Target Liquidation: What to Expect


If the court hearing goes according to plan tomorrow, Target will be starting liquidation on Thursday. 

I went in to chat with the manager of our local Target to get some information.

First and foremost: As per usual the media has blown the start of the liquidation sale, out of proportion.

The media is saying to expect a "Black Friday" type sale. This means there will be a lot of people, not 75% off the entire store the first day of liquidation!

Chances are good, sales will start at 10% and then go up from there over the next few weeks. 

Once liquidation starts, store and manufacturer coupons will no longer be accepted.  

Target Red cards, both debit and credit, are still being accepted at the till until the store gets further notice. 


You can still return items at this point as well.  

My approach to this liquidation? Same way I would approach any kind of sale. 

I know my stock up prices on items, and I know what our family uses and needs, and that dictates what I will buy. 

This philosophy makes it easy to zero in on good deals and avoid over paying on items.

Keep in mind that liquidators are wanting to get as much money as possible before the store closes - so shop smart and be patient!