Save On Foods Shop - 55% Savings

This morning I went to Save On Foods to take advantage of 15% Tuesday. I used coupons, in store deals and the 15% Tuesday Promotion,  to save 55% off my total bill.

Here is what I bought:

Pepsi Lime 12 pack $6.69 - free with coupon from Pepsi promotion

Western Family Greek Yoghurt $2.99 - used $2 store coupon

Renee's Dressing $4.99

Hershey Milk Drops $3.19- used $2 coupon

Motrin $7.99 - used $2 store coupon

Sugar Snap Peas- $5.29

Organic Spring Mix - $4.99

Guacamole Mix - 2/$4.00

Tropicana - $3.50 - free with Pepsi promotion

Twistos - $3.15 - free with Pepsi promotion

Fruit Loops - $4.99 - used .75c tear pad coupon

Special K Chocolaty Berries - $4, used $1 tear pad and $1 on Checkout 51

Kashi Nutty Chia Flax - $3.99, used $1 tear pad and $1.50 on Checkout 51

Half Flat Strawberries - $7.99, buy 3 Kelloggs cereal and get $5 off strawberries 

Then I had 15% taken off my entire bill. I paid $34.09 including Checkout 51 rebates. The cost before rebate, and coupons was $79.04.

The coupons from the Pepsi promotion is a deal that Pepsi has quite often. Usually the tear pads are in Superstore. When you buy $20 worth of Pepsi products and submit your receipt, you get $20 in free product coupons in the mail. A good time to use them is 15% Tuesday because you get 15% off when you spend $50 BEFORE coupons.

Not all Save On Foods will let you use coupons on 15% day. I go to Wye Rd. Save On Foods in Sherwood Park and they are fantastic about coupons. I go first thing in the morning before it gets too busy, so I am not holding up any lines.

I also make sure I am very organized with my coupons and circle the expiry date so the cashier can process them quickly.