Kid's Birthday Parties - How I Keep it Simple...and Fun!


Birthday parties! Those two words just send a shiver down my spine.

I hate planning them. I love when they're over. I will never be a party planner for a career!

I think I finally figured out why- it's the expectations I put on myself.

You know what I'm talking about - the feeling to have the perfect  party that your kids will talk about into their thirties.

After 16 years, I am starting to wise up - I must be a slow learner, but I'm finally getting it. 

My kids love the simplest, cheapest parties. The times when I sit down and listen to their ideas. What's the most important thing to them?

For my kids, they just love spending time with their friends. Lots of it. They don't care about decorations, home made cakes, or fancy treat bags.

Last year, my son celebrated his birthday 6 months late because he wanted an Airsoft party on our acreage. This is much easier to accomplish in June then in January. We let him invite as many of his friends as he  wanted.  My only job was to keep them fed, my husband's job was to make sure they were safe!

We had about 18 boys over and they played until dark.  

My son told the boys not to bring gifts but just to bring their Airsoft guns and equipment.

We only had to purchase a large bucket of Air soft bullets and lots of food. I kept the menu simple with a box of 40 hamburgers, lots of chips, a couple cases of water and homemade chocolate sheet cake served with ice cream.

My only recommendation: have twice as much food as you think you need - 15 year old boys eat a lot! After an 8 hour party, my husband and I were exhausted but it gave us a chance to really get to know our son's friends.

Recently my daughter celebrated her 10th birthday and all she wanted to do was go swimming.

Millenium place is a multi - purpose recreation facility in our area that has picnic tables right beside the pool.

There is no fee to use the table, and only $5 per child to use the pool. We had our favorite pizza place deliver right to the rec. center, and I picked up fancy cupcakes from Sobeys. (Beautiful & impressive cupcakes for $2.50 each!)

It probably took less then 2 hours to plan the party and pick up the supplies and food. We brought a plastic tablecloth, plates, napkins and a case of ice tea. The girls played for 4 hours and stopped occasionally to eat and open gifts. Afterwards, my daughter told me that was one of the best parties she ever had.

I would much rather have happy kids, then perfect pinterest parties!