My Costco Cart - Nov 3rd


One of the reasons I started the weekly Costco posts, was to show you what's on sale.

I wrote a 2 part series on what I consider a good deal at Costco and what I don't buy.

 I thought it might be helpful to show you specifically every week, what I bought at Costco and why. I wanted to teach you how to figure out your own deals and learn how to comparison shop at Costco and other stores.

This is what I bought yesterday: 

Ladies Tunic Top $9.97, great price for a tunic- enough said! 

Winter washer fluid 4 pk $9.99 - $2.50 for a bottle of washer fluid is better then $6-7 at the gas station when you go to fill up. 

Raspberries $2.79 x2. I like variety in our diet when it comes to produce, and this is great price for 340g. I might have ate 3/4 of a pack writing my Costco blog post yesterday- they are really good! 

Pace salsa 2 pk $7.49 - my husband isn't that brand loyal except when it comes to salsa- it must be Pace. This is the best price in town at $3.74 for a 1L bottle.

6 pack of Women's socks $6.99 - $1.16 for a pair of quality socks?! Even the Dollar store can't compete with that!

Water Softener Salt - $4.49, this was on my errand list this week, always glad to save $ on it. 

Kirkland Fully Cooked Bacon $12.89 for 500g or 50 slices - I crunched a lot of numbers and finally my Costco loving friend convinced me this was a good deal and worth the convenience.

We use it for breakfast sandwiches, pasta dishes and with brussels sprouts.  If you look at the Maple Leaf boxes in the grocery stores, usually it's $5.89 for 12 pieces, that's .50c each. These are .25c each. Word of caution- if you have a teenage boy in the house, make it clear- this is not their own personal snack bag of pork! It'll be gone in 24 hours otherwise!


2kg of garlic sausage $10.89 - You will not find 1kg of garlic sausage anywhere for $5.45 - I put one in the fridge and one in the freezer. Great for kids lunches, soups, pizzas and appetizers. 

Bagged Spinach - $2.99 for 1 lb. Lowest price I've seen and very fast for salads, sandwiches & smoothies. I transfer this to my Tupperware FridgeSmart container though, and it stays fresher much longer than in the bag. 

Bananas - $1.39 for 3 lbs  While I usually price match this at Walmart for less then $.46 cents a pound, I just needed bananas yesterday and this price is still pretty low. 

Kirkland Bottled Water - 35 for 500ml $2.19. This is a very low price for bottled water. My stock up price is about 10 cents a bottle and this week's price is .06 cents. I REALLY hate washing reusable water bottles and we always recycle our store bought ones.

My kid's are also huge water drinkers and it's convenient to have cases of water for school, ballet, soccer and running errands.

Items on sale that I didn't buy: 

Kleenex -  at $13.49 for 8 boxes, $1.69 a box is still too high. While the Scotties are a smaller box, your better off to get that deal at Superstore this week at $.75 cents a box.

Tide - Even on sale, this is coming in at $.25 cents a load, and my stock up price is less then $.10 cents a load. This is where brand loyalty can really cost you, if your a "Tide only" shopper. If you need laundry soap, the Purex deal at Superstore this week comes in an .07 cents a load.


Colgate Total Toothpaste - this price works out to $1.55 a tube, not bad if this is your beloved brand. I wait until Safeway has 5/$5 on Crest and I use $1 coupons. You can find these regularly on the coupon board at Superstore or from the p&g website.  

If you find it interesting to see what's in my grocery cart and why - let me know!  I can make this a weekly feature as well.

I would also love to hear what you always buy at Costco. 

For a list of what's on sale this week at Costco West - see this post.