How to Find Clearance in Target

Sometimes people tell me that they can never find the deals at Target and that they don't have the kind of time I do, to look for them.

I want to tell you how I find the clearance deals and my strategy for waiting for the best time to purchase. 

First, let's clear up a myth- I am not at Target every day and I am just as busy as anyone else. 

But.... I do use pockets of time and sometimes I can be in and out of Target in 10 minutes. 


If I know what I'm looking for and there are certain clearance items that I'm waiting to drop even lower, I run in, check it and run out.  

If I'm buying something, I go when the store is quiet, like right after school drop off in the morning or late evening. 

So how do I find the clearance? 

Target has great signage to show you where the deals are. They have red plastic signs that stick out from the shelf that you can see from the end of an aisle. 


They also have red clearance tabs over top of the price tag on the shelf. Plus there are red & white stickers attached to the sale item.



Sometimes there will even be huge clearance signs under the product.



Clearance can be anywhere in the store but most often you will find it on an endcap. An endcap is a shelf at the end of an aisle.

Most sale endcaps are the ones closest to the walls and not the ones facing the main aisle of the store.

Seasonal clearance like summer items will be in the far back corner of the store.

Clothing clearance for kids is usually on the same 2-3 racks and only the product changes. 


I have blogged earlier about how the clearance stickers works. I try to wait until I see a 50% or 70% sticker before I buy it.

Unless... it's something that I need right away or I feel that if I wait too long, it will be gone.  

Clearance can be marked down several times in one week or once a week until it's gone. 

ALWAYS scan the clearance item. At least half the time I find the item is cheaper then the clearance sticker. So if your on the fence about the price, scan it - you might be surprised! 

Save your Target receipt coupons- you just never know. I keep a spot in my bag just for Target coupons and if you can combine it with a sale or clearance item - it's icing on the cake!


Watch my blog for weekly Target posts. I try to put one up at the beginning of the week if I find there are a lot of items worth your time. 

Get yourself a Target Red card. I don't want another credit card but I have the debit Red card and I love it. It's an extra 5% off all my purchases including gift cards and sale items. 

All pictures that I posted here are current clearance sales. 

Happy Shopping!