Keurig - 40% off and $15 Money Card at Home Outfitter's


We bought a Keurig 6 months ago and we love it! We went from the Costco Espresso machine to the Keurig and it has saved us a lot of money. Here's how - While we loved our espresso machine and our homemade lattes - its not a quick process. Which is fine if it's a leisurely weekend morning, but not fine if your trying to get ready for work and get kids out the door to school.

So we would end up buying a coffee and that was adding up. I did my research and realized that Keurig has the cheapest coffee pods and it's very easy to find coupons for them.

It also meant we could put away the kettle, since the Keurig also brews hot water for tea and other hot drinks.

We also recently bought some reusable K Cups that we can put loose tea or fresh ground coffee in.

We love the Keurig so much that we bought one for each of our parents for Christmas. They love the versatility of serving their guests whatever hot drink they want without having to brew a whole pot of coffee.

So, it might sound like I'm getting paid by Keurig - I assure you, they have no clue who I am. I just love our machine and when I saw this deal - I wanted to share it.

Today only at Home Outfitter's, get the Keurig Machine for $71.99 instead of $119.99. Plus you also get a $15 money card!

This would be a perfect Father's Day gift or if you have any weddings coming up this summer - get the shopping done now! Plus you get HBC rewards points.

This is a one day deal, so if you can't get to a Home Outfitter's then you can always price match at London Drugs or Walmart. Make sure it's the exact same model if you price match.

Happy Shopping!