Superstore Click & Collect


Last week we took a family ski day and I had a mishap on the hill. It meant 3 days of elevating & icing my knee and grocery shopping was out of the question. 

I noticed Superstore had a $4 off 2 laundry products rebate using Click & Collect.  It was all the incentive I needed to try this new service.

I went online, set up an account, chose my pick up time and ordered my groceries. I also connected my PC Plus account to my Click & Collect account so my PC Plus offers would automatically be added. 

When I got to Superstore, I parked in the stalls specific to C&C and called the number on the sign. I told them I also had coupons and a price match, so they said they would come out to my car and get those first, before totaling my order.

A lady came out and got my coupons, and  I showed her the price match for Tide & Downy from Shoppers Drug Mart, on my phone. 

She went inside and bagged my order, printed my receipt and brought the debit machine out to my van. 

She put the groceries in my trunk, I paid and left. Total time at the store was about 30 minutes.

I didn't have to get out of my van and my knee was very happy about that! 

My thoughts on Click & Collect? You do pay a fee for this service, $5 on weekends & $3 during the week.

It was worth it for me right now, as walking needs to be limited. When my kids were younger, I could see using this service, especially if your spouse works long hours or your kid falls asleep the minute you get in the car. 

Still being able to price match, use coupons and my PC plus card, plus the $4 off laundry offer, I paid less than $2 for each bottle of Tide & Downy. I like that Superstore makes it easy to save even if you don't go in the store. 


I know how people say this is a huge timesaver, but I still found the ordering process online took me 20 minutes.

Maybe that would speed up if I was using the service more often. I probably could've done my shop in 20 minutes in the store, if my knee wasn't injured. 

Click & Collect also will curb your unplanned purchases since your not physically in the store. Personally, I find a lot of great clearance and sales when I'm in the store and I actually enjoy the grocery shopping process.

I could see myself using this service again, more for convenience than time savings. It still takes time to order online, and wait at the store for your order.

For more information on click & collect, here is a link,  Click & Collect.