Budget Breakfast Series


Now that my boys are 15 and 16 years old, they need protein in the morning, and cereal and toast isn't going to get them through until lunch.

Ever since I worked at McDonald's as a teenager, my favorite meal was the Egg McMuffin and hashbrown - so I set about to make a cheaper, healthier version minus the grease. I also wanted to pull this off on weekday mornings - so it needed to be quick.

Some mornings my kids have time to sit and eat, sometimes they're eating on the run, so I like that this meal is easily transported.

This breakfast is a weekly favorite, so I stock up on the ingredients when I see a good sale.

I pick up the english muffins at Superstore when they go on sale for $1 for six. 

While I prefer my egg sandwich with real cheese, my kids still like the processed cheese. When that's on sale at $2.99 or less for 500g, then I stock up.

The bacon I am now buying at Costco, in a resealable bag. It's already cooked and I just need to heat 4 pieces in the microwave. I have also done these sandwiches with turkey bacon or pieces of ham.

There are 2 options for hashbrowns. The large ones that look like the McDonald's version, I get at Walmart, the Great value brand, is $3.50 for 20.

You can also buy the smaller bite size ones made by McCains. The smaller ones have an onion flavoring and I like them for the younger kids, who usually can't eat a whole sandwich plus a large hashbrown. A bag of 35 of the McCains brand, I bought on sale for $2.47.

The longest part of this process is cooking the hashbrowns, so I get these started first in the toaster oven. They need about 20 minutes and I flip them halfway through the cooking time.


The eggs, I cook in a egg poaching pan on the stove. Make sure to spray the cups with oil before dropping your eggs in. These cook fast, about 5-6 minutes.

Once I split open the English muffins, I lay them on a grill pan to crisp in the oven.

The ready made bacon is ready to go after 60 seconds in the microwave.


Once the english muffins are crisp, I butter them and put a slice of cheese on one side and then a cooked egg on top. On the other side I fold one slice of bacon in a "V" and then assemble them. If your watching calories, you can eliminate the butter and use turkey bacon.


If the kids are in a hurry, I wrap the sandwiches in foil and a hashbrown in a paper towel and line them up on the table. They just grab their breakfast as they walk out the door. They also then have a paper towel for drips.


Like most households, our mornings are busy and there is usually a clothing crisis or two, with girls in the house!

I have this process down to 15 minutes, not including the bake time on the hashbrowns.


Here is the cost per meal:

Large Hash browns $.18 cents each

English Muffins $.16 cents each

Eggs $.17 cents each

Cheese $.12 cents

Bacon $.26 cents

Total: $.89 cents for one egg sandwich and large hashbrown