Free Razors at London Drugs

Giant Tiger has a sale on the 4 pack of disposable BIC Razors.

The regular price is $8.99, the sale is $4.98. 


There are 3 BIC coupons circulating, that I know about anyway. 

The first one is a $2 tear pad which was in stores a couple months ago. 

The second is a $2 printable available on There are actually 2 there- one is for men's & one is for women's. 

The third and newest one is a $2 BIC women's available in the current issue of the Walmart Magazine. 

London Drugs is the only store that let's you stack multiple coupons to get a product for free.  

I price matched the Giant Tiger ad from my phone, then used 3 coupons on the women's razors to get them for free. 

I used the tear pad & the printable to get the men's razors for .98c each. 

London Drugs will let you price match 4 items at a time. 

Happy Shopping!