Free Eggs & Bread at Target & Walmart

Today I was doing my usual Target walk about and found a 2 pack of Honey Nut and Multigrain Cheerios on clearance for $3. Pretty good price for 2 boxes of cereal, but there is also a coupon attached for a free dozen eggs from Target.



The coupon does expire on September 30th, which is probably why the cereal was marked down to $3 from $6.

Later tonight we were in Walmart and I needed bread. I noticed on the McGavin's brown bread a coupon for $1 off Kraft Singles and $1 off Cracker Barrel cheese.



The bread was priced at $1.88, so  when I use these coupons, (and I will since these are products I buy) it basically makes the bread free. 

Coupons attached to product are a great way to save a little extra, especially on items like eggs and cheese. 

Look for both of these products in your local Target and Walmart stores.