What's In My Grocery Cart - Nov 10, 2014


To see what's on sale at Costco this week, check this post.

This week at Costco I continued with my Christmas shopping while picking up a few needed grocery items.

It's not uncommon for me to pick up groceries for my mom or mom-in-law. Especially if they're watching my kids, so I can shop in peace!

In my cart this week:

Bone In Ham half - for my mom-in-law, who's making us family dinner tonight!


Dixie 12oz cups with lids 100 x 2 packs $11.49 (save $3.50)- one pack is for my mom-in-law and one is for me. We may have male members of our family who make a coffee and then wander the country side with it.  Kiss all your re-usable insulated coffee cups goodbye! This is why we love the Dixie cups! I stock up when they're on sale.

Cuisine Adventures Mini-Quiche $10.99 (save $4) - I really went back and forth on this purchase. Whenever I buy items already prepared, I try to figure out if it would be cheaper for me to make it myself. These work out to $.18 cents  each.  For homemade, I would need eggs, ham, cheese, spinach, apples and phyllo pastry. I know one egg is .16 cents, and mini quiches are fiddly and time consuming compared to just making a large quiche. I also wanted a quick breakfast alternative for the kids that has protein. It's on sale, so I decided to give it a shot.

Raspberries and bananas - I am really loving these raspberries. Nothing compares to our garden raspberries, but these are pretty good for winter berries.  Bananas, didn't get a chance to get to Walmart so at .46 cent a lb - cheap alternative.

Clif Bars 18 pk $15.69 (save $4) - at $.87 cents each, these are a great snack for my teenage boys and they travel well in backpacks. They also don't taste like chalky protein bars. On sale, these aren't much lower then $1 at other grocery stores.

Spices - seasoning salt, paprika and oregano. These are around $4 each. If you use spices in large quantities, this is by far the best place to buy them.

Olivieri 7 Cheese Tortellini $12.49 (save $3.50) - This works out to $4.16 a package. Paired with a $1 jar of Ragu, which I always have stocked, this will be filling lunches for the kids at home from school this week. I also have a long list of projects to get done this week, and I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen!

Ultimate Hair & Body Salon 50 pieces $21.99 - Christmas gift for my daughter - she is loving the  hair chalk thing right now, and one chalk is $3-5 at other stores. This set comes with 12 hair chalks, plus make up and sparkle tattoos pens.


Kirkland Gift Tissue 160 sheets $6.69 - This is a great deal for tissue paper. I like that at least half the pack is not Christmas patterned, so I can use any leftovers for birthday gifts.

Items that I didn't buy:

Finish Dishwasher Detergent - 147 tabs for $15.79 (save $8) - this works out to .11 cents a tab. My stock up price is 10 cents, so I would say this is a good deal. I am fully stocked on these from a Target sale a few months ago, but a great time to stock up if you need them.


Jet Dry Ultra Rinse Agent 946ml  $7.59 (save $3) - while this is a lot cheaper then other stores, (500ml is $9.97 at Walmart), I have used vinegar in my dishwasher for years. 

These prices are effective until November 16, 2014.

I you want to know what I always buy and never buy at Costco and how I determine a good deal, see this blog post.