March 7 Deals - Free Toothpaste, Cheap laundry and Cheese

For me, Thursday is one of the best days of the week! This is the day the flyers come out for all the sales that start on Friday. It's so much fun to see what I can get for a super low price or free. It's also a cheaper thrill then flying to Vegas to play the slots!

So here's a couple tips to use to make the most of the sales.

1) Always check the flyers Thursday evening and make a list of what's on sale and what you have coupons for. Don't forget to check the coupon apps as well, they put new coupons out on Thursdays too. (told you Thursday was the best day!)

The best use of your coupons is to use them with a sale. This is how you get products for very cheap or free!

2 ) If it is a deal where you are getting something for free or a really great price - go on the first day of the sale, as early as you can. Some stores will give you a rain check and some may not, if they run out of product.

3) If you can't get a  rain check, you can always price match it at a different store. Price matching is when you show a flyer from the store having the sale to the cashier at a different store and she changes the price to match the sale store.

The stores that price match are Walmart, Superstore and London Drugs.

So, in this case the Crest toothpaste is on sale at Superstore. If they don't have any left, you can show the flyer with the sale price to a cashier at London Drugs or Walmart and they will match Superstore's price and you can get your toothpaste. London Drugs will only price match 4 items per visit. Walmart has no limits.

Here are 3 great deals for the week of March 7.

Arm & Hammer Laundry soap at Canadian Tire for $2.99. Use the $1.25 tear pad found currently on Superstore's coupon board. This is a fantastic deal because it works out to 5c a load - my stock up price is 10c.



Crest toothpaste is on sale at 2 stores this week. Safeway 4 for $4 and Superstore for .98c, each. Safeway is a weekend only deal (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and it's limited to 4. I prefer to pick it up at Safeway because when they have this sale, they have a wider variety of different types of Crest on sale. Superstore has it on sale all week - limit of 12. There are currently $1 toothpaste coupons in Superstore, and Shoppers Drug Mart. Toothpaste is one of the easiest products to get for free!


The last deal great deal is Best Buy Cheese at Safeway. I know I'm not the only one that loves this cheese! There is a $1 coupon for 700g Best Buy cheese. The cheese is on sale for $7.99 so this fits my rule for cheese which is "pay no more then $1 for 100g." This sale is exactly that! You can use this coupon by printing it,( just click on the coupon) or showing it on your phone. It doesn't expire until March 13, 2014.


So tell me, I am the only crazy person poring over flyers every Thursday?!  What do you do to organize your shop and get in on the best deals?

Happy Shopping!