Frugal Tip for Deli Meat- 66 cents for 100g!

I learned this frugal tip from a very smart friend of mine a few years ago.

I don't pack deli meat in my kids lunches every day, or even every week. But when they want something different in their lunches, I have this ham in the freezer, just enough for 4 lunches.

So how am I getting lunch meat for .66 cents for 100g?

First I wait for the Compliments 1.5kg hams to go on sale for $9.99 at Sobey's. When I get to the store, I pick up a ham and take it over to the deli. I ask them to slice it into thin sandwhich meat for me.

This takes them a few minutes, so I go pick up the rest of my groceries. ( I love Sobey's BOGO produce deals!)

You could also ask them to cut it into thicker slices for breakfast or use those thicker slices and cut into chunks for pizza.

The deli employees will then divide up the ham into 2 or 3 bags and attach the UPC from the original package.

Then the cashier just scans the UPC and you pay $9.99 for 1500g of lunch meat. The day I was there, the fresh ham at the deli was $1.19 per 100g. That's $17.85 for 1500g, if you just bought it at the deli counter!

When I get home, I divide the meat into smaller bags and freeze it.

I have tried at a couple other grocery chains to get the deli department to cut a whole ham, and was refused. That's why, I just stick with Sobeys.

They are always more then happy to slice it up for me.

Whole ham sliced 1500g $9.99

Deli ham at the counter 1500g $17.85