Shoppers Drug Mart Clearance Tip


Every time I go into my local Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM), I take a look at the clearance section. 

Today I went in for eggs & found granola bars with $3 peelies on them. Regular price of the granola bars was $4.29, but I noticed that brand was on sale in the granola bar aisle.

Since the computer rings them through at the sale price of $2.49, instead of $4.29, and the cashier adds up all the peelies and subtracts that full amount from the total bill, I made $1.02 by buying 2 boxes of granola bars.

I also found squeezable apple sauce with $1 peelie and noticed those were on sale for $2.99, so I paid $1.99. 

The 3 packs of gum were $4.29 with $3 peelies on them, so $1.29 for 3 packs- better than the dollar store!

I saved $13 using peelies and paid less than $8 for everything in the picture. 

Tip: When you look on the clearance shelf at SDM and see a regular price with the item above it and peelies attached- always go double check the regular price. If that particular brand is on sale, then you pay the sale price minus the peelies.  

So initially it may not look like a good deal with regular price minus peelies, but on sale, you may score free stuff! 

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