Campbell's, Scottie's & Purex Deals at Superstore This Week

One of the ways to keep your weekly shop easy & low in cost, is to stock up when you find the lowest price.

Now that I've been shopping this way for a couple years, there are weeks I can spend under $50 to get our weekly groceries like produce & milk. This also saves me time when my list is short.

This week is a great time to stock up on laundry soap, tissues and canned soup at Superstore.

Here's how: 


Grab this Purex coupon on the board in the front entrance at Superstore and save $4.40 off a 6.22L. This brings the price to less then $10 for 135 loads or $0.07 cents a load.

I consider anything lower then $.10 cents a great price. I have used this brand in my HE washer and find it cleans just as well as any other higher price detergent. I also like that it doesn't have a strong scent.

As I blogged earlier, we stock up for cold season, & tissues are something I won't pay more then $.75 cents a box for. Again, grab the Scotties coupon on the coupon board and pay $13.48 for 18 boxes, or $.75 cents a box.


If you use a lot of soups for cooking or sauces, the cases of Campbell's soups are also a stock up price. Get the $2.50 coupon on the board and pay $5.89 a case or $.49 cents a can on mushroom, tomato, chicken noodle or vegetable soup.


These coupons are valid until closing on November 6th at Superstore. 

Happy Shopping!