Easy Candy Cake



You know when you slave over a beautiful cake for your kids birthday or spend a small fortune buying one from the bakery- and the kids at the party eat 2 bites?! That is NOT this cake!

This cake is fast, super cute & kids will eat every bite! 

I made this recently for my daughter's 8th birthday & it was a hit! I had a little help from my cake expert friend- but honestly- anyone can make this cake, no help needed.

I started by making a 2 layer white cake. I just used cake mix. My daughter wanted an orange layer & a green layer, so I divided the batter & added food colouring to each bowl. Then dumped them in two round pans & baked.

I made a simple buttercream icing, you could easily use Betty Crocker's.

I stacked the cakes, trimmed them a bit so they would be even & iced it. Make sure there's enough icing on the sides for the Kitkats to stick to. 

Then I put the Kitkats all around, making sure there were no gaps between them. At this point, it's a good idea to tie your ribbon on so that your Kitkats stay standing. 

After that, you can fill the top with Smarties until you can't see any icing. Just dump the Smarties on top - it looks awesome!

I decided to do a rainbow theme on top of my daughter's cake rather then dumping the Smarties in. It took an extra 5 minutes to divide up the Smarties into separate colours & arrange on the cake. 

I would estimate this cake takes about 20 minutes to level, ice & decorate. 

So make your life easy, make the candy cake- your kids will love it!

 Ingredients List:

Box of white cake mix

Food coloring

White icing

Kitkats- 1 bought the multipacks & used 10x2 pieces

Smarties- 1 jumbo bag