Price Matching at Target - 50% Savings on New Disney Movie

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to try out Target's new price match policy.

The new policy states that Target will price match any local store using your phone or tablet, as well as online stores like 

I wanted to buy the new Disney movie Pirate Princess. The Blu-ray/DVD/digital copy was $29.99 at Target.

I looked on and found it for $18. I also had a $2 Target receipt coupon from a few weeks ago. It was $2 off any DVD or Blu-ray movie. (Every time you purchase something at Target or at the Starbucks in Target you get a coupon with your receipt. This coupon changes every Friday.) 

I simply showed the amazon price to the cashier from my phone, making sure it was the exact same version of the movie. The cashier changed the price to $18 and then applied the $2 coupon. I used my Target Red Card to pay, so that took another 5% off, which basically covers the tax. 


My final price was $16, almost 50% savings.  

What I love about price matching Amazon at Target, is that there is no wait for the movie to arrive in the mail and no shipping fees. Using my Target Red Card also saved me that extra 5%, which covers GST.

I can see myself using this new price match policy regularly at Target.

So go check it out, you now have another reason to love Target!