Freezer Cooking - Part One


A couple weeks ago, a friend  and I had decided we needed a freezer cooking day. While I have done this on my own, it was way more fun to freezer cook with a friend.

Between school, extra curricular activities, house renovations  and important things like working and sleeping - I needed to bring some semblance of order to our dinner menu. While I don't like planning every meal, every week - I do like having meals in the freezer ready to go, rather then takeout.

I also know that lack of planning for days that are crazy, means more money is spent on prepared foods from the grocery store or a restaurant.

I wanted to share with you this week, how we planned, shopped and cooked. I have several tips that will make your own freezer cooking day easier and cheaper.

We managed to cook 18 meals in 4.5 hours. Our meals worked out to under $6.00 per meal, without sides like potatoes or rice.

For our family of two adults, two teenage boys and two school age kids - I am very pleased with that number! The majority of our meals were assembled and uncooked, ready for the oven or the crock pot.


1) My cooking partner and I, both have kids in school, so we didn't need to work around little people on cook day, this is really helpful! If you can find someone to watch your preschoolers, or wait until the weekend when your spouse is home, the process will be more efficient and enjoyable!

2) We both have several part time jobs and volunteer commitments, so to set aside an entire day to shop and cook would be impossible. We broke up the task over several days. I mention this because I think it's important for full time working parents to know they could pull this off on a Saturday morning and still have a relaxing weekend.

3) It's crucial to find someone you work well with, and has a similar cooking style as you. This would be challenging to do, if one of you had a strict vegan diet or had one child, while you have four.
We both have families that will eat pretty much anything, we are conscious of keeping dinners healthy and we need about the same size meals. This makes it much easier to nail down a menu and package the food in the same size containers.

Part Two - Planning & Shopping