Target deals for Week of April 21 & How to Read Clearance Tags



There is a system when it comes to marking down merchandise at Target. Although some people say that product is marked down in 10% increments every week until its gone- I haven't found this to be the case. I have found some items marked down every couple days, some items get marked down every couple weeks. 

I have learned how to interpret the " clearance tag" at Target, though. Obviously there is a regular price & a sale price on the tag. But if you look very closely in the top right corner of the tag you will see a small number like "30" or "70". This number tells you the percentage that it has been marked down. On the Ziploc bags above, you can see they've been marked down 30%. 

In the picture below of the ladies tights, they have been marked down 70%. 



The lowest that a product will be marked down is 90%.

When you look at a clearance item, you need to check that teeny tiny number. That will tell you if that's the lowest that item will go or if it's only 15% & there are lots left on the shelf, maybe your better off to wait until it's even lower. By waiting, your also taking the chance that the item may be gone.

Remember that very often the item may scan even lower so always check it at a shelf scanner. 

Here are this week's deals. 




Good time to pick up Easter baskets & containers for next year.



Yes please!



The Bassili's Best vegetable, chicken & beef lasagnas were all marked down- including the 2 Kg version.



A good selection of frozen meals & Janes chicken on clearance.



These Ziploc snack & sandwhich bags have held steady at $1.40 for over a week. My stock up price is $1 or less, so I will wait on this deal.


The Aloe Infused Socks are $2.09, regular price $6.99, I bought a few for next winter.

Also look for clearance on vitamins, meal replacements, first aid and if your lucky, there may still be some clearance in the cheese department!

The receipt coupon is $2 off Cottonelle bathroom tissue, so hang on to those for a good sale.

Happy Shopping!