Finding great deals on the clearance shelf!

Clearance Sign.JPG

I get a lot of great deals just by making it a habit to check the clearance sections of my favourite stores.

Shoppers Drug Mart(SDM)is one of them, not only because I love the Shoppers Optimum Program, but because I can find great deals in their clearance sections.

Many people walk right by the clearance not even knowing it's there or taking a quick glance and assuming it's old expired goods that no one wants.

I used to think that too - so don't feel too bad. 

There are stores that have laughable clearance sections, but they are consistent. You will start to notice that certain stores always have great clearance and other stores always have over priced junk.

Most SDMs have a clearance rack in the back and some stores have an additional clearance shelf elsewhere.

There is a method to finding good deals and ignoring the not so good deals. Let me show you how I approach it.

Here's a picture of a clearance shelf from my local SDM that is pretty consistent with great prices.



Look at the bag of smarties on the top shelf. It says $5.79, not really a deal, but can you see the $2 sticker attached to it (oh, this is getting better!) and if you look even closer you can see there are $3 worth of coupons inside the bag. I always take a look at the coupons to see if it's coupons I would use. If so, then essentially this bag of chocolaty goodness is going to cost $0.79. You will pay $3.79 at the till but get $3 back in coupons, plus smarties!

On the next shelf down you can see a box of Quaker granola bars for $0.99. Pretty good deal but we can get those free! There is a $1 coupon in the current copy of the Walmart Magazine so these are free. The cashier will reduce the value of the coupon to $0.99 to make that possible.

Working our way down, there is bags of Hershey's Whole nuts- they're $1.99 which is pretty good, but if you look at the current Checkout 51 app, there is a coupon there for $2. More free chocolate!

Now beside the Hershey's there are cartons of Almond Breeze for 3.99 plus a $2 coupon sticker attached. I can usually find Almond Breeze on sale for $2, so this isn't a great deal, especially if the expiry date on it is short.

Many people think they can't use a coupon with a clearance item or if the clearance item has a coupon sticker attached. Yes, you absolutely can!  Using a coupon with clearance is where the fun begins!  Coupled with the points program like Shoppers Optimum - it's a win win!

So let's do a quick price comparison:

Regular price of Smarties, Granola Bars and Hershey's: $15.27

Price after clearance and coupons: $.79

Savings: $14.48