How Air Miles Are Paying For Groceries



I'm always looking for new ways to save money at the grocery store and Air Miles cash is the latest game for me. 

I've never been much at collecting Air Miles because by the time I would have enough for a flight, the restrictions and extra taxes don't seem like much of a savings.

With AirMiles cash, I can now take the miles I collect and use them at the till to take money off my grocery bill.

For example, if my total was $20, I could tell the cashier to use 95 Air Miles to take $10 off the total.

There are numerous places to collect Air miles (AM) such as Safeway, Sobey's, Rexall, Staples, Old Navy and Boston Pizza. Only Sobey's, Safeway and Rexall, will allow you to use your AM to pay at the till.

The number one reason I love this concept, is that I get to choose how to use my miles. 

For more expensive items like meat or produce that may not have coupons or big discounts, I can use my AM to pay for them.

Safeway and Sobey's also participate in 10/15% Tuesday. I collect as many AM as I can throughout the month, look over the flyers and find the best sales on that Tuesday and then use my miles to bring my total even lower. 

Basically I'm stacking 3 deals: a sale, 15% off and then AM. 

Last 15% day, I paid $130 for $265 in groceries by using this method.

So how to collect AM without over paying for groceries?!

I figured out that one AM is worth $.11c. If I see a deal like buy 2 packs of yogurt and get 30 AM, I look at the price which in this case was $3.49. A little high in my opinion but I had $1 coupons that bring it down to $2.49 each.

I then take into account how many miles I will get back & subtract that from the cost. 

 I subtracted $3.30 (30 AM x .11c) from the price. 

 That means technically, each pack of yogurt is $.84c. That's a stock up price that I won't find anywhere else. 

I always look for AM events like one day sales where I can really stock up on AM and groceries.

The last event at Sobey's, I spent 475 AM to pay for my groceries and earned 407 AM.

So how to start? Go to your Airmiles account online and switch your account from dream miles to air miles cash.

This will take effect in a couple hours and your good to go. 

I recommend getting 1000 AM as fast as you can. Then you have a good base to play with. When an AM event or 15% day comes around, with 1000 AM you have over a $100 you can use on top of your discount. My last 15% shop, I got 4 large packs of steaks and 2 ham roasts for free! 

Plus I also got a $.9c/Litre discount for Shell. Shell has a promo running until November that gives me 10x the AM when I fill up. So I used my $.9c discount and also got 40 AM (worth $4.40)! 

With 4 kids to feed right now, that's more important than a flight I might take 15 years from now with my AM. 

Cause once those kids are gone, I'll have lots of grocery money to buy my own flights!