How To Save On Big Purchases - $312 Saved on KitchenAid

A decent mixer is on the top of a lot of Christmas lists this year. I remember when I had my cheap hand mixer and I blew the motor by trying to mix some heavy gingerbread dough!

That's when I asked for a Bosch machine for my birthday/Christmas/valentines/anniversary gift - those things are not cheap! But worth every penny, if you like to bake.


My good friend Jacquie, who I would consider a serious baker judging by her cake creations- finally scored herself a KitchenAid. 

As with any major purchase, she did her homework and got her mixer for $167.00, saving $312!


Here was her process, which I recommend for any major purchases to really save money: 

1) Research different models. Do you need a higher end model with a bigger bowl? Do you just need a simple version to make the occasional cake or whip some cream? 

2) Ask people who have one, what they think. Where did they purchase it? Was there a special sale that you could wait for?

A friend of Jacquie's got their KitchenAid at Costco, and while it was a good deal, they haven't been able to find the pieces to fit that particular model at other stores. Good thing to keep in mind if you want to use your mixer for other purposes.

3) Do you have points, gift cards, or extra incentives with certain retailers? Maybe More Reward points from Save On Foods that you can spend? Would you get extra Air Miles or HBC points if you purchased it on a particular day?

Jacquie combined a couple different deals. She saw that the mixer went on sale at Target during Black Friday week, she had some Target gift cards, a Target receipt coupon from Black Friday for 10%, plus her Target Red Card which is 5% off. 

Regular price $479

Sale $229.99

10% off receipt coupon, $22.90 saved, now $206.10

Gift cards $30 off, now $176.10

Red Card 5%, $8.81 saved

Cost before tax: $167.29

Jacquie would've never paid full price for a KitchenAid and neither should anyone else. 

Simply by doing her research and combining deals, she saved 65% off the regular price. 

Remember stores will price match, so if you have gift cards or a loyalty card, use price matching if you want a sale price. Target will price match other local stores as well

Happy Shopping!