Costco Grocery Cart


This week, I didn't buy a lot of items at Costco. I got a few essentials and continued with Christmas stock up.

I mentioned last week that I start to buy Christmas gifts with each shopping trip to spread out the cost and keep Christmas shopping stress free.  I do the same with food ingredients that I may need for Christmas.

When I can find a good sale, I am better off to get it now, than pay more later and waste time trying to find an item that may not be available.


This week the Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice is on sale for $8.79 (save $2) for 4 bottles. This is a staple at our Christmas dinner and a nice treat for kids and non-drinkers. This works out to $2.19 a bottle. You would currently pay $5.49 at London Drugs for each bottle.

We go through a lot of blueberries in this house, so I bought the 2kg bag of Kirkland Blueberries for $8.99. This is a little on the high side at $2 a pound, but our produce co-op hasn't had blueberries for a while. I prefer to buy fresh & freeze them myself.

I picked up a pack of our favourite bacon, already cooked. Love this for fast breakfast sandwiches, pasta dishes and BLT's, although this did go up $1, it's still half the price of Maple Leaf in grocery stores.

The large bag of Munchies mix is on sale for $4.99. (save $2). This is a great deal for a big bag, and I like that everyone can find something in this mix that they like. I try to be prepared for weekend snacks, rather then paying extra at a grocery store.

The Spring Mix salad greens are also a great deal at $3.79, I mix this with green leaf lettuce and can get several dinner salads this way. Keep in mind that one bag of ready made salad at the grocery store can be $3-4, and they are about 1/2 the size of this Costco container.

I did buy the Sabra individual hummus again, even though it wasn't on sale. I really love having fast, healthy snacks for my kids to grab. Hummus and veggies are a filling snack, and when I pack crackers in their lunch, they can sub that for a sandwich. This is also a mild tasting hummus, which my youngest daughter really likes. 


I looked at the large containers of hummus and did some price comparing. Maybe it would be cheaper to buy a couple big containers and put it into smaller individual ones at home?

I did the math. I could make my own for .34 cents each using the big containers at $6.99 for two. The small containers I bought, work out to .37 cents each. Not a big enough difference to divide them up myself.

Items I didn't buy:

The Cascade Dish tabs are on sale for $15.99 (save $4), so that's $.14 cents each. I think the Finish Tabs are a better deal and they are still on sale this week at $15.79 (save $8) for 147. The Finish tabs are $.11 cents each.

I am fully stocked on dish tabs from a great Target clearance sale so I didn't get any, but $.10 cents a load is my stock up price for dishwasher detergent.

The Shake 'n Bake pack of 10 is on sale for $6.89. Not a bad price at $.69 cents a serving and great for a quick, cheap meal paired with drumsticks. When we do a coating on our chicken, my family is loving the Hellman's Chicken. I do use the Panko breadcrumbs from Costco though and that makes an excellent, juicy chicken.


Beemaid Creamed Honey is on sale for $12.49 (save $3.50). Honey can be very expensive, especially if you use it in baked goods, instead of sugar. I think this is a good price. We are currently using a big container from a local honey farm, so I didn't buy any.

All current Costco sales are valid until November 23, 2014.