How to Stack Coupons at London Drugs to Get Free Stuff


London Drugs is the only store in Canada that will allow customers to stack coupons to get free items. 

I have been stacking coupons at London Drugs for about 3 years. The list of items that I've got free is a long one.

Hair products, bodywash, skin cream, deodrant, over the counter medications, cleaning supplies, cereal, cookies, coffee, razors, shaving cream, make- up, feminine hygiene, laundry soap and stain remover.

The picture above is a London Drugs shop that I did a couple weeks ago. The value of the products was $131.75. I paid $11.09 including tax.

I used price matching and coupons to get these deals at London Drugs.

I wanted to give you a detailed "how to" so that you can walk into London Drugs with confidence and get your own free items.

I want to be clear about a few things first:

1) This takes time and effort. You must collect coupons, know your prices, and be very familiar with the London Drugs coupon policy. If stacking took no effort and time, everyone would be doing it. I go through phases where I have the time and so I do a few stock up trips at London Drugs, and other times where I am just too busy.

2) If you can find a friend or two that also uses coupons, you will be much more successful at it and have a lot more fun! I have had friends call from London Drugs cause they found an amazing deal and they pick items up for me. I also text my stacking buddies when I find a good sale and know we can get stuff for free. We exchange coupons and help it each other out - and we have a great time!

3) Start small and progress from there. I think learning to save money and cut your budget takes time. If you try to do to much, you may get frustrated and give up! This is a skill that needs to be learned. It's also not for everyone, you may be at a stage in your life where you just don't have the time and patience for stacking at London Drugs. That's okay - everyone has different ways to save money. 

4) Be generous with your free items. My friends and family know that if they need dish soap or toothpaste, I probably have it. My kids are also the ones that go to school with bags of items for the food bank drive. If you can get something like diapers for free and you don't need them, get them anyway and donate them. Look for opportunities to bless others with your new found skill!

London Drugs stacking part two- the rules & how to.