Saving $ on Yoghurt


Last week when I was doing my 15% shop at Save On Foods, I noticed these 2 kg packages of IOGO yoghurt with a pour spout attached. They were available in Vanilla and Plain.

We as a family don't eat that much yoghurt - we prefer the Greek variety. Quite often though I like to cook with yoghurt. It is a very good substitute for fat in items like cakes and muffins.

It was on sale for $9.99. I had a quick look at the 650ml tub. That was $3.99, not on sale.


3 tubs would be 1950g and would cost you $11.97. So about $2 more then the 2kg version. If the tubs were on sale, which usually they go on sale for $3.50, you would pay $10.50 for 1950g.

So still about .50c more and your not getting quite 2 kg. 

For me, if I was planning on doing a lot of baking, I would pick up the new 2 kg version. I would think if you had big yoghurt eaters in your house or made a  lot of smoothies, the bigger bag with the pour spout would also be more convenient to use.

Yoghurt comes in so many varieties and packaging. Don't hesitate to pull your phone out and do a quick calculation - another way to save money at the grocery store!