Target Shop $100 Worth for $37.49!


Despite the frigid temperatures this morning, I had to head into Target after hearing about all the latest clearance items. I had no trouble finding deals, as there were clearance stickers on almost every aisle. Housewares, grocery, cleaning supplies and clothing were just some of the sales. Target Canada allows us to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon - so get in there and save some moula!

Total value of items: Over $100

What I paid: $37.49 (that's a 60% savings for the numbers people!)

What I bought:

Men's Clear Shampoo 1.89- used $2 newspaper insert coupon & $2 Checkout 51 coupon (that's right- I made $2!)

Royale Bathroom Tissue 24 double rolls 9.14 - used $1 coupon

Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue 12 rolls 6.99(x2) - used $2 Target and $1.50 manufacturer


Lysol Wipes 1.99 - used $1 coupon (from Walmart magazine)

Airwick Oil plugin  3.50- used $3 coupon (Walmart magazine)

Sunlight Laundry 48 tabs  7.99 (x2)- used $8 coupon

Advil Cold and Sinus 20 tabs 7.29 - used $3 printable from Advil website and $3 Checkout 51 coupon (find the coupon here!)

Whiskas 5.99 - used $2 tear pad coupon (not clearance but my cat didn't care)

Kotex  3.99 - used $1 Target coupon

Quaker Oatmeal 1.49- used $1 target receipt coupon

Cover Girl Mascara  3.74 - used $2 Target coupon and $1 p&g newspaper insert coupon

Crest Toothpaste (1.47) and Scope (3.49) x3 - used $1 Crest P&G, $.75c Scope tearpad and $2 Target coupon

I started my shop this morning by buying a coffee in the Target Starbucks, (every great shop is fueled by caffeine!) which is where I got the $1 Quaker coupon. Did you know with every purchase at Target and the Starbucks in Target, you get a coupon printed with your receipt?!

Look for these same deals in any Target store across Canada.