Halloween Candy - Where are the Sweet Deals?

So chocolate season is upon us, and were all trying to avoid buying Halloween candy to early, so we don't eat it- or maybe that's just me...

Anyway, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out whether the 50 chocolate bar box at Walmart or the 120 chocolate bar box at Costco is the best deal.

I approach this the same way as all my other shopping. 

1) What's the individual price per bar or bag of chips? How much do you want to spend on each trick or treater?

2) Are there any coupons on the boxes of treats that I might use? 

3) If the prices are the same at every store that I shop, can I get points or gift cards, if I buy it at a certain store? 

If your buying chocolate, prices range from 10-13 cents per bar. Chips are higher at 15-16 cents a bag. If you like to give 2-3 items to each child coming to your house, this might cost you about $.50 cents each.  

No problem, if you only get 20 or so munchkins at your front door. But if your getting 50 or more, this could add up. 

Different companies, like Nestle offer coupons on their Halloween treat boxes.

These are usually for items like frozen pizza, Christmas chocolate and Nestea. If you will use these products, then subtract them from the price of the box. 

For example, if a 90 count box costs $12.93, and there are $10 in coupons inside, that you will use - then I think of the box costing me $2.93. 

If the prices of what you buy for treats are very close from store to store, - then consider the extra incentives being offered.


Let's look at Mars 50 count. It's $8.48 at Superstore and $8.99 at Target. First off, if your using your Red Card you save 5% at Target. That makes it about the same price.


But... Target also has a promotion for a $5 gift card for buying 2 boxes of Mars candy this week. I would subtract $2.50 from each box of candy to get the "real price". So about $6 a box or $.12 cents a bar.


Rexall had a promotion last weekend, that awarded a $10 gift card for every $50 spent in the store. If you need to buy that much candy, basically take 20% off the price to find out how much your really paying once you get the $10 gift card back.

Also some of those boxes have coupons worth $10 inside. This would bring your per bar cost even lower.


Lastly, don't forget stores like Canadian Tire. They have one of the best deals this week on candy bars, working out to $.10 cents a bar and you can use some of your Canadian Tire money that you have floating around if you want to pay even less.

I know it can sound like a lot of number crunching, but once you know your per item cost, it's fairly easy to figure out the best deal.

Happy Shopping!