How I Get Free Wine, or Beer or Vodka..


Although we don't drink often, the cost of alcohol can certainly add up, especially if you want a nice wine for a party. 

Since using my Air Miles card for free groceries, I also learned I can use it the same way for alcohol. 

At the Sobey's liquor store, you can redeem 95 Air Miles to take $10 off your bill. Or 190 AM to take $20 off. Exactly the same concept as using your AM cash in Sobey's, Safeway or Rexall.

This is a great way to bring down the cost of a more expensive bottle of wine or spirits without breaking your budget. 

You can also earn miles at the Liquorstore, even if you redeem miles at the same time.

Do I have you convinced yet that Air Miles cash is the greatest thing since sliced bread?!