Valley Zoo Festival of Lights - an Edmonton Must See


An important part of getting through long Canadian winters, is attitude!

Learning to enjoy the snow & embrace the season makes the winter go much faster! 

Who knew you could also experience the zoo, in Canada, in the winter?! 

This weekend we took in the Festival of Lights at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton. That's right - we went to the zoo in December, and we loved it! 


Since it starts to get dark around 4pm, the Valley Zoo is lit up in a rainbow of colors! Trees are laced with lights, the otter enclosure changes colors and the frozen pond is orange, pink and green! 

Just when you start to think, " it's too cold for this", there is a warm building to duck into and visit Lucy the elephant, see Santa Claus complete with a beautiful postcard picture, or check out the monkeys and make a craft.


It was so fun to see the Otter eating snow, the Snow Leopard in its natural habitat, and the beautiful white wolves!

The best part of this experience is the price, at $5 a person or $20 a family, this is a low cost, quality evening out!

There is free hot chocolate, pictures with Santa, Christmas tattoos, and crafts.

Be sure to bring your skates to enjoy the ice and live DJ. 

Of course, there is designated donation jars, as the Valley Zoo Development Society is working hard on renovations and improvements.

The most amazing part were the volunteers. They all had smiles on their faces as they directed the craft table, painted tattoos or helped visitors find their way. 


Add this event to your Christmas schedule - you won't be disappointed! 

For more information on the Festival of Lights, visit their website