New Coupons in Stores June 12th

Here are the new coupons that are now in Superstore, Extra Foods and No Frills. Some of these will also be going into Safeway, Save On Foods, Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart, in the next 2 weeks. Make sure to check the back of the coupons to see if they are store specific - meaning you may only be able to use them in Loblaws stores. (Superstore, Extra Foods, No Frills)

Most of these are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them in combination with a Target coupon or a coupon app.

For more tips on maximizing your coupons please see this blog post.

Diana Marinade .75c*

Nutrisse Hair Colour $2

OneTouch Meter- Free with test strips purchase

Cesar Wet Multipack $2

Duracell $10 gift card when you buy 2*

Whiskas Dry 1.4kg - 9.1kg $3

Milk 2 Go, Heluva Dip, Sunny Delight, Amstrong Cheese & Neilson Shakes - Buy 3 Save $2

Rug Doctor Machine Rental $5*

Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body $4

CanesOral Combi-Pak $4

Centrum Product $3 (2 different SKU's)

Centrum Prenatal Product $3

Gillette ProGlide Styler $4

Miracle Whip or Kraft Salad Dressings $1 on 2*

Maxwell House Keurig Pods $2

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush $1

Frito-Lay 18 count multipack with bread purchase $2

Wasa Crispbread $1*

Bic Soleil razor $2

Ziploc Space Bag $5

SteamBoost Starter Kit - free refills

Nicorette $4

Royale Tiger Towel $1

Frank's Red Hot .50c*

Bertolli Olive Oil Spray $1

Summer Savings Booklet - various coupons for Pepsi, Lays, Tostitos, Ruffles, Doritos, Tropicana, Gatorade, Crispy Mini's, Twistos, Quaker bars, Quaker oatmeal, and cereal*

* indicates coupons can only be used at Superstore, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Maxi, No Frills, Valu-Mart and Zehrs.