Frugal Tip- The $10 Pedicure


I don't think there is anything better then relaxing for 45 minutes while my feet get the royal treatment. 

As much as I would love to get weekly pedicures, budget & time does not allow for such luxuries. 

I discovered a great option a few years ago ago.

It's the $10 pedicure!

You can go into most nail salons & get your polish changed for $10. It is amazing how a quick polish change can make your feet look like you've had a professional manicure & spent all afternoon in the salon. 

I love to take my girls with me as a fun treat & my salon will only charge $5 for each girl. 



For a couple dollars extra you can get a fun design on your nails as well.  If you need your polish changed on your hands, also only $10.



So...for the price of 2 lattes, you have pretty, flip flop ready feet!

Full Pedicure $35-$60

Polish Change $10