Free Movies!

To say it doesn't feel much like spring here, would be an understatement. It's cold, windy, snowing off and on- & it's Spring Break for the kids.

I've lived on the prairies my entire life so I know you can either get balmy spring breaks or frozen ones.  So a couple months ago, when I saw that Kellogg's cereals had free kid's movie passes in them, I started collecting for a frozen Spring Break.  

I watched for the best sales on Honey Nut Cheerios- my husband's favorite- & stocked up. I actually found a sale at Rexall for $2.50 a box & kid's movie passes inside worth about $8. 

Now, all I needed were adult movie passes so I could go for free too. Shoppers Drug Mart came through last weekend with a promotion. Buy $75 in anything in the store and get 2 free adult movie passes. 

I stocked up on butter ($2.99), eggs ($1.99), milk, and some clearance items. My hubby also wanted a new game for his Nintendo DS for his long flight to Europe this week.  We also stocked up granola bars & snacks for the trip since there would be no in flight meals. This is still cheaper then paying for snacks in airports.

We ended up doing 2 $75 transactions & got 4 movie passes. 

I don't suggest ever buying something to get points or movie tickets, if you weren't going to buy it anyway. I knew this promo was coming so I waited on buying milk & eggs. Also, whenever butter goes under $3, I always stock up. 

I also wanted a few treats for the kids this week so I bought some Lunchables which were 2/$5 for swim outings, & chips for at home movie night. 

I would recommend checking Shoppers Sunday/Monday deals when they run special promos to get the most bang for your buck!

Enjoy your frozen spring break- I know we will!