Tostitos/Cheetos Sale at Superstore


If you missed the Tostitos deal last week at Superstore - your in luck, the promotion is still on!

 There are three products you can buy with this high value coupon (buy 2 save $3):

Cheetos/Tostitos - $2.67 each when you buy 3 bags. Purchase 6 bags & use 3 coupons worth $9, pay $1.17 a bag. 

Tostitos Artisan - $3.33 each, limit of 6. Purchase 6 bags, use 3 coupons and pay $1.83 a bag.


If you've never tried the artisan Tostitos, they are a nice alternative to plain tortilla chips. 

We love them with homemade guacamole. 

Look for the coupon at the chips or on the coupon board in the entrance of Superstore.