Lunch Box Series

Over the summer, I found my dream lunch boxes. 

You think I'm kidding, I assure you, lunch boxes are a big deal to me! 

I've had kids in school for 13 years, including preschool and we have tried every lunch box out there! 

You can read about the lunch box we use in this post.

Now that were heading into our 4th week of school, I wanted to inspire some of you, who may be struggling with lunches. 

I admit, I get really excited for hot lunch day!  

But we have figured out a system in our house to make lunches a little less tedious. 

My sons, who are in high school are in charge of their own lunches. I keep a certain cupboard stocked with only lunch items such as granola bars, puddings, crackers, cookies and fruit snacks. 

The fridge is always stocked with produce and I have lots of small containers for dips and sauces. 

My daughters, who are in elementary, are also in charge of their own lunches.

I do this for a reason. They are far more likely to eat what they pack, then what I pack. 

We still supervise the lunch making and ensure all major food groups are being covered. If they run short on time the night before, I will make their lunch but I will double check every item to make sure that's what they want to eat.  I have learned that you can pack the healthiest lunch in the world, but if they don't eat it, what's the point?!

Luckily, my kids like fruits and veggies and I'm willing to let them have one treat in their lunch, such as a cookie or granola bar.

I will be posting weekly with some lunch ideas to help you get creative! 

My kids school is nut aware, so we always pack with that in mind.

Here are a few ideas to start: 



Cream cheese with crackers, hummus and veggies, plums, carrots and peppers and mini donuts.



This kid likes hard cheese, so she has havarti cheese with crackers and no peppers, just lots of garden carrots!

The hummus packs were on sale at Costco last week, and they fit perfectly in the ice pack tray. 



This one has a tuna sandwhich, pickles, grapes and a mix of Cheerios and raisins.

We make lunches the night before and store the ice pack in the freezer. We put the lid upside down over the sandwhich to keep it from drying out. Then we stack the little containers on top and put it in the fridge. 



In the morning, we pop the ice tray in, arrange the containers inside the tray, snap the lid on and it's good to go!

If you would like to contribute your lunch box pictures to our series, please see the contact page on the website and send me an email. 

We would love to have lots of ideas and tips!