Make the Most of 15% Tuesday - Part 2


In part 1, we went over basic guidelines and tips on how to shop at Save On Foods on 15% Tuesday. In part 2, I want to look, in detail, at this week's flyer and show you how I would make the most of each promotion and sale.

For me, this is like a game. I like to see what's on sale, what I have coupons for and how much I can save on my monthly 15% shop. I realize not everyone is a fan of grocery shopping. For some it's just a necessary evil. However, I think once you feel like you're the one calling the shots on how you spend your grocery dollars, it can be somewhat enjoyable!

Points Promotions

 First, let's take at look at the bonus points coupons on the front page. Spend $100 and get an extra 2000 points or spend $200 and get an extra 5000 points. Cut those out and keep them handy. I put these right by my debit card or Save On Card in my wallet so I won't forget to use them. This is a fast way to get a lot of points accumulated on your card. 


On the back page you will also see a "Buy any 5 Kellogg's or Kashi cereal and get an extra 3000 points" and "Buy 4 Kellogg's products and get 2000 points". Before you've even started your shopping and receiving points on other items, you could potentially get 10,000 points just using 3 of these bonus points coupons!

The Kellogg's promotion is a popular one at Save On Foods and I try to take advantage of it when I can. You know how some stores have extra points promo's but the products are so highly priced that it doesn't make sense to buy them?! That is NOT the case at Save On Foods. You will find most of their bonus points products are also on sale.

For the Kellogg's promotion, look through the flyer and see which Kellogg's cereals are in there. This coupon says "any" so your not limited to only certain Kellogg's cereal. I can see that Vector Jumbo size cereal and Raisin Bran are on sale for 6.99 and Family Size Frosted Flakes and Mini Wheats are on sale for 4.99. (these are really good prices for frosted flakes and miniwheats!)  Also check your coupons, you may have some Kellogg's coupons which you can also use. On Checkout 51 there is a $1 Special K Protein cereal coupon, as well as a $1 Kellogg's "Just Right" cereal coupon.

Cereal promo.JPG

For future promotions you can find Kellogg's coupons on You may even be able to print some out and use them with this sale. If you can find a box of Kellogg's on sale, use a coupon and find a box with a special coupon inside or free product, that's stock up time!

For the other Kellogg's bonus coupon it lists which items are included. From this list, I can see that Eggo waffles are 2/$5 ($2.12 each after 15%), Nutrigrain bars 2/$5 and Vector bars 2/$6 ($2.55 each after 15%). Read the fine print, there are limits on some of these coupons. Also if you look at Checkout 51, there are $1 coupons on Kellogg's All Bran bars and $1 coupon for Kellogg's flatbread sandwiches. These two items are also included in this promotion.

This is an excellent example of combining deals. Your getting extra points for buying Kellogg's products, your buying the products on sale and you can use manufacturer coupons on them to pay even less for them.


On the first page of the flyer you will notice the Sirloin Tip Oven Roast is $3.49 lb. This works out to $2.97 lb after 15%. On page 3 you will see chicken breast $3.49 lb. This is packaged in the 3 kg box for $23.08, but after discount would be $19.62. That then works out to $2.97 lb for chicken breast. That is a fantastic price.

Save On Foods has a great selection of natural and organic foods, as well as gluten free items.  15% day is a good time to stock up on these items. Bob's Red Mill products are 20% off and Udi's Gluten Free products are 15% off.

On page 6 of the flyer you will notice Campbell's broth is on sale 2/$4, which is a good deal. If you want organic though, I noticed on page 11, that the Western Family organic broth is also on sale for $2. 

Although a lot of Save On Food's prices are listed as 2 for $4 or  2 for $3, it does not mean you have to buy 2 in order to pay the $2 price for each item. You could just buy 1 and still only pay $2.

Another item I stock up on is rice. I buy the large Western family bag and that easily lasts us the month. On page 6, I noticed the 1.81kg bag is on sale for $3.49 reg $4.99.  ($2.97 after 15%)

Coupon Match Ups

On page 6 you will see ClubHouse Slow Cooker Spice Mix on sale for $1.79 ($1.52 after 15%) plus there is a .75c Checkout 51 coupon bringing the price down even further to .77c!

On page 11,  there is a sale on Degree Deodrant  for $2.99. Again, Checkout 51 has a coupon for $2 off when you buy 2. With your 15% discount you would be paying $1.54 for each.

On page 7, Campbell's Stock First is on sale for 2/$4. On Snapsaves, there is a $1 coupon so after 15% and coupon,  you would be paying .70c !

Don't forget that the 15% applies to non-grocery purchases as well. On page 8 of the flyer you will see paperback books for 30% off, add the 15% off and your saving 45%  on books - not bad at all!

Not Good Deals

You may have noticed on pg. 12 there is a promotion for a free Kraft Peanut butter when you buy 3 participating Kraft products. I looked over the participating products and I don't think this is a good deal. Here's why: None of these participating products are good sale prices. I would never pay $4.99 for a 1 Kg peanut butter when quite often I can find it on sale for $2.99. If you want to try the new Peanut Butter - just buy it for $3.99 minus the 15%.


This would be a lesson in really looking over a promotion to ensure it's a great deal.

Sometimes I will give myself a little reward once I'm done my 15% shop. I 've worked hard to save money on my groceries so I will pick up a magazine. Of course I get 15% off, but this month, it gets even better! On Cartsmart this week, there is a $1 coupon for any magazine over $5.

Remember you need to spend $50 in order to get the 15% discount. This is $50 before coupons.

So, make your list, grab your coupons and go enjoy your shop... and treat yourself to a  magazine too!