggle Me Sherpa 30"x45" $14.99

Serengeti Sunglasses Marcello $72.99 (save $25)

Callaway Sunglasses Q School $53.99


Safety First Air Protect Convertable Car Seat $159.99

Artika C7 Vertical Stream Light - Outdoor/Indoor $33.99

Head Tennis Racquet $42.99

G-Floor Grilling Mat $17.99


Haggar Golf Short Mens size 32-42 $11.99 (save $5)*

Mario Serrani Ladies Dresse Size 4-16 $19.99*

Betula by Birkenstock Ladies size 6-10 $39.99*

Calvin Klein Girls 2 piece outfit Size 2-8 $21.99


Carole Hochman 3 pc Pyjama Ladies S-XXL $14.99 (save $5)*

Spring Flowering Bulbs Product of Holland Assorted $14.99*

Adidas 2 pc Girls or Boys Sets Size 2-7 $15.99

Sun Protection Zone Kid's Safari Hat Ages 3-10 $11.99


Here are this week's sales: 


Calvin Klein Trench Coat Ladies S-XL $29.97*

Hudson Ladies Jeans Size 24-32 $49.97*

Speedo Swimsuit Girls size 4-16 $8.97*

Speedo Ladies Swimsuit Size 6-18 $14.97*


HP 564XL Ink Cartridges black pk of 2 $32.99 (save $18)*

HP Ink Cartridges 61XL Balck & 61XL Tri Color $46.99 (save $16)*

Vino Regale Wine Glasses pk of 8 $12.97*

Bormioli Rocco Giove Glassware 8 Piece $12.97*


Lagostina 11 piece cookware set $124.99 (save $35)*

Zebra Ballpoint Pens pk of 25 $9.79

Cast Iron Coat Rack $114.99 (save $25) 


Lilydale Chicken Drumsticks $3 off per pack, average pack is $1.94 lb after discount*

Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless $4 off per pack, avarge pack is $5.45 lb after discount*

Freybe Gourmet Sliced Back Bacon 2 x 375g $10.49 (save $3.50)

Balderson Double Smoked Cheddar 500g $6.99 (save $3)


Emmi Swiss Gruyere 450g $10.49 (save $2.50)

Haagen Dazs Gelato 3 x 400 ml $9.49 (save $3)

Olivieri Beef Tortellini 3 x 750g $11.49 (save $3.40)*

Tropicana Orange Juice $10.99 (save $3)



Swiffer Wet Refills 60 pk $16.49 (save $3.50)*

Swiffer Dry Refills 80 count $16.49 (save $3.50)*

Swiffer Wet Jet Refill 2 x 1.25L & 24 pads $15.99 (save $4)*

Swiffer Dusters pk of 24 $15.29 (save $3.50)*


Windex Glass Cleaner 5L & 950ml $10.99 (save $4)

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 4 x 946 ml $7.49 (save $3.20)

Cascade 2.83L $7.99 (save $2)

Cascade Powder 3.54 kg $7.99 (save $2)


Kirkland Ultra Soft Fabric Softener 5.53L 220 loads $9.19 (save $3.80)*

Ziploc Containers pk of 25 $10.99 (save $4)*

Mr.Clean 5.2L $10.29 (save $2.50)

Ethical Bean Rocket Fuel Coffee Beans 908g $12.99 (save $3)


Palermo's Margherita Pizza 4 x 440g $11.99 (save $6)*

Sabatasso's Pizza Singles 12 pk $9.99 (save $3)

Tai Pei Asian Garden Orange Chicken 4 pk $9.99 (save $3)

Pinty's Salt & Pepper Wings 2 kg $23.69


Hampton House Chicken Strips 2 kg $14.99 (save $5)*

Nonni's Focaccia Croutons 737g $2.99 (save $2)*

Yogurt Tubes 24 x 60g $4.99 (save $2)*

Sun Tropics Mango Juice $6.99 (save $2)


Multi Grain Cheerios 1.18 kg $6.69 (save $2)*

Mini Ritz with Cheese 24 x 50g $9.49 (save $3)*

Vector Mega 1.13 kg $6.49 (save $3)*

Dole Golden Pineapple Chunks in Juice 6 x 540 ml $6.99 (save $2)


Angie's Classic Kettle Corn 652g $5.99 (save $2)

Hershey Chipits 2.4 kg $10.89 (save $3)*

Ocean Spray Craisins 1.36 kg $6.99 (save $2)*

Johnny's Creamy Cauliflower Soup 660 g $8.99 (save $3)


Sun Rype Organic Juice Boxes 40 pk $10.99 (save $3)

Hi-Chew Variety Fruit Chews 500 g $6.99 (save $2)

Healthy Choice Chicken Soup Variety pk 10 x 398 ml $8.89 (save $3)

Excel Variety Pack of 24 $10.79 (save $3.10)*


Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Cartridges pk of 22 $49.29 (save $6.70)*

Oberto Beef Jerky 300g $9.49 (save $2.50)*

Gas prices in Edmonton Alberta: 


All starred items are prices that I consider a good deal and would buy.

This week's shop was at Edmonton South side.

All sale prices are good until closing on March 22, 2015.