Finding Coupons Online

Many people tell me they can never find coupons in the store or they don't have the patience to look for them. Print at home or ordering coupons is a great alternative and there is a lot of coupons to chose from.

Whatever your reason is- your computer can save you a lot of money. 

There are 2 types of coupons available online, printable & mail outs. Printable coupons you print from your own computer. Mail outs are sent to your home after you have set up an account & ordered the coupons you want. 

Some websites will allow you to chose mail or print.

So how does it work? 

Let's start with a popular Canadian site called The first time you use the site you need to set up an account. This is standard practice for any coupon site & prevents fraud. Once your account is set up, you click on the coupons tab. The current coupons available will come up. This list is constantly changing. Manufacturers only have a limited number of coupons available. If 5000 coupons for Kraft Shredded Cheese goes on the site, and 5000 people order them in one day - the coupon is gone. You can reorder the same coupon every 45 days. You are limited to one account per household.


Once you click on the coupon you want, you may get the option to print or mail. If you want the coupon quickly, you might print it. If not, then get it mailed & save yourself the ink. 

Some sites will also have a minimum coupon amount to mail. You may need to chose 3 coupons to get them mailed. It's a waste of postage for these websites to mail out 1 or 2 coupons. If I really want just 2 certain coupons, I will order a couple extra coupons that I know I won't use. Once they arrive, I give them to a friend or leave them in the store beside the right product for someone else to use. 

Once you've selected your coupons, the website will confirm your mailing address & then you should get them in the mail within 2 weeks. You will start to see a pattern with these sites, some are notoriously slow in mailing, some arrive in 1 week. 

For printable coupons, let's look at This site is just printable coupons & your limited to 2 prints per computer. You will see 5-6 pages of coupons. Just click on the coupons that interest you, & then print. You must install their printer software. 

I must warn you, I have had problems printing coupons on my Apple computer. I know several other people with the same issue & I'm no techie, so I have no clue what the problem is. I do have a PC so I just stick to that to print from any websites that use the smartsource coupons.

Facebook is another venue for printable coupons. You can go to company sites like Dove or Van Houtte, like their page & then your given the option to print coupons.  

Manufacturers will also make coupons available right from their website. The Advil website is an example of one that I use often. 

You do not need to print a coupon in color in order to use it. Save your computer ink & print your coupons in black & white.  

Remember, photocopying coupons is fraud! Many coupons have unique UPC codes & numbers that would make photocopying very obvious.  

Any printable coupons must have an expiry date, a Canadian address & be legible, in order for it to be valid.

So how do I keep track of all these sites and coupons?

I have created a system of course!  New coupons are added to these sites everyday and I don't have time to check them daily. I try to check them every couple weeks or once a month. I mark in my calendar, when I checked the sites and I also keep track of all my account names and passwords. Then I methodically go through each site, order what I need and I'm done. It  only takes about half an hour.

Now that I am familiar with each site and I know where to find Tylenol or Royale coupons, I will sometimes just print off what I need when I see a good sale.


Here is a list of the sites I use: This site usually carries Unilever, Kraft, Reach toothbrushes, Scrubbing bubbles and Barilla. You can chose to print or have them mailed. This is where you'll find Kelloggs, Ziploc, Kraft, and Kashi coupons. You can print or order coupons. This site is just printable coupons. You will find Huggies, Unilever, K Cups, Bic Razors, Purex and Van Houtte. Limited to 2 prints per computer. - This is where you find all the Procter & Gamble coupons such as Tide, Pantene, Oral B, Crest, Cascade, and Pampers. You are allowed a maximum of 32 coupons per mail out. I just order in two envelopes if I want more then 32. Mail out only. - This is where you find printable coupons for natural and organic products like Bob's Red Mill, SunButter, Zevia and numerous vitamins and supplements. You will find Band-Aid, Aveeno, Tylenol, Johnson Baby, and Reactine on this site. These are printable coupons. - This is where you find all the Royale products like tissue, toilet paper, and paper towels. I order these regularly and I haven't paid full price for these items for years. These are mail out coupons.