Hellman's Chicken - In 5 Minutes

The other night I was totally uninspired to make dinner. I had lots of fresh meat and produce in the fridge, but just didn't want to cook.

I remembered seeing this recipe in a magazine, so I googled it and found it on the Hellmann's website - who uses cookbooks anymore?!

I love that this recipe is 4 ingredients. It called for breadcrumbs, but all I had was Panko. I think the Panko made it better!

After you mix Hellmann's and fresh parmesan, you spread it on the chicken and then sprinkle with breadcrumbs - and done!

It takes about 20-30 minutes to bake, which gives you just enough time to make Burnt Butter Macaroni and cook a few vegetables.

My 16 year old actually complimented me on dinner - win/win for everyone!

I noticed that Hellman's still has a $2 offer on Checkout 51 this week. Here is the recipe.