Why Everyone Should be Buying Diapers This Christmas


As were rushing around buying gifts for friends and family, I wanted to give you a reminder about your local charities.

While I am in support of charities in far away countries that need fresh water and food for children, I believe my first responsibility is to my own local community.

There are kids in your own city that are going to bed hungry tonight. There are mamas & papas who don't have diapers for their babies or proper winter clothing. 

It's in my power to do something about that in a few hours.

Don't forget your local soup kitchens, shelters and community support centers that work very hard on limited resources. 

In Edmonton, Alberta there is a 50 day diaper drive running until December 31. Using the link, you can get more information & see where in your own community you can drop off diapers. These diapers will then be taken to the Bissell Centre downtown. 


I found a $10 coupon that you can use on Huggies at Save On Foods. I know bigger sized diapers like 4,5 or 6s are usually the most needed.

If your on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media, please share this link, cause bare bottoms should be a choice! 

Simply show this coupon on your phone at the till or use this link to print the coupon.

You can use this coupon on up to 3 boxes per transaction.