My Number #1 Tip for Saving on Groceries

Often I get asked, how I save so much on groceries and what's the one method that saves me the most.

Lots of people assume it's coupons or maybe price matching-surprisingly, it's neither of those things.  

The #1 tip that will save you the most is knowing your prices and shopping the sales. 

I want to show you an example that I spotted today, while in London Drugs. 


60 dishwasher tabs for $13.99 or...



54 tabs for $7.99.

So let's figure out the per tab cost -  60 tab container means your paying .23 cents per load

54 tab container means your paying .15 cents a load

Always, always, always check your prices. Keep track of prices on the items you buy most, even if it's just in your phone. 

I always break down prices per load or serving since one product can come in so many different sizes. 

When I find the lowest price that I've seen in a few months, on an item, I stock up.

I found a clearance deal on Quantum dishtabs at Target a few months ago, for .3 cents a load.

You can bet I stocked up and bought enough to last 2 years. 

I normally would not buy that many, since my stock room is only a few shelves, but for that price - I did.  

Start by keeping track of your most expensive weekly purchases and become an expert in spotting sales, I promise you - it will pay off!