Make Your Own Ready Crisp Bacon


We love bacon in this house. It is an ingredient that can take a homemade soup from okay to awesome.  

I love having it ready to go for salad toppings, baked potatoes, BLT's or a quick breakfast.

We usually buy the Kirkland ready made bacon at Costco. It's $12.99 for about 50 pieces. For sure, the best deal.

Unless... you find an amazing sale!

Shoppers Drug Mart was clearing out packs of bacon for $1.99. They expired in a couple days. I could have just thrown them in the freezer, but decided to make my own ready made bacon.


The fastest and least messy way to cook bacon is in the oven. I laid 3 packs on 3 cookie sheets lined with parchment (I don't like scrubbing pans).

With my convection oven turned on to 325'F, I cooked them until they were almost done the way we like.

I wanted to slighlty under cook the bacon so that when we heat them in the microwave or frying pan, they wouldn't get overcooked.

Once it was cooled, I put them in layers between sheets of tin foil. I would've preferred wax paper, but I didn't have any.

All three packs fit into a large freezer bag. Then I just froze it.


This really didn't take long. I was able to cook it while I was cleaning up the kitchen in the evening.

Cost breakdown:

Costco Kirkland Brand Ready Made $12.99 for 50 slices, $.26 cents per slice

Schneiders on sale $1.99 for 15 slices, $.13 cents per slice