New Kitten and 75% off at Petsmart

A few months ago our beloved cat, Jack,  got sick very quickly and died. My daughters were devastated.

We have all missed Jack and having an extra cuddler and mouser around the house. 

Luckily we haven't had any mice yet, but living on an acreage, chances are good- they will be looking for a warm place to live in the fall. 

So we finally found a little fur ball and off we went to PetSmart to buy supplies. 

Every time we go to PetSmart, I am delighted with their customer service as well as their prices. Often times I think that big box stores will be cheaper on pet supplies, but PetSmart beats the big box stores every time.  

As soon we walked in the door, there was a table with 75% clearance items. We bought: 

Martha Stewart kitty litter box for $5.50 (reg. $29.99) 

Cat collar $1.35 (reg. $5.99) 

Cat bed $5.00 (reg. $19.99) 

Whiskas $4.99 (reg. $7.99)- there was a $3 peelie coupon on the bag

With our PetSmart card we also got another 10% off the whole bill. 

We saved about $50 on this shopping trip.

Everyone loves a kitten, so here's a picture of our new mouser.