10 Minute Strawberry Jam


 I used to think that making jam was a complicated process. Then I discovered freezer jam & I haven't looked back! Now I love eating it as well as making it. The making couldn't be easier. If you can chop, mash & stir- you can make jam. No boiling, no cooking- literally 10 minutes.

I also think freezer jam tastes fresher than cooked jam. It seems to maintain that "just picked" flavor- especially with strawberries.  

You have a couple options for the type of freezer jam you make. You can use a low sugar pectin pack or a regular one. The sugar content is 30% less in the low sugar variety.  

You can also chose a liquid or powdered pectin. I seem to have better luck with the powdered, my liquid pectin jams don't seem to set as well. 


I use glass or plastic jars leftover from other products I've bought or I use mason jars or ziploc containers. Again, the jam will set better in smaller containers.  

I've never had a problem with glass jars in the freezer, but make sure you leave extra room at the top. 

This is an activity that my daughters love to help with & have been doing so since they were 3 or 4 years old. 


The instructions will vary based on what type of pectin you buy, but all you need is sugar, fruit & pectin. Each box of pectin comes with directions for making jam with a variety of different fruit.

 Once I've picked the strawberries, washed & removed the stems, I mash them with a potato masher. If you prefer less chunky jam, you can purée the strawberries first. 

When your strawberries are the consistency you like, add the pectin. Then stir, stir & stir some more! This is the part that kids enjoy!

When the stirring is done, pour into the jars or containers & refrigerate until set. 

You can keep the jam in the fridge for up to 3 weeks or transfer to the freezer. 

See, that was easy! In the middle of January, you will still be able to spread a little summer on your toast!