Imperfect Fruit for 50% Less


Finally the ugly fruit has arrived in Albera Superstores!  

A few months ago, Loblaws announced an initiative to reduce food waste by selling apples & potatoes that are less than perfect for 30% less. 

Today while shopping in Superstore, I noticed the "Naturally Imperfect" apples in 8 lb bags for $5.98.

That's $.75 cents a pound or about half of the "perfect apple" prices right now. 


Once I got home & opened the bag, all the apples looked quite good & definitely something our family would eat. 

I am so pleased to see Loblaws offering this option to their customers. 

We plant a garden every year and are used to harvesting & eating less than perfect produce. 

This will be another way for us to keep our food budget in check. 

In Alberta, look for the Naturally Imperfect apples in your local Superstore.