Using Produce Coupons

Lately, I've been very frustrated with the produce coupons available on Snapsaves. By the time I look at it, go and buy it, it's gone. That's the reason I don't announce produce coupons when they're available on Snapsaves, because I don't want you to waste your time either.

This week though, I see that Zweet has Broccoli and Apples' rebates. This is how I would take advantage of an offer as small as .50c.  If your going to be in the store and buying these items anyway- submit it. Don't go out of your way for .50c!

Chasing after every deal, no matter how small, is the fastest way to burn out and get frustrated with using coupons, whether it's phone apps or paper coupons. Consider your time and how valuable it is.

Zweet is a fairly new app that is still only available on iPhone, iPad and iPod. I believe this is why the produce coupons actually last more then a couple hours.

The other offer that looked like it was worth my time was the Folgers K-Cups.

If you have the "$3 when your buy 2 cartons of Folgers 18 Count K- Cup" coupon from last month's Walmart Magazine, you could use that, as well as the Zweet rebate.

The 18 count K- Cups are $10.98 at London Drugs, which would make 1 box $8.73 - not a bad price for a box of 18.

There is also a printable coupon on for $5 off any 3 boxes of 12, 16 or 18 K- Cups, if you don't have the Walmart magazine coupon.

Remember if you don't have a London Drugs in your area, you can always price match to Walmart.

When I can combine an app coupon and a paper coupon, then it's usually worth my while, especially if the coupons are not high value.

Happy Shopping!