How to Use PC Plus for Free Groceries


WARNING: This is a long and wordy post. I apologize in advance. I wanted to make sure you knew all the ins and outs of this program and learn from my mistakes! I think this program is worth your time to learn, especially if you shop at any Loblaw's stores on a regular basis. 

It's no secret that I have been a user of the Shoppers Drug Mart Shopper's Optimum points program.

I used to think it was the best points program in Canada. I would say PC Plus is a close second. I downloaded the app on my phone about a year ago and used it here and there. 

Truthfully, they had a lot of wrinkles to iron out and I got frustrated with the program almost every time that I used it.

Once I heard people tell me about all the free groceries and prepaid visa cards they were getting from their points, I really got serious using my card and working the offers sent to me.

At Christmas I was able to buy $200 worth of prepaid credit cards for Christmas gifts and I was hooked!

There are several ways to get points. Use your PC Financial credit card, buy gas at the Superstore/No Frills gas bar, use your PC Plus card or phone app.

I chose the phone app because I really don't need another card in my wallet.

So here is the basic premise: You get points on certain items that you buy in the store. This changes every week.

It could be 100 points for a pack of english muffins or 500 points for buying deli meat.

1000 points = $1.00

New offers are emailed or sent to your phone every Thursday. Offers are based on your buying habits.

I get offers on fresh produce, english muffins, K-cups and Joe Fresh clothing. That is because I have bought these items at Superstore at some point.


The best way to really rack up the points is to use the bonus offers, like spend $50 on Joe fresh clothing and get 10,000 points. This offer was great during back to school shopping trips.

Now for the fun part, you can double up on your points!

 For example, if you got a personalized offer for 200 points for every pack of english muffins and there is an in-store offer of 100 points on english muffins, you get 300 points for each pack you buy.

You can also use coupons and get points. If Crest toothpaste is on sale and you have a coupon plus an offer, you can use the coupon and get your points.

The best way to earn your points is to use your offers on sale items. Yesterday, the Lipton Tea K-Cups were on sale for $4.24 a box.

I had a points offer on my app for 1600 points on each box. When you do the math, $4.24 - 1600 points ($1.60), I paid $2.64 for 12 K Cups!

A couple tips - you can only use your app/email weekly offers once.

So if I bought 3 boxes of K Cups and then went back 2 days later to buy more, I won't get more points as I used the offer already.

There are no limits to how MANY you buy.

I had an offer for Hellman's mayo for 800 points and noticed it was on sale for $3.99, so I bought 2 and I got 1600 points.


One of the things I really like about this program is that I get points for buying produce.

Quite often it's a lot of points.  This week I get 1200 points for every head of green leaf lettuce. If the price is right, my lettuce could be free!

 Once you have accrued 20,000 points you can redeem them in 10,000 increments. At the till just tell the cashier how many of your points to use to pay for your bill.

If you want to buy a prepaid credit card worth $50, at the till just ask the cashier to take 50,000 points to pay for it. Then you can take your prepaid credit card and spend it anywhere you want. To me that is like getting cash for points!

If you have the PC Financial Master card you can use that to rack up your points in store and also connect it to your app so you can use the offers and get points for using the credit card. See this website for more information. 

Have you used the PC Plus Program? What do you think?