Frugal Tip - $20 Dinner for 6

Our oven officially died yesterday and requires an electronics expert to fix it. If I was more organized, I would've put something in the crock pot this morning.  I didn't. 

Greasy fast food can cost anywhere from $50-60 for a family of 6. That's when I pick up grocery store lumberjack sandwiches instead.  So far we have tried the Safeway and Sobey's versions and liked both. One large sandwich is $9.99. Two sandwiches easily feeds our family of 6, including 2 teenage boys.

I will usually serve fresh veggies and dip or chips with it. Everyone's stomach feels much better after this meal as opposed to greasy burgers or chicken.

You can find the lumberjack sandwiches in the fresh salad section of your grocery store.