Building your Money Muscle

Under budget at Costco? Stranger things have happened! 

Under budget at Costco? Stranger things have happened! 

Last week I was watching a show about debunking health myths. One of the myths they tested was whether or not self discipline is like a muscle that you can build. 

After doing some tests & exercises to build self discipline, the host proved this myth to be true.

I thought this was interesting not just for heathy eating or exercise habits but also for building solid spending/savings habits. 

For myself, I've been really trying to tame the sugar beast since I love all things sweet!

I find the more I say, "no thanks" or chose a healthier alternative, the easier it gets. 

I believe budgeting, saving and spending within your means is the same way.  

Here are a few tips to help you build that muscle: 

1) Find your trigger store & make a plan.

For a lot of people that's Costco!

It's easy to walk in for 3 things and walk out with 25. Set a budget, make a list, even take the cash out of the bank & leave your debit/credit card at home.  

2) Make a monthly & yearly spending plan just like any successful business.

One of my very smart friends has a budget meeting with her husband at the beginning of the year & they plan together what big purchases they want to make, trips or needed items like braces for the kids.

They make a savings plan & know what they're working towards. 

3) Don't keep leftover money just sitting in the chequing account.

Dave Ramsey says every dollar should have a name at the first of the month. Put any extra into savings, it will make it a little harder to pull out and spend on frivolous purchases. You will be surprised how fast that savings account can grow. 

Now go build that money muscle!