The $2 Car Wash



Spring has sprung- I think- and now mud season is upon us. I can't handle getting my hands dirty when I shut the back of my van or open the door. This means I need to wash my van once a week to satisfy my OCD behavior.

I'm not paying the ridiculous $12 for a drive thru car wash at the gas station. So I have mastered the $2 car wash. 

I usually go to Hughes to wash my van. You need tokens for their machines. If I have a couple loonies, I just go in and get tokens. If I only have bills, then I take a $20, go to the cashier and get enough tokens for 8-10 car washes. This will then save me time for the next few weeks, since I keep my tokens in the console.

Before I wash, I quickly go through the van & collect garbage, mitts, toys & any other items that my kids have tossed in there.

If I have time, I might use a couple tokens to vacuum the mats. If not, I shake out the mats & close the doors.

I only use 2 settings. Soap & rinse.  First token is for soap.



I start with the roof of the van, then the windshield, then the drivers side, back & passenger's side. I wash from top to bottom. 

By the time the soap cycle finishes, I'm usually washing the grill. I put in another token and switch to the rinse cycle. 



There is still some soap left in the wand so I finish washing the front of the van. Then I start rinsing in the same order that I washed. Roof, windshield, drivers side, back, passenger's side & front. If I still have time left, I go over the windows again to make sure there's no soap residue left.



When its warm enough I vacuum my van with the shop vac at home & wipe down the interior with soap & a micro fibre cloth. Swiffer dusters work well for the dash.

A few tips: Don't wash the car in your Sunday best. This is an errand to be done after you've worked out at the gym & your heading home for a shower anyway. Consider it an extension of your workout!

This is also a weekly maintenance car wash. If you haven't washed for months & your not even sure what colour your car is, $2 is not going to cut it.

But for OCD people like me- $2 works just fine!